Top 10 Fashion Trends You must Know?


Top 10 Fashion Trends You must Know?

In today's blog I share six new and amazing trends that are not only stylish but also really lucrative. Welcome to today's blog I share six kinds of trends we can expect to see this year that are not only stylish but they 'also easy to incorporate in your wardrobe.

Budgeted Fashion Trends

Top 10 Fashion Trends You must Know?
Top 10 Fashion Trends You must Know?

The best thing is that they are not going to break the bank. One of these trends is also very easy to do DIY with something you probably already own so this will be the last trend so stay tuned until the end to check out the.

first trend on my list and probably my favorite is the return of beautiful colored head scarves now I love these scarves from some Reasons not only are they looking really stylish, but they are pieces that can be easily frugal and also parts that you may already own, but not wearing them that way. The other reason I like these head scarves is because not only are they a bit of a nod to the 50s and 60s type but That they are a really easy way to combine color and design your costumes so you can wear a fairly monochrome or neutral outfit, and the color jumps can be in the way of a head scarf, they are also an easy way to disguise.

Bad hair day or if you have not washed your hair for a while then I do think they are a pretty nice trend and it may take some getting used to that a bit like hats if you have not worn hats for a while you tend to feel like you really stand out in a crowd wearing hat but I think once we get used to those We are going to love them so take head scarves for one of the easiest trends to update your outfits yellow may be the Fenton color of the year but the one color that is going to be everywhere and is really suitable for most people and it is bright pink now before you say no pink is not a color you would wear Just to have a little closer look these deeper and more beautiful pinks are almost a kind of gum.

Pink just stated a simple style, they look great along with anything that is white jeans, they look great worn with jeans and adding a vibrant and beautiful colorful pop to your wardrobe just means you can create some clothes that have just a bit of a factor wow and I always Great believer if you do not feel on pop just brighten up your outfit and it really tends to brighten your mood I know it sounds a bit airy-fairy but it really works, so if you are looking at color experience this year, think of light pink as a really good option , And if you really want to save some money, try to save it and it's a good way to dip your toe in this trend without spending too much money and speaking of trends please let me know in the comments below what is the trend this year you are most looking forward to I would love to hear what it does not need Be one of the trends I'm talking about in this blog.

Yes I would love to know what you expect to wear or hold this year for what we see more and more, and you probably already started to see it in your Instagram feed is the return of the good old baseball cap now I love baseball caps and anyway tend to wear them quite a bit, but there will be plenty of options Cool and I just think they work really well with our new type of focus on wearing more sleepwear and more active clothing so baseball caps are also a bit great as head scarves that hide bad hair days and just add another element to your outfit just to mix things up and just add a little something more So baseball caps I know many of you will say hi they have never gone out of fashion and it is true that they are but expect to see more of them and more of them are worn more casually on Instagram as opposed to how we tend to see them only in sporty ways Hallelujah baseball caps and in the same vein.

Expect to see the return of some of those real retro brands from the 90s and these brands will stabilize in the center of the stage so brands like Abercrombie and Fitch gap so if you are not into logos it probably won't work for you but returning some of these retro brands is going to be big The other thing I like about this trend is because many of us have these parts in our wardrobes so we can bring them out and get a little more wear out of them, so this Instagram retro brands are back and they're going to be bigger than ever one of the biggest shoe trends this year and it's probably Will not surprise you is the introduction of what is called a slipper which is a kind of fancy way of saying slippers now they are not your typical slippers because in fact they are a bit more forward fashion and they are more like a flip flop shoe so it really is designers and brands that meet our new lifestyle.

Which is a lot of us being locked still or going back to locking sadly or working from home because we spend more time at home, we will get out of them a lot of wear and tear so I am so here for this trend now the latest trend and definitely not least it is jeans that have an oversized belt Tse and I'll upload some pictures here so you can see exactly what I'm talking about, but I just think it's so cool if you have extra-large jeans and no longer fit you or even if not, you can find a pair in a thrift store that just does not fit And I found someone online, I do not remember her name, I will pass it on the screen here.

She created DIY very simple step by step how to create this look and you know it's actually a mini trend but it's fun and it will definitely have to die too it tends to lend itself to more jeans with a higher waist but I love this trend because anyone can Do it and it does look cool and it just adds a bit of interest to a classic pair of jeans and because it's a trend to be here for a good time, not much time is a time you will not want to spend a lot of money on it and I would stay away from wearing them or buy the luxury designer to take this trend Especially when you can just do it yourself.

I will leave a link in the description box below for a DIY project that simply shows how to create this look, but I do think it's a fun trend and it's easy to recreate and it's also very lucrative especially if you are using jeans you already own or you go to a thrift store I cannot speak In a thrift store and buy some for a bargain anyway, it's for me today I hope you enjoy it if you liked I would love you to give him big thumbs and do not forget to read my blogs for more, and I will catch you for now bye.

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