Welcome back if nothing else 20/20 has taught us we need to prepare for anything the future could throw at us not only the world but the workplace has completely transformed and even after covid19 being agile and adaptive is the only way to succeed welcome to a Lux calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired if you're not subscribed yet you're missing out for many a lecture adjusting and up Skilling is already a part of your game plan.

It's a critical step in your growth plan to thrive in the fourth Industrial Revolution where change is the only predictable force for anyone still unsure about the importance of constantly upskilling perhaps it'll interest you to know that the shelf life of a skill used to be thirty years and in today's fast paced world it's only relevant for about six years.

That means in the time it takes to get qualified your skills might already be on the way out so we've put together a list of ten skills that will prepare you for your future let's get started

NUMBER ONE CODING could change your life code runs the world and can be produced from anywhere if you have the right skills you don't have to be able to code a whole new search engine to rival Google to earn a decent living from it in six months you could learn coding in eight to ten hours per week or less if you can dedicate yourself to it full-time within the world of coding there are many different languages you might have heard names like Java HTML PHP SQL Python and Ruby if you have a specific industry or job in mind check what language they require before you start studying there are plenty of free courses to get you started this is a future-proof career if you keep up to date with the industry developments because the demand for coders is never-ending coding with computers is one thing but how about recoding you're thinking stick around for the bonus back to see what we're talking about

number two with your head in the clouds you're ready for the future in our digital world we are also moving everything to cloud computing this is essentially virtual storage space shared software and shared platforms maintaining these services at an optimum is a big business because when they break they can take down a company this means plenty of long-term employment and business opportunities CRM or customer relationship management software is one of the most in-demand cloud-based services to enter this market you can do some introductory courses online to gain cloud computing skills you'll need to understand the cloud computing environment and have software as a service or SAAS knowledge with this knowledge and the understanding you'll need to keep up skilling to stay up to date with advancements you will future-proof your earning potential

Number three dive into Big Data by knowing your numbers data drives business even a platform like YouTube is reliant on numbers and what they mean and it's important to learn how to analyze and harness them to drive your business potential the need for data capturing organizing and analysis is not going away most of us have some basis of mathematics and our schooling and building on that has never been easier with endless mathematics advancement courses online so if you enjoy numbers why not look into ups killing yourself with some statistics and data analysis skills even if you don't want to be employed directly in the field of big data it has enormous potential to give you the edge in any work if you can read and understand the data your industry provides seeing numbers as a road map will lead you to business success.

Number four turn your dream into knowing another language into a future-proof skill as the world expands into a global village we are interacting with more and more people with different languages to us it doesn't matter how high up your home language ranks in terms of the population of people who speak it because for starters there is text in every single language that needs to be translated that's poems and novels academic research historical documents and government policy sure you can employ an auto translator but they still have their limitations and often miss the grammatical subtlety when translating word for work so there's plenty of text that requires human interpretation the other advantage is as a speech translator during meetings this can take you to interesting places and give you the opportunity to meet interesting people it can so be a full-time or freelance job and the rarer your home languages the more in-demand you could find yourself if you prefer skills that can translate to a home-based side hustle then being bilingual is very handy you can teach your language online from various well-established platforms where people book for virtual lessons with first language teachers you can also offer your services to translate people's blogs newsletters or websites into your language another job you can do from home on your own time if writing is your thing and you want to be able to work remotely we have plenty more future-proof opportunities you can upscale yourself for so stick around.

Number five take it further from data analytics into SEO upstream from big data is SEO or search engine optimization SEO is essential because it's all good and well having a great website but if you aren't found in a search then no one's ever going to visit it good SEO attracts visitors to your site this isn't just a numbers job this is about responding to numbers with solutions perhaps adding better keywords or changing the language your site is written with there are countless ways to up the ante and steer valuable traffic to your online business it's also an industry that's ever-evolving so there's little chance of you getting bored if you stay up-to-date online there are plenty of opportunities to learn this valuable skill even Google offers courses in it so whether you just want to drive more traffic to your own business site or plan to become an SEO consultant you can learn all you need part-time from the comfort of your own home a skill like having a solid understanding of SEO is often a microt credential that employers look for and if you aren't sure the difference between micro-credentials and traditional degrees be sure to check out our blog all about it.

Number six great writing never goes out of fashion every piece of writing blogs that goes out needs to be written and someone out there is doing it this motley crew of unsung heroes are called copy writers great copy can be the difference between you buying into a brand or product or passing on it all together sure some businesses overlook the importance of this skill and it shows in the undecipherable instruction annuals and blog posts we all have to endure but when great writing and a solid proofreading comes together you won't even notice it it'll just be a pleasure writing is a skill that is best mastered in the doing has famous author Chinua Achebe explains a good writer doesn't really need to be told anything except to keep at it the current global pandemic has forced the world to be more remote than ever and to keep our social distance written information is more essential than before training manuals self-help blogs ecommerce websites instruction booklets call center scripts are all in high demand as we opt to stay home and figure it out rather than pop out for a quick face-to-face so why not upscale yourself with some solid writing practice and push through to adopt some great proofreading and editing skills while you're at it.

Number seven stop a mindlessly scrolling and start engaging with social media you will struggle to find a business today that doesn't credit social media pages for a large portion of their marketing most business owners don't have time or skills to manage their own social media so they have to outsource the job this is where you come in by dedicating some part time study to social media management courses you could quickly bring yourself up to speed with this in-demand industry social media managing is a great mix of analytics public relations and creative skills combined into one roll turn your time endlessly scrolling into an opportunity to learn the do's and don'ts on the pages you follow this is another sought after micro credential that looks hot on your CV and can be a game-changer to give you an advantage over other job candidates.

Number eight selling and communication isn't going out of fashion there are endless opportunities available to people who can sell and communicate well the opposite is true for those who can't but you don't have to be the greatest showmen or be good at either that's a common misconception great communication isn't about how loud or forceful you put your point across and sales isn't about lying through your gritted teeth both are skills that can be learned and perfected through practice and good guidance and the results of mastering these skills will give you a strategic advantage in business and your personal life this doesn't even have to take the form of formal training either although there are plenty of courses available online you can begin improving your skills by observing what does and doesn't work for others notice what approach a Salesman takes with you and what worked and what didn't the bottom line is there will hardly be a day in your life.

When you don't make a use of sales and communication skills in some way shape or form even if it's just selling the concept of wearing a winter jacket to your toddler so it's best you up your skills and become persuasive number 9 logistics drive the world every product based company relies on a solid supply chain this includes everything on the move from getting raw materials to manufacturers to products into retail stores and your online purchase from warehouse to your door the logistics industry isn't slowing down within this supply chain system there are plenty of opportunities for you if you can master a few basic skills a supply chain manager is tasked with constant cost-cutting basically they're the professional bargain hunters looking for better materials faster transport routes and lower rates to bring manufacturing costs down Logistics is a lot of problem-solving.

On the fly how to deal with holdups and importing or even bad weather number 10 presentation is everything and anyone could learn it we are visual beings and in seconds we form opinions of people and products based on their appearance branding is the process of presenting your message in visual messaging to evoke an emotional response and later a transaction there is an entire science behind branding what colors shapes and fonts humans respond best to all of this is what designers and branding specialists aim to combine in the work they create as the world becomes increasingly full of visual clutter and every brand and influencer is a vying for your attention brands need a clear and recognizable visual appearance to get their message across this is where you come in there are endless opportunities for you to use design and branding skills to up your game whether it's just to update your own social.

Media image create trend-setting Christmas party invites for your friends or to boost your income branding skills are essential knowing your way around the entire Adobe Creative Suite might be biting off more than you can chew but easy online tools like canva can give you a great base to start conquering the design world from and you can start by using templates and work your way up to original designs and if you'd like to know somewhere about design check out our list of the 15 best books on branding now a Lexus which of these skills do you already have and which are you tackling next what do you think the most future-proof skill is let us know in the comments and for sticking with us until the end here's your bonus all this upskilling and wealth-creating is pointless if you don't have happiness and peace so why not pave the way to a happy future by mastering meditation a short meditation every day even every few days can have a massive impact on increasing your happiness and reducing.

Your anxiety there are apps websites online courses and social media groups you can join that I'll help you learn the art of meditation we even made one ourselves you can find it by going to a lakhs com slash meditation maybe this is a skill you should master before heading on to any others and if we can't convince you of the benefits of meditation then maybe check out our blogs how top CEOs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs used meditation to get ahead in life you can watch it by clicking in the top right corner thank you for spending some time with us a Luxor's make sure to LIKE and subscribe so you never miss another blog we also hand-picked these blogs which we recommend you read next you can talk to us on all social medias or ask a question on our blog, calm thank you for being a reader and we'll see you back on another blog.