Are you Taking Bath Properly?

Are you Taking Bath Properly? How to Properly Take a Shower? Shower Routine when I started writing about this, I don't know I feel like crazy I mean everybody takes bath and thinks he or she is just doing it perfectly and I am trying to tell people how to properly take a bath?

Are you taking bath properly?

Are you taking bath properly?
Are you taking bath properly?

In today's blog I will just discuss how to take a bath properly and then in another blog I will discuss in detail, about the importance of taking a bath regularly. Let’s start without wasting a single second!! how to take bath properly in simple steps. To be honest taking the showers probably one of my favorite things this is a time where you can relax take some time for yourself and ponder some of life's greatest mysteries and you may be thinking really Jose a whole blog on how to take a shower all I need is soap and water but the truth is if you do it the right way you can maximize the whole shower process to make sure that your skin is always glowing and your hair looks luscious all the time so if you're interested in that today I'm going to show you seven steps that you can take to properly take a shower.

Number 1

Get the temperature just right super-hot water just dries out your skin and is damaging over cold water is optimal for its benefit but let's be honest most people are uncomfortable with cold water so the best route is finding something that's comfortable and pleasurable which in my opinion is just lukewarm water it's not so hot that it's damaging and will dry out your skin or so cold that it's just uncomfortable time.

Number 2

You always want to work from the top down so you're going to start with your hair remember you don't actually have to wash your hair every day it depends on your hair type and how oily it gets how often you go to the gym and etc. however the times you do wash it I like to use my bite a good scalp massager every time I'm working in the shampoo to really work in the shampoo through my scalp and my hair to wash out not only the oil and dirt buildup but all the product build-up that I use on a daily basis that ways your hair down and makes it harder for you to get that volume you're looking for when you're styling your hair so every once in a while you're going to want to remove all that product filled up and if you're not using one of these tools you're missing out they're inexpensive and makes a huge difference when it comes to working in the shampoo and really washing out your hair thoroughly this is because most people just shampoo their hair strands and don't actually go all the way to the scalp neglecting the scalp will just cause dandruff filled up with this tool not only are you cleansing the hair but also reaching the scalp to make sure you get a full cleanse and avoid any of that buildup in other words if you don't have one of these I'm going to link them down below it says they're a sponsor they always make it super affordable so you can pick one up.

Number 3

Right after you're done cleansing your hair of all the products, you're going to want to apply a conditioner the shampoo probably just stripped all the oils out and left the dry and brittle a conditioner will rehydrate that hair and applying it at the second step it's perfect because it will allow you to leave the conditioner in for three to five minutes to really allow it to hydrate each strand of hair while you move on to the rest of your shower.

Number 4

Like I said you're starting from top to bottom so next stop is your face now this process is best because you're going to allow the soap to work its way down through your whole body and kind of cleanse it as it's going down so when it comes to my next stop I like to do my face or anything that's acne prone because this uses a different soap than my body so personally I grab my cleanser and I grab my vanity planet spin brush I start with my face to cleanse it out for one to two minutes and then I just switch out the pad I've put on the bigger pad and I use that same cleanser to cleanse my back and shoulders so I do have back acne but doing this has helped reduce that so if you do have any sort of chest acne back acne or face acne Lisp into a brush is perfect and something you're going to want the spin brush does a great job of going in there not only cleansing the surface but going within the pores because of the small bristles and lifting up the dirt in the oil to reduce some of that back acne or face acne or whatever it is that you're dealing with but here's the kicker you're probably seeing this in thinking Jose I don't have a scalp massager or a spin brush how the hell am I supposed to take a good shower.

I thought of that so I reached out to them and asked them if they could do a bundle deal for you guys and man did they come through now I don't want to spoil it but if you don't have a spin brush or a scalp massager for a proper shower I'm going to have a link below where they're offering you a limited time bundle package it's so affordable I don't even want to spoil it I'm going to have that link below so you guys can check them out like I said the spin brush is perfect to battle acne and do it while you're in the shower and the scalp massage is perfect to cleanse your hair if you want either of those tools they're going to be linked down below step.

Number 5

Now you can move on to your regular body so once you've dealt with all the areas that are acne prone you can move to a cleanser that's a little bit stronger since the rest of your skin is a little bit more tough than your face this also means you can use your regular scrubbing pad and loofah and make sure you target areas that are prone to bacterial build-up which leads to the stench aka your armpit your groin region these are areas you really want to focus on and wash every single day to avoid you having any funky smells building up in other words like your balls in your armpit the rest of your region like I said as the soap works its way down it's also helping Clint but using the loofah or scrubbing pad that you use you can work through the rest of your body once you've target the main area tip.

Number 6

You want to keep these showers quick overall every shred of research that I read on articles and from dermatologists suggested that all your showers should be kept quick anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes which means the whole process we just went through shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes and if you take two showers a day say once in the morning and once at night after the gym each shower should be about five minutes this because for a long time in the shower can damage your skin especially in the long run so keeping it in short avoid any of that long-term damage.


Now you're completely done you step out on the shower your skin's a little bit brittle keep in mind you just stripped it from the dirt your natural oils and everything so it's dry you're going to want to apply some sort of moisturizer this is for ultimate skin health you're going to apply it all over your body and also use a face moisturizer for your face and like that you're going to have beautiful skin and that's basically it for today's blog guys that's the 7 step guide to taking a proper shower.

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