Four signs that a person is secretly dissatisfied with his life


Four signs that a person is secretly dissatisfied with his life

Four signs that a person is secretly dissatisfied with his life. Learn to read a person's satisfaction and it will improve your relationships and happiness.

Four signs that a person is secretly dissatisfied with his life

Four signs that a person is secretly dissatisfied with his life.

Only 14% of people said they were very happy with a recently published report. In fact, we are more miserable than we have been for 50 years.

But many of you would not know it. Most people do not go around stroking. Good friends in putting an emotional front. We are good at buying the illusion. Then, when that friend's behavior changes, we take it personally. We forget there were signs all along. It was never on us.

Understand the subtle signs of unhappiness and deepen your empathy. Understand yourself better. Above all you will have better social relationships, related to better health, happiness and longevity.

In defense of football moms

I worked as a retailer for three years at a more upscale interior design store, Crate & Barrel. I really liked the work. It was low pressure and I got to meet and talk to random people. However, I have seen the share of difficult customers. On one occasion a woman came in and looked a little tattered. I had just checked it out minutes before. She slipped her open box on the table and blurted out, "Sir. I'm sorry but you packed it incorrectly."

I looked at it and saw nothing. I asked her what the subject was. She said, “Inserting the wrong wrapping paper as a gift. I asked for blue.”

I looked down and said, "Ma'am, this is the only blue we have." She picked up the box, "No it's turquoise! ​​You didn't listen!" The aggression I caught on guard. I explained that turquoise is all we have. She stormed out without saying anything more.

She was my Karen before the meme of 'Karen'. In fact, we were trained to deal with these situations. A senior manager taught us that rare outbreaks are personally related to us. Often, this is a bigger problem in that customer's life. It does not excuse rudeness. But it gave us a better connection.

In this way Karen’s mum, the high-maintenance football mom, is a bit unfortunate. One could predict a house, which has a thankless job. She is in a grateful marriage. Her children are out of control. Her husband does not help. She's tired. Gift wrapping paper became a channel for that untreated frustration. The outbreak is no different than when your parents became nuclear because you forgot to make your bed. Their vitriol was more about their deeper frustration than you.

When you do not understand their behavior

A married couple I know has gone through this difficult stage. The woman complained to us about her husband. He sleeps all day. He would come home and just stay in his bed for ridiculous periods of time. He would wake up, go to work, work very hard. Then he would go home and shut up.

Of course, his partner was very unhappy because he did not give her attention or help at home. The couple fought a lot in the period before that. Fast forward, they divorced, not least because of his behavior.

He was later diagnosed with depression, which is a confusing disease in that he may have conflicting symptoms. You can get insomnia. You can sleep excessively. You can stay outside all night. I have noticed this when there is a sudden and consistent change in someone’s energy levels. They are constantly more tired or changing between extremes. This is when I'm worried.

Real communication breaks down

My partner works at the academy as an archaeologist. She runs a lab where they scan 3D objects. She hired a vendor to do some special scans. She let pre-select his payment. Months of drama later, she still could not get it. He did not answer his phone. He did not respond to emails. Occasionally he reached out to cancel appointments. His excuses were always ridiculous.

Saves you the full details, we know he drinks a lot and has personal issues. But his situation and incompleteness created many more problems in his life. He took the company's money and refused to provide services. It has destroyed key business relationships and its reputation. He's actually tanking his career.

When someone's communication breaks down, when they stop answering calls and doing their usual duties, it is usually not a good sign of his well-being. Depressed people often avoid and reject communication. I saw another great friendship and career explode completely because a man started to ghost everyone, including his boss and their partner.

A secret and universal sign of misery

Years ago, I was in a relationship that I was not particularly happy about. At that time I did not even realize that I was not satisfied. I lack the self-awareness and emotional language to express it to myself. I was also in denial. I'm usually a pleasant person and you probably would not have guessed if we were talking.

In hindsight it was brilliant. I buried myself in my hobbies and not spending time with my partner. I became obsessed with stupid things that held m

Being in the environment. She rightly resented me for paying attention to these other things. In the meantime, I did not enjoy our time together because we quarreled too much. In reality, we were not meant for each other. She is a great person and has moved on. I'm happy for her.

I did what many unfortunate partners do. It was an act of escapism. You see it when friends start gambling, playing video games, hanging out with friends. Something new is suddenly eating all their time. In its darker iteration, escapism is expressed as deception. In the end, a person just does a bunch of things that evade looking at their problems. Avoidance is a major indicator of unhappiness.

Empathy is a skill of life and any ability. Sharpen your eyes to unhappiness and you will be more likely to spot it yourself.

You can change someone's life by noticing their suffering when others do not. Someone took me off the field years ago when no one else noticed the problem. Look for these signs in more subtle forms.

Summary for your memory: four signs of unhappiness

1. They start sleeping all day or make sudden changes in their energy levels.

2. They start skipping stupid things. They call for deeper misery.

3. Their communication begins to rot, fade or change. They back away from talking or fulfilling commitments.

4. They suddenly seize new hobbies and bury themselves in them to avoid the inventor And. They practice escapism.

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