What are blogging tips? Guideline for bloggers


What are blogging tips? Guideline for bloggers

What are blogging tips? Guideline for bloggers I share all my top blog opening tips so if you're new you may not know I'm actually a full-time blogger, I just did not make YouTube fun on the side, but because I blog so long, I came nine and a half years of blogging.

What are blogging tips?

What are blogging tips
What are blogging tips

I get so much Questions about how to start a blog and I'm trying to remind people that I started my blog in 2008 and things were a bit different then, but there are still some things I learned over the years that will help me start a blog right now so my first tip it sounds so stupid when I say it but I Hope you guys just hear me out on this and it's just start if you want to download a blog from the site the best thing and the only thing you can really do is just get going.

I know a lot of people like things to be just right and just perfect, but the reality is you have to get going and you are going to learn things along the way and the only way to start is to sit and just go for it do not worry about things being honest there will be no one to read your blog at first and it's amazing Because it means you have a lot of time just sort and process the details and really just get used to writing it I think I see a lot of people start blogs and the biggest thing I see happen again and again is that they get very excited in the first two weeks and then they lose steam and they cannot keep up It's up and by not putting much pressure on yourself at first that things will be perfect that will help you just sit and just get used to writing your blog maybe once a week twice a week three times a week what you decide is the right amount for you folks yes ask me ok.

I want to start a blog what should I do and I really respond just need to start you know understand what platform you want to be it does not mean you have to stick to it forever you can always move a move further down the road I opened my bloggers blogs which are a free platform through Google and I was there seven and a half Years and then I finally switched to WordPress but WordPress is not free so maybe this is not the best option for you but take a look at Wix Squarespace Tumblr WordPress blog anyway choose a platform and just sit down and start pouring your heart out okay so the second tip I have is that everyone should log in on purpose Correct you know I think when you start something in life you should try to sit down and understand why you are doing it and what you want your ultimate goals to be I think a lot of people look at bloggers.

Instagram, youtubers or anyone and say oh this is what I want to do they come to travel they come to work from home they get all these free things they work to work with all these amazing companies and yes it is amazing and it is a blessing and I am so lucky and grateful that I win To do so, but the number of bloggers who actually reach this level is so small and a lot of people you see experiencing this level have been doing it for so many years it means that for years and years none of it was in their way, so if you start with that Your intent you are probably going to be frustrated and feel yourself not realizing these goals when reality is just like a long term game I think when you define your intent to say I want to start a blog because I want to have a creative work so I started my blog in the first place.

Guideline for Bloggers

You want to open an online portfolio of all your photos, or you want to place with all your writing examples so you can share it with other people or maybe it's just for yourself and no one will see it so just start with an intention that will lead you to success.

What I recommend saying is that it's just something you want to enjoy and explore no matter what happens while opportunities go down the line as long as you always enjoy the writing process or photography or anything related to blogging as long as you enjoy it you really succeed and will not feel frustrated if you do not become For a full time blogger in a month or six months or a year I did not start writing full time blogs until I had I did it I think five years

Five or six years and I never intended to be a full-time blogger so it's just like a cherry on the cake, I just always enjoyed the blogging process, whether I get paid for it or sponsored or stuff for free or travel I just always loved blogging even without all this stuff and always I felt successful because of this as soon as you start blogging about one of the things I am

I struggle with it and I have heard a lot of other people struggle with it you may have difficulty with things to write about I always say you know how to come up with what your niche will be and what you are going to be blogging about trying to keep trouble so you have something specific to take on and people know What you're going to talk about, but also broad enough to have things to do talk about overtime you do not

Want to keep things super specific when after writing blogs for six weeks just exhausted the list of things you can blog about, but you also do not want to be so broad that you can blog about anything, and your readers will be so confused when they come to your blog that they Do not really get what you are doing.

I always recommend that when you raise your blog from the ground sit down and try to bring up 50 ideas for blog posts if you are starting a successful blog you will have more than 50 blog posts over time, but I feel that number is a point So sweet to know that you have a lot of things to write about and if you can get to 50 you can get to 100 you can get to 500 and you can get to a thousand but if you write this list of things and by the way it's just a list of topics it's not you really settle down write the goddess.

50 posts at a time you only come up with ideas if you get to number 25 and you realize you really exhausted this list maybe your blog is a little too narrow and you need to widen the horizon just a little bit so you can get to that 50 people always ask me like how do I keep coming up with ideas guys' E I do this every day blog post every day for years and there are times.

I start thinking to myself, okay this I have to leave my blog I have no more ideas and then suddenly an idea will come out of nowhere so keep that list of things and when you reach 50 you know That you're in the sweet spot of a niche topic without being too wide and also without being too narrow, so one way I try to come up with ideas is to just look around and try to get inspired by everything, what would I do if I did last week what something worries me about my friends and I talk Where I shop.

Did I read something new in the news that I thought was interesting I try to keep my blog as a conversation with my reader as a conversation with friends because I think of my reader as a friend so looking at what I and my friends do and talking and being interested really helps me raise tons and I almost guess I would say endless ideas OK.

The following tip is something I would not recommend 9 years ago when I started my blog because the blogging world was so different, but it's something I think you really need to focus on in 2018 and it's the quality you need to make sure even if you're just starting out and you still understand things. That you put out the best content you can put out it means that it would be best to write the best photography, no doubt you are going to get better over time and you will continue to perfect things and understand what suits you but not just try to like something and think it's okay because it's the minimum you really know Strive to make your content amazing this is what is really going to help you stand out from other people who have been doing it for nine years or eight years I see people start blogs that they photograph like at night and it's dark and it's grainy and you cannot really get a clear idea what their personality is.

There is a noticeable difference between just looking dull compared to someone who does it for a long time and having a much more sleek look, so go through some accounts that you are really inspired by or you think they are really amazing even if it is not the same niche as you and then try to figure out how to cause For your content to be so great here are some professional tips you do not need a fancy camera, you can take amazing photos and videos with your iPhone and the key is you just need to focus on lighting Try to get as much natural light as possible if natural light is not possible to try to That you know how to find a light source in the room that will help clarify matters.

Play with it it's supposed to be fun and it's supposed to be an experiment and I understand - you're going to learn while and it's part of the fun of it but make sure you try to get the best content you can when you start because you're just going to get ahead of the game that way so yes trip My last was on the quality of the content but then my next and last tip will be on the quantity and I know people often say its quality over the quantity but it is quality inconsistent quantities so figure out what will work for you now do not try to go overboard if you cannot commit to upload Post a blog every day Do not go up a blog Post every day to sit and say I know I can guarantee blog posts twice a week and it's going to be on Sundays and Wednesdays.

And stick to it so that it will be your quantity it's just be consistent with the frequency you post you do not want to go you know 60 miles per hour right at the beginning and then suddenly after two weeks of doing you have completely burned yourself and you have to take a two week vacation and it will not make anyone feel enthusiastic or excited Follow you if he feels he will not get a certain amount of content you know to let people know what to expect from you and as long as you meet those expectations it will suffice and then go through it you know a blog is a platform where you can write and share a lot of things like this but there is also the component That of social media and try to be on as many platforms as you can without losing the quality of your content so that might say I want a blog and a YouTube channel but I do not have time for Instagram and Twitter or this statement I definitely do not have time for YouTube so I just focus on my blog and Instagram And I will try to keep one tweet a day.

Check what will work for you where you do not lose the quality of your content, but your readers know exactly what to expect from you and you know that you keep that hamster real and that you do not burn yourself but you also do not just disappear and just sporadically go in like commit to schedule and understand what fits Go even if it's only once a week it's fine and your readers may be so excited you're going to post Monday morning and so they'll start your week you don 't have to be blogging every day so don' t think you know quantity just outweighs everything else is balance And it's more art than science and figuring out what's right for you.

Your readers are happy at the end of the day, so if you liked these tips I will leave two blog posts I wrote recently on my blog with tons of tips so these were kind of top level tips and then the blog post, I will go into more details if you have any more questions or maybe You started a blog recently but you just want to dive a little deeper, these two blog posts will help you a lot, I spent a lot of time putting them together and everything is free I'm not trying to sell you anything.

You know I do not think you should buy blogging tips from anyone whose content is there in the world, so I just put my two cents and tried to answer as many questions as possible and these so start there if you are more interested in starting a blog and if you like it give it a thumbs up and do not forget to follow the steps. have a nice time.

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