How do I cope with anxiety?

Imagine you're getting ready to go to a party, you're feeling excited, but also nervous, and you realize it's like a heartbeat in your stomach. There is something that prevents you from being happier.

How do I cope with anxiety?

How do I cope with anxiety?
How do I cope with anxiety?

"No, you shouldn't be too happy. Better to be careful, or something might go wrong." You start thinking, "When I get there." So, who do I talk to? What if someone doesn't want to talk to me? If they think I'm weird? "When you go to a party, someone comes up to you and talks to you.

It starts, and as soon as that happens, your mind starts racing, your heart starts beating, you begin to sweat, and it's as if you're breaking away from it. Yourself, like this body. Experiment, and you'll find yourself talking. "You say, 'Get yourself together.' Keep, but you can't.' And it gets worse:

After a few minutes of talking, the person you're talking to abandons you, and you feel completely defeated. This has been happening to you in social situations for a long time. Or imagine that every time you go out, and you're in a crowded place, you start to feel this panic. When there are many people around you, like on a bus, you start feeling hot, nauseous, uncomfortable and to avoid this, you start avoiding many places that leave you alone. And feel isolated. Either you or that person has an anxiety disorder in either scenario, or what I can tell you is that anxiety is much more common than people think, with one in 14 people having it all. Anxiety disorders take a toll on the world, and it takes a toll every year. About $42 billion is spent on treating this mental health problem.

To show the impact your anxiety can have on someone's life, I'll just mention that anxiety can lead to depression, school dropouts, suicide, and difficulty concentrating. , and this strained relations. But a lot of people don't know it, that's why most of the time people turn their back on their problems like nerves the way you need to get rid of nerves, but anxiety is one of the many reasons that Because a lot of people don't. They think it's important because they don't know what it is. Is this your personality? Is it a disease? Is this common sense? So, what is the common problem? What is an anxiety disorder? Common anxiety is an emotion we all experience. For example, say, you're out in the woods, and you come face-to-face with a bear. This will probably make you feel a little nervous, and you might want to start running around like crazy. You get this nagging feeling because it protects you, it saves you, and it takes you away,

Although it's probably not a good idea to start running when you see a bear. I honestly don't think you can go further than a bear. Anxiety helps us meet our deadlines at work and deal with emergencies in life, but when this anxiety is emotional it takes to extremes and arises in situations that are not a real threat, when you have an anxiety disorder, for example, people with generalized anxiety disorder are overly and constantly anxious about everything that is going on in their lives and find it very difficult. Is. This problem seems to have been overcome.

They also have symptoms of restlessness, fear, have trouble sleeping at night, and can't concentrate on tasks. Despite all the discomfort you may have, there is something you can do to ease it. It works, and it's easier said than done. Often, we are given medication for mental illness, but it doesn't always work in the long run. Symptoms often return, and you're right back where you started.

So here's something else to consider: the way you handle or manage things directly affects how much anxiety you're having, and if you're adapting the way you are. You can reduce your anxiety if you mimic yourself. In our research at the University of Cambridge, we showed that women living in poorer areas have a higher risk of anxiety than women living in more affluent areas. These results didn't surprise us, but we found out when we looked closer. It found that women living in poor areas, if they have special seats or competitive resources, do not have problems, while women living in poor areas without resources to compete with them. China has been made.

Other studies have shown that people who have experienced extreme stress, such as anxiety through wars and natural disasters, can stay healthy and free of mental illness if they have the resources., while others face similar difficulties but without coping skills, the cause is reduced, and a mental disorder develops. what are you Those who fight it get nothing, and how do we use it? And before I sink into what it is,

I'm not going to tell - and I think it's very interesting. Your sample resources are ready, or your own sample is a work of skills that you have. You charge, worry and reduce, which is from me. There are three resources to talk to you today, and the first is advice that will help you take control of your life. People who have more mental health in life. If you don't have control over your quota of life, then research shows that you should experiment to give yourself more control. See you about me: do you ever know? Are you just not ready to start doing nothing? Are you having a hard time deciding? Is there food, till today there is no food, what work to adopt? Do you waste a lot of time? What do you want to do? A way to overcome perception and losing control in life.

There is a quote from author and poet G.K. Chesterton that says, "Something is not worth delaying. It can be worth doing over and over again." And you have to move directly, how do you know about it? It paralyzes documents and creates fear. We also work often but we never admit that we share anything about it., or we can leave it entirely. This process makes you badly independent. The way you speak: You know we talk about you, but we don't talk about them when we see them. Being difficult and stressed is the only reason why he is not on the Kodna bus, is it good or bad?

This is not an easy task, and you have to work to finish, and when you look at the centers, you realize more and more. A close friend of mine has suffered from anxiety, and since she started using it, my life has changed. Completed credit forms used to take much less time than before. He had delivered me the letter, whose wings were badly nourished.

Try something different and have more fun in the process. It removes the restlessness from everything and is replaced with excitement. "You need to think about it, if you were to chant it today, how would your life change?" Another strategy is to forgive yourself, and if you find it too powerful. Anxious people think a lot about who is at fault, and how bad they are with their problems. You don't have a friend who constantly points you out and you have to face the mistake of your life. Laura immediately?

Restless people support us all day long. He is not kind to himself. If you start this document, you have to start cooperating with it, and it can also be mistaken when it comes to excusing yourself. A few moments ago, at the wrong shops in the past if you have panicked and felt embarrassed about it, want to forgive yourself.

If you don't need to talk, but Friday maybe we won't talk, but don't worry about it. Forgive yourself for everything, not everything. And that's more compassion for you. You cannot heal until you do this. And last but not least, coping with a point and meaning in life is a very important process. We are all working in life, however we earn a lot of money, when we may not know that we will be completely happy, and no one needs. This is our achievement, or the love of it.

It doesn't need to reside in other people's lives, but we can't come into intelligence, then most of the risk is poor mental health. "Neurologist Dr. Victor Franck said, "For those who think what they drink, but to expect more from life, does it feel for those who feel about life. Six from that. "In intelligence you have to go through a lot of trouble. You know your reason for being and have planned almost anything." With someone else in mind?

This is a voluntary document, or it is a certificate of sharing the Nolde that you have received with other people, especially if it hurts people to some extent. There is no need, and most people who cannot afford therapy,

And they usually have a higher rate than an anxiety disorder, with tribal having closures, because it really improves. So, it is important to conclude: a method and method will give you intelligence and benefit from the end of a task that needs to be taken advantage of. Even if people never realize it doesn't matter, because you will know, and your life matters. Thanks

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