What my Body parts Say About My Character


What my Body parts Say About My Character

What your body parts say about your inner self yeah and if you actually hear your body parts talking to you then you might actually need some psychological help each of us has a unique set of DNA that gives us certain physical traits.

My body parts and my character

What my body parts say about my character

According to some scientist’s things like your face shape eye color and fingers can say a lot more about your personality keep reading to find out more and don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe me on Smashing Dreams Health and Fitness guide, our study starts from the nose.

1. Nose Shapes 

According to the 2013 study published in the Journal of cranial facial surgery hey I have a subscription don't you well it says that the tissue that forms the shape of your nose can convey a number of things about your personality. The researchers studied almost 1,700 pictures of different people's noses and categorize them all into 14 times. they also found the following...

Connections between nose shape and personality traits.

Long nose:

What my body parts say about my character

People with long noses are really ambitious and hard-working they're usually perfectionist and tend to put their professional life ahead of their personal life.

Short nose:

What my body parts say about my character

Short-nosed individuals can be very sensitive and loyal they value feelings more than anything and they'd rather be happy with their family then climb to the top of the career ladder.

Pointy nose:

What my body parts say about my character

Those with pointy noses usually make great financial advisers because they tend to handle their money very wisely, I guess you think Gringotts Bank and Harry Potter just kidding.

Greek nose:

What my body parts say about my character

Here if you have a perfectly straight Greek nose, you're probably intelligent logical and super reliable.

Button nose:

What my body parts say about my character

For those adorable button noses they speak of a caring loving and optimistic nature, but these people can get pretty emotional at times.

Big nostrils:

What my body parts say about my character

Big nostrils are a sign that someone likes to spend money rather than saving it. Small nostrils on the other hand show a strong commitment to personal relationships and family.

2. Face Shape

Long face:

What my body parts say about my character

People with long faces are highly intelligent individuals.

Narrow face:

What my body parts say about my character

A narrow face structure is a sign of a more emotional rather than an intelligent individual.

Wide Face:

What my body parts say about my character

People with wide faces are emotionless and highly successful in life.

3. Eyes Color

What my body parts say about my character

Yes, I do in coloring books typically now you might agree or disagree with Shakespeare's famous quote the eyes are the window to your soul, but it looks like the great playwright has science on his side.

In a 2007 study conducted at Sweden's or Ebro University scientists analyzed the eyes of 428 individuals alongside their personality traits.

in order to determine whether a person's eyes reflect their character the researchers claimed that both personality and eye structure are linked to the frontal lobe of the brain which is responsible for forming our personality.

Brown eyes:

What my body parts say about my character

As for eye color people with brown eyes are natural-born leaders and highly intelligent individuals.

Dark brown eyes:

What my body parts say about my character

Extreme dark brown eyes are a sign of an introverted mysterious and secretive nature

Blue eyes:

What my body parts say about my character

Blue eyes show a lot of inner strength and a very competitive nature.

Dark blue eyes:

What my body parts say about my character

If the eye color is a darker shade of blue this person possesses a lot of physical strength and is very sensitive.

Gray eyes:

What my body parts say about my character

Gray ice can be a sign of a well-balanced person these individuals also care a lot about what other people think of them and they work hard to be liked by everyone.

What my body parts say about my character

People with green eyes can be agreeable and dominant like brown eyed individuals yet strong and cautious like. Those with blue eyes plus green is considered a super sexy and alluring eye color by many sounds like a win/win/win to me.

What my body parts say about my character

As for people with hazel eyes they feel unique from an early age on the outside they appear to be independent confident and spontaneous, but their true inner nature and intentions are hard to pin down.

4. Eye shape:

For thousands of years Chinese face reading experts believe that the shape of your eyes can accurately show the hidden qualities of your character this has to do with the bone structure of the skull.

People with wide eyes tend to be more expressive and emotional in their personal life they're very detail-oriented and generally like to be cautious.

Individuals with big eyes are open-minded intelligent and friendly.

When someone's eyes are small and wide it can mean that they're introverted perfectionists.

People with deep set eyes tend to be mysterious observant and intense.

While those with close-set eyes are very persistent individuals.

Almond shaped eyes convey passion romance.

5. Lips:

Do you know that your lips have their own unique print just like your fingertips they also reveal quite a lot about your personality traits if you know how to read them.

Gene Haner an expert in face reading and author of successful psychology books found that your lips affect your personality the way you feel about others and how you behave basically.

Your lips show your emotional side and how you act in personal relationships.

People with medium-sized lips that have no exaggerated features tend to be independent in their relationships appreciate affection but can't stand drama.

Larger lips can show an individual who is very nurturing toward others and puts everyone else's needs.

For people who have wide lips tend to be generous and outgoing they also like catering to their loved ones needs.

People with thin lips are known to be more competitive they sometimes prefer to be alone, but they also like to be recognized by others for their strong personality traits.

6. Jawline:

A sharp or defined is considered one of the most attractive features on a person's face especially for men so it might come as no surprise.

A sharper jawline is connected with higher levels of the male hormone according to a 2013 study conducted by UK and U.S. psychologists.

People with a wider face and more defined jaw had higher levels of testosterone which can affect one's personality quite a lot the researchers found that these individuals tend to have more aggressive personalities and are more likely to become violent.

A sharper jawline can also be indicative of a person who's a little more on the arrogant side the study concluded that

The more defined a person's jawline is the more intense their personality can be due to the high levels of testosterone.

7. Hands:

According to the American Academy of hand analysis yes there is such a thing your hands have a unique structure that's almost impossible to find in someone else's.

One thing you can examine is the distance between your fingers.

The best way to check for yourself is to hold your dominant hand up to your eye level with a palm facing towards you

If your fingers seem far apart from each other this means that you love exploring and having no experiences.

As for fingers that are positioned close together it shows a more cautious nature but you're probably well organized and if you have a lot of webbing between your fingers, you're probably a really good swimmer no not really!

8. Fingers length:

Since you're already checking out your hands and fingers here's something else to consider.

According to a 1998 study by researchers from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Liverpool the length of your fingers shows the levels of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb it can also reveal a lot about your inner self.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger this means you've got a lot of charm, you tend to take more risks in both your personal and professional life.

If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you're probably a natural-born leader and finally.

If your ring finger and index finger are of the same length, you're a good communicator and you know how to keep balance boy.

I got a hand it to you so was this information pretty accurate for you let us know down in the comments.

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