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Start Your Earnings Now You are never late

Start Your Earnings Now You are never late.

10 Best Online Learning Sites 2022

Free & Paid Online Courses

Start Your Earnings Now You are never late
Start Your Earnings Now You are never late

Best free online courses

So, in today’s blog I’m going to be sharing with you the ten best online learning websites that you can find in 2020 I'm also going to give you some honorable mentions and a cheeky little bonus at the end so make sure you stick around for that so kicking off the list.


We have UDEMY with fifty thousand instructors teaching over one hundred and thirty thousand courses to over forty million students is by far one of the biggest online learning websites you do we boasts an extremely broad course selection with courses covering most business marketing and IT topics a large selection of creative categories as well as courses on nutrition personal development and much unau more you name a topic and there is probably a course on UDEMY forum courses are created by experts and professionals in their field who remain active in those fields the instructors on UDEMY are encouraged to update their courses regularly to ensure that they do remain relevant you as a student are also encouraged by UDEMY to rate the courses that on a five-star rating so that other students can find out whether the courses are actually worth doing most courses will give you one or two preview blogs and a full syllabus so you can actually check out what you're going to learn and the style of teaching each instructor gives you before actually purchasing a course so you can find out if that course is actually right for you so what do you get on completion of a UDEMY course well you do receive a certificate from you to be via email but these are not accredited certificates so it's really just for your own personal use or you hang out on your wall and feel pretty good the main thing here is that you're learning the knowledge and you're upskilling and learning what you want to learn so how much is of course are new to me there are handful of free courses but you do it does work on a paper course model so on a normal day courses can actually range between 75 and 300 US dollars however there is a silver lining there's a good point that you to me loves to throw out a sale they will have a sale for pretty much every occasion so at least once a month your fun course is reduced from 300 dollars down to maybe $12.99 or 20 bucks or something so this is why you to me is such a popular online learning website and definitely check it out.


We have SKILLSHARE now SKILLSHARE Scimitar UDEMY has a very broad variety of courses ranging from creative to business and entrepreneurial all the way through to lifestyle the courses on SKILLSHARE are slightly shorter than the courses that you'll find on UDEMY but maybe you have time restrictions and this is just a better option for you who creates the courses on SKILLSHARE pretty much the same as UDEMY they are experts in their field and professionals that remain relevant in their fields and actually you'll find some of the people of create courses for UDEMY will also create courses for SKILLSHARE so what do you receive from SKILLSHARE once you have completed a course well nothing you don't receive an email with a certificate of completion all you receive is the knowledge that you're learning and upskilling through the course so let's go so how much is of course on SKILLSHARE well SKILLSHARE works on a subscription model but here is where they are very popular they will actually give you two months free just to try out any of the courses you want so for two months you can go in and learn as much as you want after that in Australian dollars it works out as one hundred and forty-one dollars for the year or you can actually go pay on a paid by month basis and that works out at twenty Australian dollars a month obviously if you don't live in Australia these prices will vary so check out the prices in your region.


We have Lynda. com and LINKEDIN learning now a while back LINKEDIN purchased Lynda. com and they created LINKEDIN learning so LINKEDIN will actually host the more business-related courses from Lynda. command Lynda. com will have more creative courses but there is some crossover between the courses on each platform but they're owned by the same people so who creates the courses on LINKEDIN learning slash Lynda DOT com well again it is career professionals and industry experts so you'll be safe in the knowledge that you're getting a decent course here so what do you receive once you complete a course on LINKEDIN learning well you do actually receive a certificate however LINKEDIN are very LINKEDIN clear in stating that this certificate is not accredited and I quote from their website linked in learning certificates of completion are not the same as a degree program or software certification program additionally learning certificates are not endorsed or recognized by third parties so again you get something to hang on your wall but really is all about the knowledge you're gaining how much is it to do a course on LINKEDIN learning well they work on a subscription basis as well and it works out at $39.99 Australian dollars per month as an individual if you pay on a month-to-month basis or $24.99 per month if you decide you want to pay in bulk so that's $300 for the year but as LINKEDIN learning is a business focused website you can actually pay through a company and you can actually get a team subscription so maybe if you nice to your boss and you ask him nicely me tell him what you want to learn maybe your company will pay for a subscription for your team moving on.


We have Allison com, Allison com has courses designed for personal or professional development no creative Kateri courses here but most other professions are covered even skilled trades and healthcare courses range from information technology language science health humanities software development marketing business maths lifestyle operations life science healthcare software engineering skilled trades and finance oh that's a lot of courses the courses on Allison com are provided by universities large corporations such as Google and Microsoft educational trusts and industry professionals so what do you receive once you complete a course on Allison com where you can receive a certificate all the way up to a degree but this then leads onto the price all the information on Allison com is free so you can just go on to a course and complete the course however if you want to be certified in that course if you want the certification or the degree it's going to cost you so if you just want the information it's a fantastic resource but if you need it for professional reasons and you need to demonstrate that you've actually completed that course that's when you're going to have to pay a price for a certification it can be as low as $15 but if you're looking to actually complete a degree it could be thousands of dollars so the price here varies dramatically.


We have EDX math’s is a very popular website for people searching out University created courses or if you're in America college courses and here you can find introductory courses all the way up to film degrees the courses are created by some of the best universities around the world and they also have courses created by large corporations such as Amazon Microsoft and IBM so do you receive once you complete a course on EDX well this can vary again from certificate all the way up to full degree depending on what course you take therefore the price does vary certificates can be as low as 50 US dollars but degrees can be as high as 25 thousand US dollars so choose your course wisely.


We have Coursera or Coursera however you decide to pronounce it that's the Coursera provides a range of University and Industry created courses these are ranked in three categories professional master track and degree they have over 3,900 courses available in categories such as business data science IT mathematics and logic physical science and engineering and so on who creates these courses academic industry leaders such as Yale University of Pennsylvania Google IBM and much more so what do you get once you complete that course on Coursera well this does vary again depending on what type of course you take you can receive a professional certificate all the way up to a full degree how much is it there are free courses on Coursera you just need to sign up with an email address but the same as Allison comm you only get access to the course materials but you don't actually receive the certificate once you complete the courses to receive a certificate from Coursera you have to pay a subscription this is a minimum of 70 Australian dollars per month all the way up to five hundred and seventy four Australian dollars for the year again if you're outside of Australia this cost will be different for you for this subscription you will receive access to the professional certificates on looking through it though it does appear that master track suit if it will cost between 2,000 and $4,500 and degrees in the ballpark of $20,000.


We have Envato Tutt's Plus now this is one for all you creative people are there they have one thousand two hundred and seventy plus blog courses on illustration graphic design web design digital business audio music photo and blog and 3d motion graphics they also have eBooks and how-to guides available as well so who creates these courses they actually have industry professionals and creators creating the courses but unlike the previous websites touch plus actually employs their own tutors to create the courses for them so what do you receive once you completed a tuts plus course well you don't actually receive any certificates however I did manage to find some courses on how to create a certificate so maybe you could just do that course and then create your own so how much is it to get access to invite oh touch plus you will have to pay a monthly subscription of sixteen dollars fifty years however touch plus is arguably the most value for money out of any of the online websites on this list as this subscription gives you access to invite oh elements they're huge stock photo music graphics and stock blog website to get access to an equivalent stock photography website just stand alone without all the other assets it's probably going to cost you around or over 200 US dollars a year anyway so to have all the assets the  blog assets the music and the photos tucked in with the online courses as well this is massive value for anyone looking to start their own business looking to be creative and expand their creative ways in any way they would like to so definitely a good option for all of you creators out there and I think I'm going to sign up for this as well.


This might be a bit of a surprise for you but it is Facebook blueprint Facebook has created its own website with courses on anything Facebook related Facebook has become one of the world's leading marketing tools with 2.5 billion monthly active users at the end of 2019 if you're wanting to start a business grow a bit or build a following on Facebook or Instagram which Facebook owns this is the place to do it there are courses on creating ads setting up your business page finding your target audience and running campaigns so who creates these courses well Facebook do they actually create courses on how to use their own platform and that just makes sense so what do you get on completion well you don't actually get anything unless you decide to sit one of the six certify titles so how much is a course absolutely free they're all free unless again you decide to sit those qualifications in which case you will actually pay 150 US dollars every time you sit in an exam so make sure you study hard because if you fail you're going to have to pay another 150 dollars but if you're looking at starting up a marketing job maybe this could be a fantastic option for you as any marketing agency would love to know that you're a professional in marketing on Facebook.


We have another massive industry and technology leader and that is Google so Google have a website called the Google digital garage the courses on Google's digital garage are all related to Google's ecosystem in some way from digital marketing to social psychology building an online business to AI systems so who created the courses on the Google digital garage Google have created their own courses here but you'll also find courses created by universities and other industry experts but note some of these courses are hosted by Coursera so all the information I previously gave you earlier on Coursera will apply here so what do you receive once you've completed a course on the Google digital garage well again this varies Coursera provided the professional master track and degree certificates and Google actually has a course where you can be certified in the fundamentals of digital marketing so how much is it well some are free some are paid and some are Coursera if you want the actual free courses scroll down to the course provider on the left hand side of the online courses tab and check the Google and skill shop boxes there are a few other free courses some are provided by the Open University however courses provided by Coursera will be subject to their pricing structure as previously mentioned and last but not least at.


we have YouTube, eBooks is the second biggest search engine on the Internet and with over 400 hours of blog content uploaded every minute on YouTube you will probably be able to find a lot of information on the topic you're looking for depending on the subject that is you know if you're looking for brain surgery probably not however what you can do just go up to the search bar type in the subject you wanted followed by course and there most likely will be someone who has created a course on it or at least the information that you are looking for so who creates the courses on YouTube well anyone eBooks can create a course on YouTube however you will find that there are a lot of industry professionals out there that are willing to share their information with you and create courses for newbies or beginners or intermediate stool earn so yeah definitely give it a search and you'll be able to find the information that you desire so what do you get once you complete a course on YouTube well absolutely nothing because it is an education platform and an entertainment platform so you just get hours of edutainment and learning how to follow and smash that like button for the YouTube algorithm and things like that so that's what you get so how much is it well it's YouTube it's absolutely free as long as you have an internet connection and something to watch it on you can watch it as much as you like as you already know because you're here they have a guys those are the 10 best online learning websites for 2020 but giving you some honorable mentions we have the Khan Academy this is a school level online learning website is absolutely free but you do have the option to donate they provide courses in maths science history computing and economics we also have brilliant dog again this is a science-based website science and mathematics and there is a subscription for this which is $13.99 annually or $35.99 per month again I'm not sure if this is US dollars or Australian dollars because it didn't actually say so the prices may vary in your country last of the honorable mentions we have Udacity or Udacity so Udacity have courses.

In IT web development computer science business and more I did find it very hard to find out the pricing but what they do is they offer nanodegrees these will give you four month access for around one thousand and seventy six dollars or two hundred and ninety nine dollars per month so you seem to only get four to five months’ worth of access to the course and it's going to cost you over a thousand dollars so this is why it's an honorable mention and it isn't on the good list so those are the honorable mentions I haven't forgotten about the cheeky little bonus so stick around because that is coming up but I'm just going to give you my top picks out of the top ten best online learning websites and my top picks would be UDEMY SKILLSHARE Allyson calm and tots plus the reason I've chosen.

I believe that these websites will give you the best value for money and also give you the broadest variety when it comes down to the course selection also again with touch plus that is just ridiculous value for money if you're going to be a creative so yeah UDEMY SKILLSHARE Allyson calm and tuts plus definitely worth checking them out obviously feel free to check out the others but you might have to have deeper pockets for those ones now on to my cheeky little bonus and that is an app so is for Android and iOS and that is the Google primer app now I actually found this app by complete chance but I found it absolutely amazing here you can learn business planning business management brand identity you know brand building customer engagement website design everything from marketing and measurement to you know digital marketing analytics and business insights is a wealth of knowledge in your pocket it's free it's easy to pick up and use if you go into one of the courses you can just do it all at your own pace and they are set out and he's really easy to understand tabs if you don't understand the tab you can just go back and read it again and again until you understand it and you can save your progress this is a fantastic app to learn on the way learn on the go if you're you know got a 10-minute coffee break you can just sit down and learn something about social media or marketing you can do it on your way to work you do it on away from work yeah just a fantastic app I highly recommend you download it and check it out so there we go guys I've given you the ten best online learning websites for 2020 I've given you some honorable mentions and a cheeky little bonus so there you go that's some value for free isn't it just hit that like button if you liked this blog and you found the information valuable and don't forget to hit the follow button if you'd like to see more blogs like this and like along with my more blogs challenge to health and fashion in every way here's a couple of blogs for you to check out as well if you like this one i thanks for reading guys I will see you in the next blog.

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