The best diets for weight loss, health, shape and more


The best diets for weight loss, health, shape and more

Hi guys let's talk about our body so without any judgment I want you to look in the mirror what you see Do you see modest long hips and maybe more fat accumulation around the abdomen or a sportier male body.

The best diets for weight lose

Best diets for weight loss
Best diets for weight loss

We know exactly how complex our body types can be but knowing where You fit in can help determine the best exercise and nutrition plan for you so in this blog, we want to discover your dominant body structure and understand the exercises and nutrition that are best for your body and help.

You create more realistic goals what is your body structure, we are all created differently, but equally beautiful, usually, there are three dominant body types morphing mesotrophic and endorse more your genetics are inclined towards one of the three body types and you cannot change it however with dedication to training and eating Properly you will approach a different body structure.

Do you understand that your daily dietary habits and even metabolic changes during pregnancy or menopause can skew your body structure, so if you are not sure where you fit in, it only matters what you look like in your late teens or early twenties so let’s take a look at the three dominant body types of Acta morphs just put. These are people who seem to eat whatever they want and never gain weight because they have a fast and high metabolism, they are usually thin and lean and have a smaller bone structure with shoulders that tend to be narrower than the thighs.

Just think about your endurance athlete or your typical model Usually your goal is to secondary fat mesomorph You have a mediocre bone structure and athletic body You are considered a somewhat good gardener because you have an efficient metabolism which means it is easier for you to gain muscle or even lose fat if you keep An active and healthy lifestyle is relatively easy for you to maintain your weight yes you can gain weight but once you get back to eating well and running the excess weight goes down quite easily - usually your goal is to lean up.

Finally, endomorphs you have a soft rounded body, you have stocked up your bone structure in a larger section and thighs you find that you gain weight so easily just by eating a small bar of chocolate, but you have trouble losing weight. Metabolism is slower and more natural, and you need to pay more attention to what you eat in order to exercise and usually your goal is to lose weight. These are the three dominant body types. You may find that you do not fit perfectly into one category, but a mixture of two body types and therefore you may be a mesomorph player.

Weight Loss, Health and Body Shape

This body structure is thin and muscular or that and the morph you are strong but the muscles are involved if I wanted a rugby player or endo mesomorph the fat and thin people who are naturally thin but gain weight due to inactivity and poor diet so what is your body structure let me know in the comments below once you understand What body type do you get into? Let's further understand the types of exercises and nutrition that are right for your goals and needs. We will start with ectomorphs because your goal is weight gain and lean muscle mass. We want to focus on resistance training and limit heart training or endurance type.

Your workout should be focused on the strength and hypertrophy that they build muscle to achieve the strength and size you want to lift heavy. The weights should be heavy enough so that you can lift only 6 to 10 reps with longer rest times up to 2 minutes between sets and walk on 3 to 4 sets. Perform a simple routine with heavy complex movements and minimal isolation. Movements by muscle groups Complex movements are basically exercises that work in several muscle groups at once because complex movements recruit a large number of muscles.

Fiber is the most effective way to build muscle mass and the fastest to increase overall strength. Some workouts include squatting blisters on the bench deadlift and pushing and aiming to train strength at least three to four times a week on alternate days. Short aerobic sessions of 10 to 20 minutes Twice a week You can treat it as a warm-up to avoid burning too many calories or muscle mass, but it is still important to improve your endurance and heart health.

When it comes to your diet, you need to eat a mass-focused diet because your body tends to burn energy really fast compared to other body types of Your calorie intake should be 700 to 1000 calories more than your body needs to maintain your current body weight. Low fat loss diets are not for you aimed at medium protein and higher carbs and low fat, so go for 50% carbs 30% protein and 20% fat.

Here's an example of how your part is supposed to look because your metabolic network is very high you need to keep refueling your engine, so try to eat more frequently every two to four hours, and some are particularly thin that combine dietary shakes of mass gainers. Can also help because they are very rich in calories, so if you are not sure how to calculate your B and Teddy macros or even how much you should eat, then read my blog on how to calculate food and macro dishes all the links will be in my description box below mesomorphs also count Yourself lucky because you are naturally strong and respond quickly to exercise that makes it easier for you to gain weight and stay lean for this reason you want to target a white performance spectrum that focuses on strength size and endurance you cannot devote a block of exercise to strengthening hypertrophy block and endurance training From focusing on only one type of training.

You will lose muscle mass if you are too focused on endurance conditioning and you can gain excess weight if you do only heavy resistance training, so for example combine moderate to heavy strength training three to four times a week and mix it with heat training as your heart attack. Two to three times a week usually your goal is to lean up you want to maintain your body weight but lose fat and increase the meteors of muscle tone falling somewhere in the middle so your macro should be fairly evenly split between protein and fat and carbs so go for 35% carbs 35% of the protein and about 30% of the fats.

Here is an example of your food intake You can adjust your food intake according to your training days, for example reduce carbohydrates and increase protein on strength and conditioning days, while on dark training days you can increase carbohydrate intake after training to replenish your body regarding your total calorie intake you want Eat enough to maintain your current body weight, but if your goal is to lose a little weight then consume a little less as an endomorph, you may feel that you are destined to be overweight if you are thinking that right now it is really wrong, you cannot change your body by changing Your Lifestyle If your metabolism is slow, you need to eat the right foods to raise your metabolism If you live a sedentary lifestyle, move and incorporate exercise as part of your daily routine you should do what is right for your body and not blame it on genetics when it comes to training Resistance training is still the key, but to add more endurance training you will need to increase your metabolic rate and shed fat and higher muscle mass will increase your BMR.

Turning Your Body Effect into Fat Burning for 3 to 4 days of strength training Your goal is to complete more work in less time, meaning shorter rest periods because we want to maintain your heart rate throughout most of the session and go for moderate weights where you can perform between 8 and 15 Repeating each set and just resting for 30 to 60 seconds incorporates complex movements because it helps you burn more calorie gains and very effective circuit training and that is what most of my blogs are based on. You should know that the muscles are particularly strong in your lower body so that you can really lift powerlifters or rugby players, often classified as endomorphs as in the remaining days for endurance training.

It can be two days of air conditioning at a lower intensity for 30 to 60 minutes, like walking on a slope like cycling or swimming and once a week do a blow workout do not forget to also dedicate one day a week to rest and recovery which is even more important your diet you tend to be more insulin resistant Lower in carbs, so you need to limit your carb intake. You do better in high fat protein with lower cups so go for 20% carbs 45% protein and 35% fat hence this is why most people who are overweight succeed in a keto diet because your body does not tolerate very good cups the best method is to avoid carbs High or starchy carbohydrates outside the training window.

So only consume sculptural foods like whole grain rice bread, barley beans, quinoa or potatoes after exercise, which means outside the training window your diet should consist of healthy fats and vegetables from protein, so here is an example of your meal now to lose weight the total daily calorie intake should be at least 500 to 700 calories less than your daily total expenditure of calories, but you still need enough calories to maintain a healthy lifestyle Do not eat too little as it will only harm your metabolism. Work performance and will only interfere with your weight loss so again what is your body type and what are your goals let me know in the comments below remember that there is no one simple solution to achieving your health and fitness goal if you have eaten well and exercised but you do not achieve the results you get.

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