How can we talk to animals?


How can we talk to animals?

How can we talk to animals?

Everyone has some innovative idea in their mind and most of the time you see something new you say dramatically oh it was the exact idea in my head, and it happens to me honest most of the time with me.

How can we talk to animals?

Today I decided that from next time I will try not to go for google if anyone has worked on this idea or not, but I will just share that idea on my blog.

I have parrots at home, and they almost always chat with each other. I always wonder what they say to each other even though I kept them in a cage lol , they are not always in a cage. I do get them out in two or three days so they can fly around and enjoy the free atmospheres.

Communicate with animals

I have a sister who lives in the England, and she also has a similar type of parrot at home in London, the last time I talked to my sister while I was talking, she showed me her parrots and her parrots chatter same as my parrots.

I also showed my parrot to my sister and turned on the camera and showed my parrots.

Suddenly their parrots and my parrots start chatting to each other this is the point that made me think humans have different languages, ​​but they have a similar kind of languages, ​​and they understand each other.

Before that I also noticed one more thing that every time, they heard the sound of other parrots coming out of the house, they always react and usually they give a huge answer by making a lot of noise together I always wondered what they must talk to each other and why we have no way of understanding what they say With each other.

In today's world we have extremely fast computers like supercomputers that can store a huge amount of data in them.

I am not a programmer but what I can do is I can give an idea to interpret the language of the bird. This idea is unique and can be applied from pets to pets such as a goat, horse, cat, dog, etc. Start recording their voices. At first, we'll just work on 2 to 3 common sounds produced by the same animal,

Let's take an example of a cow whose sound you can record, and we can enter that sound into a computer that indicates the frequency of its exact wavelength etc. and its response or requirement or which cow produced that sound, and we start adapting these sounds to animals of the same species or family. For example, we say that the cow produced this sound when she is thirsty.

In Future it will be possible to communicate with animals.

Now we just compare this sound with another cow when it produces the same sound we will match them, it produced the same sound when she was thirsty too or not is different and if it is more compatible, we will mark this sound as "give me water" and like us will concentrate all the data and within a few weeks using in this technique we can understand the language of the cow. After deciphering the language, a similar formula should be used on other animals, and we could talk to animals in the future.

Wither you agree with me or not you may comment in the section right below take care until the next blog.

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