Morning Routine 10 DIY Ideas


Morning Routine 10 DIY Ideas

Morning Routine 10 DIY Ideas. How to set up a morning routine? 10 habits for a more productive day. Whoever wakes up in the morning gets far says an old Romanian proverb. Adapted to our day, we could say that those who wake up with meaning and organization every morning increases their chances of having a good day.

10 habits for productive day 

10 Habits for a Productive Day
10 Habits for Productive Day

  • Set fixed bedtime and waking hours
  • Plan ahead for the time you need in the morning
  • Don't put the clock on snooze to gain another 5 minutes of sleep
  • Stay away from your cell phone at wake up and in the first part of the day
  • Drink water
  • Use positive statements
  • Exercise
  • Eat a healthy breakfast within one hour of waking up
  • Meditate or do a set of activities to do more enjoyable early in the day
  • Spend time with family or loved ones

A morning routine with a fixed wake-up time, a healthy breakfast and exercise is a perfect way to start your day, say the specialists. An early day when doing things for yourself before going to work or doing household chores can help increase self-confidence and increased productivity.

Implementing a morning routine that's right for you, maximizing your results and improving your lifestyle, is a time-consuming process and may require several "trial and error" steps. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The good news is that there are already lists of habits and "good practices" that can help you better manage your time and set a good start to the day. 

The Benefits of a Morning Routine Once you have the same routine when you wake up, you gain more control over time over the rest of the day and learn to organize yourself better. You prioritize your time better. during the day You have the feeling of autonomy over your own schedule The morning routine strengthens your ability to organize and helps you juggle better with multiple tasks. You learn to adopt healthy long-term habits. self-confidence Morning routine.

Tips for morning routine:

1. Set fixed bedtime and waking hours

Consistency is at the heart of any routine. Specialists recommend that we have fixed bedtime and waking hours and observe them as much as possible. This not only prepares us for a new day, but also gives us a more restful sleep at night. Waking up and going to bed at the same time every morning and evening sets the internal clock and provides quality sleep.

2. Plan ahead for the time you need in the morning

In other words, start your morning the night before. Experts say to give yourself enough time in the morning to accomplish everything you need to do. The recommendation is to plan the time starting with the time you have to start the service or take the children to school, calculate the time you need for training and add 30 minutes or even an extra hour for the morning routine. Careful and conscious engagement in each part of the routine can reduce haste and increase the feeling of calm and satisfaction gained from completing the routine.

3. Don't put the clock on snooze to gain another 5 minutes of sleep.

Postponements are a bad start to the day. In the short term, prolonged sleep may seem like a victory, but in the long run it delays us from achieving our goals and also has detrimental effects on rest. Instead of pressing the snooze button to prolong sleep in the morning, it may be helpful instead to go to bed earlier and thus get the seven to nine hours of sleep that an adult generally needs. On the other hand, if you press the sleep button because you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do in the morning or try to avoid the next day, experts suggest that you wake up and do some activities that bring you peace and pleasure. How to set up a morning routine? 10 habits for a more productive day.

4. Stay away from your mobile phone when you wake up and in the first part of the day

Going through the news or social media is a passive activity that could affect your morning productivity. Engaging in online content scrolling before you wake up completely can be harmful, as it can trigger feelings of confusion and slow down the fast-paced, morning-specific pace. A 2016 study suggests that mobile phones and text messaging are the biggest killers of productivity at work. Constantly checking your smartphone can seriously prevent c the ability to concentrate and complete tasks, so it is recommended to limit access and even turn off the phone, as a last resort to stay away from it.

5. Drink water

Nutritionists recommend that we start our day with a glass of water, rather than tea or coffee. It is advisable to have a glass of water right next to the bed to drink from as soon as we wake up. Another good option is a glass of lukewarm water, in which I squeezed half a lemon. Water is essential because it helps the body digest food, absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins from the body.

6. Use positive affirmations

Speaking or writing positive statements aloud can help increase self-confidence, counteract negativity, and increase long-term potential.

You can choose your own statements or try some of the following: 

  1. I am smart, strong and capable
  2. I am grateful and blessed
  3. Today will be a great day

7. Exercise

Exercising in the morning can help you adjust your sleep-wake cycles. It also promotes weight loss and toning the body. If you do not have time for a whole workout, try to do some stretching to warm up your muscles and joints.

8. Eat a healthy breakfast within one hour of waking up

It is ideal to eat within one hour of waking up to stimulate metabolism. Eating late in the afternoon can lead to a slowdown in metabolism. Also, a nutritious breakfast will give you the energy you need to complete your day-to-day tasks. The best options for a healthy breakfast are those that are based on whole foods, i.e., foods that are in their natural state, unprocessed, with protein and fiber, to provide the body with the fuel needed for a whole day. Oats, fruit yogurt, whole meal muffins and eggs are some of the options recommended by specialists.

9. Meditate or do a set of activities to make your start more enjoyable.

Studies show that daily meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation gives your mind a daily workout so that you can stay focused on completing one thing at a time, instead of being mentally distracted in many directions. Meditation improves productivity and sustains the ability to stay in the present.

Other ideas for activities that can be included in the morning routine

  1. Listen to an inspirational quotes or podcast while preparing breakfast
  2. Find a relaxing hobby, such as gardening
  3. Go for a walk in the neighborhood
  4. Write a few pages about what is bothering you or your intentions for the day
  5. Try some abdominal breathing exercises, which have been shown to reduce stress and increase the body's immunity
  6. Practice gratitude

10. Spend time with family or loved ones

Breakfast as a couple or family can be a good opportunity to connect with loved ones, to share plans for the day and start the day with extra energy and vitality.

A day that starts with a healthy morning routine and proper eating habits can help you feel more productive and freer. An important part of the ability to build and sustain a morning routine is to go to bed early and get enough rest so that you can wake up rested and ready to start a new day. If you are not an active person in the morning, you can start with small steps, with small habits that you can later extend and turn into a routine.

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