What’s New in Beauty, Fashion and Health


What’s New in Beauty, Fashion and Health

What’s new in beauty, fashion and health. Hey there everyone, this is me from smashing dreams Welcome back to my blog today I have another one of my new blogs today I’m not only covering beauty but also fashion and health so if you want to know more than stick around if you're not a big fan of unboxing blogs.

What’s new in beauty, fashion and health?

What’s new in beauty, fashion and health

I totally understand feel free to exit out of this blog and check out the blog I have tons more content covering everything from fashion to beauty to DIY projects travel and so much more now if you want to know what's new and what's going to be the next big thing then let's get started because I have a ton to show you.

It says here jump-start brain function support your memory and focus mute stress and distraction two spoonful's to stimulate the cognitive flow this product is vegan gluten and sugar-free 100 plant-based and GMO-free and it's manufactured in the USA well this one has a chocolate flavoring to it I personally have mixed it into my tea or you can have it on its own with hot milk or hot water and have it like be like a hot cocoa drink you could also do it iced so I am one of those people that's I’m I’ve always been super forgetful I’m basically like the Latina dory so anything that's going to help improve my brain function.

Moisture for dry skin

It's going to help me stay a little more alert help me with my a memory I’m all for trying out and so far I’ve been enjoying it obviously i can't talk about I’m not seeing a ton of difference because I just started this but I will definitely keep you updated and let you know if I’m seeing a little more clarity if I am not as forgetful as I normally am how it's helping me with the afternoon fog definitely does help me become a little more alert for the rest of the day I feel like it does help me you know kind of wakes me up so that I’m enjoying but yeah definitely check this out if you're interested and again they do several of these powders that do different things so definitely check out their line because yeah you might find something that's perfect for you the next products.

Dry dull skin

I wanted to put in the very beginning of the blog because you need to know about these products you need to hear and see what this can do and then go to the description box below and immediately click the link for them and check them out because they are amazing these were given to me by pixie beauty and it is their body treats set this uh collection has three products and they are the amazing first one I’m going to show you is the glycolic body peel is a glycolic and lactic acid resurfacing concentrate this one it says smoothing toning body peel glycolic and lactic acids polish and exfoliate lifting away dry dull skin going to is left feeling and looking silky smooth hydrated supple and perfectly prepped for the body.

Glycolic body lotion

Moisturizer or oil you massage this onto your body and then rinse off the next one, I’ll show you is the glycolic body wash again from the same the collection also has glycolic acid and Aloe Vera this is the exfoliating body cleanser and then the third product is the glycolic body lotion this has glycolic acid and ginseng it is an exfoliating body lotion these products are amazing I’ll you need this get this don't hesitate just do it trust me they have made my body so I’ll sort.

Really dry skin

I have really dry skin as I’ve gotten older my skin has gotten very dry especially my body my legs can get super dry and itchy and these oh my gosh so I started using this as soon as it arrived because spring is here I’m going to start wearing skirts and dresses and start going to the pool and I want my skin looking its best not just my face but all of my skin and again because my skin is dry I have dry itchy legs I was like let's try these out and see how they work for me and oh my goodness the difference that is made my skin is so baby soft it's incredible it does polish away the dry skin and leaves you with new super soft super touchable soft skin.

Soft skin

I’ve been loving all three of these I use the um the peel first, I will do that before I get into the shower I’ll just use it and then when I get into the shower I will rinse that off I will use the body wash and then at the end when I’m out of the shower I will put the body lotion on and again I wake up oh it's almost immediate like super us soft skin love it definitely look into this skincare for your body why not of course it's amazing the next products are in the field of fashion this is from tough as a mother they reach out to me because they are a mommy-owned brand and thought it was the perfect time to connect just in time for mother's day they do beautiful personalized custom necklaces and they have messages like this like mama and then this one right here you can pick the initials and I picked can for some of the most important people in my life the c is for my daughters and husband and them is for my mom you can obviously use this for the initials of you and a the spouse you and a child um you and a best friend.

I love that you can customize this for any kind of lifestyle but also what's really neat about this is that each necklace you can pick a gem for it a stone and obviously if you're into stones you know that they all have different kind of significance and power and so whatever you prefer you can pick this pick that up for your necklace so i got an amethyst stone for one and a rainbow moonstone for the other just can love that little added extra touch right there so i will link to them down in the description box below if you want to check them out they ship super quickly so if you order them now you may not get them for mother's day but they ship super-fast and I’ll get to you right away the next products were sent to me by Korres i have been a fan of chorus for a very long time and they wanted to show me this set that came out on May 1st so the set that was released on the first comes with two of these cleansers.

Body butter

It comes with the body firming serum spray and then it comes with the Alaska smooth body butter all from this all from the same line the like hyacinth collection smells incredible smells beautiful the set comes with two cleansers and this you can use for your entire body not just for Tori your body but you can actually wash your hair with it wash your face with it super handy so the way that they recommend it is you wash and then you spray your serum on for your body I love skincare for your body.

I’m totally into it and then lastly you would apply this sum body butter and again it smells super nice super good a nice beautiful set that is available now they've also re-released the mint tea scent is a best-selling sell-out collection that men and women, really I enjoy so they're bringing it back this time in a renewing body cleanser check out the size of this will last you I’m can use it for yourself for your husband for your kids anyone can use.

Men and women enjoy the scent it's really I’m nice it's kind of revitalizing it kind of wakes you up so it's nice for like a morning shower and then you can also get it in the Alaska smooth body butter as well so definitely check those out these tend to sell out as I mentioned because it's such a beloved scent for them so definitely check this out right away the next product was sent to me by Dermalogica and if you guys have been following my blog for years you know that I’ve been a fan of their skincare products.

Dry skin

For a very long time, they sent me their new melting moisture mask this is extreme moisture for dry skin and when I tell you that this is incredible for dry skin oh my goodness it is extreme moisture this has really neat texture so it comes up like a cream kind of like a Vaseline at first when you start rubbing it in and then it becomes like oil and yeah it's Vaseline incredible I this is perfect for anyone who has really dry skin or if you've been spending a lot of time outside and like all the moisture has been sucked out of your skin this is incredible it's a great mask you don't have to wear this every day this is just good to do maybe once a week even if you have like normal skin I would recommend using this just a little bit once a week.

If you're seeing some cracking if you're seeing some dry spots this is just incredible intense incredible and sometimes my skin can get really dry and my mother's skin is also like that so I’m sharing this with her and a little goes a very Vaseline long way I mean that little pump covered both my hands and I could probably spread it out some more so that's Vaseline really all you need and it's definitely if you have dry skin check this out this is a great Vaseline moisturizing mask it Vaseline just works it works and last but not least this is a new brand that was really excited to learn about this one is called herb and flora and they sent me four products so the first thing I’m going to show you from the brand is the heroes and goddesses fast track youth energy for healthy skin hair and nails.

So this is a supplement that you ingest these are capsules and I’m all for vitamin supplements anything that'll help me from within not only what I’m doing topically but also can help me from within I’m all into I’ve been using this as you can see it's about a third I’ve taken about a third and so far so good um my nails can get really weak and so far they're doing pretty good they're Vaseline they need a good manicure but that's not their fault but uh so far so good my hair is doing I mean my hair is I have pretty healthy hair I do have some fallout but it's normal I have a lot of hair maybe a little bit of a change in my nails I feel like they're a little stronger.

They were very weak a couple of weeks ago and I do feel like they've gotten a little stronger so Vaseline far so good once again and then they sent me the potion this is their youth recovery serum it's renewing an anti-fatigue with exercise mimic youth complex what that means is that this the product mimics the after-effects on your skin of what exercise produces so when you exercise you get that exercise afterglow that workout glow that is what this is meant to produce um I do think it's a nice serum it's helped my skin be very smooth and plump it says right here life is an odyssey no magic just science the energy recovery and rejuvenating facial in a bottle to help erase yesterday's fatigue signs fast while helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles formulated with the highest concentration of our own exercise mimic youth complex combined with a gentle level of soothing aha and PHA and skin replenishing mineral electrolytes the potion serum helps accelerate skin's daily recovery and reveal a smooth renewed complexion without irritation as a result skin looks healthier gently rested and younger-looking at it as it does after a professional facial.

I don't have I’m 34 years old I don't have wrinkles yet but I can tell you that it does leave my skin hydrated and smooth so I have been enjoying using this for the last couple of weeks this is the main serum that maybe I’ve been using it for the last two weeks when I do my morning routine and then I also have been using this which is the eye of the cyclops recovery eye gel it helps with lines bags and circles it says here a fast recovery energy booster for the eye area formulated with our own exercise mimic youth complex combined with omega-369 fatty acids potent Mediterranean botanical antioxidant antioxidants and natural eye list is known to decrease under-eye bags to smooth.

Awaken the eye area with an after exercise glow I have these cyclops helps stimulate skin recovery in the delicate eye area without irritation and minimizes the look of crow's feet under-eye bags and dark circles the eye contour appears rested healthy youthful as if you got a good night's sleep so again don't have many wrinkles so I can't you know talk about that I do I don't get bags unless I really haven't slept in a few days but I definitely have some darkness in my under eye area and this definitely makes it looks much brighter and hydrated and just kind of wakes you up.

I have been enjoying this and then the last product is the one that I found the most intriguing and this is the Morpheus pillow anti-wrinkle skin recovery pillowcase with copper oxide so basically skincare while you sleep a skincare treatment while you sleep so they have copper woven into the the fabric of the pillow and it's supposed to be really good for your skin let me read you right here it says not all pillowcases are created equal meet the ultimate recovery secret a pillowcase that works like a night treatment clinically proven to improve the overall appearance of your skin the Morpheus pillow recovery pillowcase makes skin brighter and more radiant after just two weeks and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While improving skin's firmness after four weeks with a continuous effect over time each thread of our pillowcases carefully woven with copper fibers as well as Morpheus a well-known and clinically proven essential mineral wake up to the skin of your dreams going smoother and younger-looking now again I don't have wrinkles or deep wrinkles that I can say I also sleep on my back but I’m using this pillow it's been a few days since I haven't seen much actually, I have done notice one thing I wake up without a major bed head my hair is smooth and looks nice like I don't have to do anything to it in the morning because I wake up and it's just I don't have bedded it's not crazy it's smooth so I am really enjoying that but as far as the benefits of the skin I just find it intriguing and I’m going to continue to use it I don't know what signs i could possibly see but who knows I just found it and this is all scientifically based like the company was bran was founded by someone who's been in the beauty industry for a very long time.

Sensitive skin

A doctor who studies uh mitochondria and Morpheus uh works with uh people who have diseases involving their mitochondria so it's like cellular the science that went into this so I’m really intrigued by this brand and their products and so far I’m just Morpheus feeling out checking it out so far so good but I will update you if I’m seeing any changes again the Morpheus things that I’m seeing the most change in well I like I do like the under eye serum just because it really kind of smooths you out and wakes you up it's not pigmented but somehow it just yeah it just it's like a for me it kind of cools without having to put it in the refrigerator it brightens the area up so it is nice I’m using the serum it's soothing and I haven't gotten any sort of irritation from using these products so definitely if you have sensitive skin then you might be able you should definitely try this out because um it is i haven't gotten any sort of reaction or sensitivity to it um the vitamins I’m all for the supplements and yeah this pillow is really cool to learn about so that is everything that I’ve gotten in prover the last few weeks please let me know.

If you have any questions and if you want to do a detailed review about anything specifically or demos let me know if you have any questions please feel free to write them in the comment section below or just say hi because you guys know that I’d love to hear from you thank you so I’d much for reading please if you're not subscribed subscribe right now click that subscribe button and click the little bell icon next to it so that you can send on your notifications for all that way you will be notified whenever my blogs go out and I make new blogs every single week and I cover everything from fashion to beauty to home décor to travel you name it I cover it all thanks again for reading and stay for new blogs.

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