Do I have Covid-19 | Symptoms and cure


Do I have Covid-19 | Symptoms and cure

Do I have COVID-19? Symptoms and Cure. I noticed that my throat does not feel 100% normal and also something I did not see other people talking about is that my glands hurt to touch are not so much today, but the second day was the first day I noticed my glands hurt when I touch them and then I also started to feel a little tired.

Do I have Covid-19

Do I have Covid-19
Do I have Covid-19

So some of the fatigue so Monday was one of the worst days i have had so far mainly because of the headache and then on Tuesday i still had a stuffy nose congestion sore throat and the headache pretty much disappeared i could feel like i would say the remnants of it like my head hurts only slightly but nothing compared Monday so Tuesday I felt pretty good like I was connected to work all day I felt completely awake and you know normal except to feel crowded and even clogged then on Wednesday.

So it's today day four of the symptoms were still the stuff you notice congestion and a little sore throat and then I also started noticing a little cough but when I got into it I expected to have a bad cough just because I heard like dry cough is a very common symptom and really the cough I had is no longer so noticeable , So it's not as persistent or I got a cold as I did a year ago, where I coughed so much that I nipped and coughed so much that I lost my voice so the cough was not like that um just a very light cough again it's just my experience.

Wednesday again Wednesday a new symptom appeared which was loss of taste and smell this symptom is something all the people I know at my age who were lost their taste and smell so I was not surprised it happened me, but it was as gradual during Wednesday as in the morning I could taste my lunch, I started asking if I'm losing dinner. I was sure I had lost my taste and smell on Wednesday; I definitely felt the fatigue I love.

I think it was Wednesday afternoon, I just decided to quit early for work because I felt like my brain was just not in the place it should be as I feel crowded and tired then around I started watching TV and then like 7 7 30 I would just close my eyes for a second and then you know in the end Of thing I slept until morning so I slept from 19:30 to 7:30 in the morning on Wednesday to Thursday.

Thursday morning, I woke up I went to work I felt crowded with all the same symptoms here so slight congestion sore throat slight cough and um my glands were still sore to the touch and then I definitely felt the fatigue so again I tried to work but just felt like I know you know how to sweep even though I tried To work and so like i said I slept 7 30 to 7 30. I woke up I went in and worked while then I decided I was going to take a nap at lunch, I was like I was just setting my alarm I had a meeting at two.

I'm just going to set my alarm to 145mm. I work from home I think it's probably obvious but just to be clear so I'm like 11:30 I lay down and sat alone 1 45 and I'm like at the maximum hour, I'll sleep so long if I do not wake up before and I woke up at 45 so I was definitely tired on Wednesday and the fifth for the symptoms and that day I kept losing my taste and smell i.e. I do not have to say I continued to it already gone so it kept disappearing I tried other things I was in the shower and I would take a bottle of shampoo and kind of squeeze it into my nose to see if I can smell it nothing I tried a few different types Of foods just to see if I can taste the difference and I could not and made um taco and my husband was like Gadi Chen it kind of spicy and I was like I cannot say as they taste mine it just tastes bland and like me nothing like I cannot taste the food I Do not know it is a very strange feeling so it was Thursday and then Friday w that was yesterday still crowded um cough slight sore throat and still had no taste or had no taste or smell but I think fatigue definitely improved yesterday I did not take a nap at all.

I went to sleep like around 10 30 and its normal for me I did not like that I actually had a little trouble falling asleep compared to the night four or two nights before, where I was just like outside as soon as I closed my eyes I slept today it's Wednesday and you know like I said you can hear my voice I'm still crowded I do not know if I would say I have a stuffy nose or not because I can breathe through the nose just fine now I still have no taste or smell so I day I guess I am about 72 hours and now I have no taste and no smell and until now it seems to not come back so I Very interested in seeing how long I lose my taste and smell in terms of fatigue I feel really good.

Today I do not feel I just want to take a nap and I feel you know willing to do things, so these are the first seven days of the symptoms. The worst symptoms I had were the headache on the second day and the fatigue on the fourth and fifth day and then I just had congestion and even clogged throughout the seven days so my husband on the other hand oh I forgot one thing then on Wednesday or Thursday so I or the fourth or fifth day I had muscle aches Right foot really random but just do not throw it there and on Friday I sneezed a bunch but decided to go out and do work in the yard because I felt better and I think the sneezing is due to allergies because of the yard work, so you can probably ignore this one but I just wanted to throw it there because I sneezed a bunch last night.

Symptoms and Cure

Now my husband like I said he got his symptoms a few days before, so I got my first symptoms. Sunday he got his first symptoms on Thursday so his first symptom was different from mine so I said I felt congestion in my stuffy nose which was the first symptom my husband had pain in his right arm I do not know really random but muscle pain is a common symptom and it was his muscle like in his arm and exactly Like a feeling of pain in his body and he also had cold feet I heard I saw other people talking about itchy feet but he just you know he is literally like was putting his feet on the stove and we went for a three mile walk. It was like 45 to 35 degrees as if it was getting colder while we were walking so we thought he was just sore from walking and cold from walking.

Looking back it was the first sign of coping and then on Friday so it's the second day for him um he went to work because again we just thought he was cold feet and sore from walking he went to work and he came home and he was also I think I'm sick like a headache he had body aches and still paws The cold legs so one thing that was pretty consistent for him is muscle or body aches all the way through, as I said right leg was injured one day but otherwise I did not really suffer from muscle aches or body eggs on Saturday which was day three for him was his worst day, he suffered From the headaches and sensitivity to light so he just lay in bed all day.

I talked to a few other people it seems quite a few people I talked to to get a headache right before the onset of their symptoms, and Jacob and we both experienced it and since he is also crowded there is the stuff he knows, he was not I had the fatigue I have he was not a writer Tired most days and had like I said consistent muscle aches all the way and he is now on 10mm um the second hook is that he did not lose any taste or smell at all so one of them was unique to me while body and muscle leaks were really unique to him, so let me know what questions there are To you in the comments section below.

I will write a blog where I just talk about all the questions you have for example, maybe I can talk about the types of tests Jacob and I intentionally did two different types of tests to see how different they are and just to make sure they were consistent both were positive so they were consistent I think that's it For today's blog, I plan from here and record every day so that it's kind of like a vlog that updates my symptoms and looks hopefully I'm the worst way and it's just going to be a load from here on out I want to see how long it takes before I get my smell and taste back.

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It's related to something not so fun in my life, but if you want to know again how the rest of my code symptoms are progressing, please read my blogs, and if you have any questions, put them in the comments below and I will answer them on the blog sometime next week Thank you all for reading and I Hope you all stay healthy.

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