First total lunar eclipse on May, 26th  2021. This will also see another astronomical phenomenon with the moon going red and becoming the blood moon to understand what's a blood moon let us first understand.

what's a total lunar eclipse a total lunar eclipse happens when the earth comes in between the sun and the moon blocking sun rays from reaching the moon casting its shadow on the lunar surface a total lunar eclipse only happens at full moon.

Now let's understand why is it called a blood moon while the earth casts its shadow on the moon it is not completely invisible and can be seen through the naked eye as earth's atmosphere bends sunlight and indirectly lights up the moon's surface due to the refraction of sunlight the colors with shorter wavelengths get scattered and filtered while the higher wavelength colors like orange and red illuminate the moon's surface giving it a reddish orange glow this reddish orange moon is known as the blood moon.
The may 26 eclipse will stay for 14 minutes 30 seconds following the eclipse the entire event repeats in reverse as the moon moves out of the earth's shadow. The eclipse will be visible in Australia parts of the western us western south America and in southeast Asia the eclipse will not be visible in Pakistan & India.
In 2021 will see a total of 4 eclipses starting with may 26 total lunar eclipse annual solar eclipse on June 10th partial lunar eclipse on November 19th and lastly total solar eclipse on December 4th. In my next blog i will share about the consequences and its effects on the world and will share facts from history. i hope you'll enjoy this informative blog and this will enhance your general knowledge. please don't forget to read my other interesting blogs in smashing health and fashion.
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