How to glow up mentally and physically?


How to glow up mentally and physically?

How to glow up mentally and physically?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself why I look ugly, fat, worthless and useless because this happens sometimes? I want to enlighten Say you only have one month left, so let's be worth it. Starting now we will have a mental and physical glow until the end of December. Believe, believe and believe in yourself. 

How to glow up mentally

Step 1: Write down your goals.

Write down our goals and why when you intend to do so get a beautiful diary with colored pens to clarify it and write down your plans. Do it for yourself, do it beautifully. Insert pictures that will help you guide your goals. Write inspirational quotes because research shows that by doing so you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down on a regular basis.

Step 2: Change your toxic habits.

Checking your phone right after waking up is very toxic. Because it creates distractions by stacking new posts, social media, Titoki videos and it often creates a feeling of stress and anxiety. Suppose you were supposed to wake up and brush your teeth, but once you look at your screen, you could not stop scrolling, checking, texting, shopping, sending emails and seeing that you are waist more than ten minutes from your day. Let's not be her once you wake up, ignore your phone and drink a glass of water. Studies show that drinking water on an empty stomach helps increase energy levels, boost metabolism, strengthen your immune system, help with weight loss and fight toxins out of your body. Read a book, your unfinished novel that powers my teacher. only joking. Just did it. You can do some exercise, yoga, do morning stretches, bathe, prepare your breakfast, learn how to cook. Or you can work on collaborative multitasking by reading a book while you relax your calves, listening to music while you practice. It can save time, increase productivity and prevent procrastination.

Turn off the phone before bed to avoid radiation and distractions. Finally, sleep early. This is the most important task because it helps you maintain your health, young, good skin and helps control your body weight. I'm currently editing as you can see it's already 12:16 in the morning. I'm sorry if I broke the rules.

Step 3: Hygiene.

First make your bed every morning. This will make you realize that you have accomplished the first task of the day and make sure you feel proud, productive and motivated to start your day. Trust me, the next task will be much easier once you do that. Wash the bed sheets, apply Vaseline on your lips. Believe me, I have tried a lot of lipstick products they just do not really work on me. Here's how my lips were and looked at how great they are now. Tear off the eyebrows, not all of them. Take a long hot bath to help calm your mind. Use a loop. Mine is a natural loupe. Not only can they help peel the skin and remove dead skin cells. Which makes your skin smoother and brighter. It can also stimulate the blood circulation of your skin. Try using sugar scrubs. It helps to lighten the skin. Fight skin aging and peel as well. Makes your skin smoother. Try disguising your Body Bombastic. All you need is 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 oil, I used coconut oil to smell nicer and sweeter and finally 2 drops of essential oil which is optional. After the shower, apply cream or body butter on your skin. Body butter helps moisturize the skin, reduces wrinkles, soothes skin rashes, sunburn and contains beneficial antioxidants. While the creams are smooth cream, re-dries skin, renew rough spots and soothe your mind. Wash your face, put on face masks, clean your nails, paint them. Try a new hairstyle, wear a mask when you go out, keep your distance, disinfect, wash your hands and stay safe guys.

Step 4: Learn new skills.

Yes, we are all stuck at home, sometimes we feel useless, scared, unproductive, lonely. Our worries consume us. Instead of doing anything during quarantine, try to learn something new. It will keep your mind and body active. Not only can you gain new experience, perspective, it can even keep you healthy while locking and also it will distract you from constantly checking your phone. Maybe. Bake a cake, bake cookies, breads, or learn to draw, draw, cook, stretch, learn to play an instrument, dance or make a song cover, upload a TikTok video or IGTV. Go crazy crazy and do not be afraid of what others think of you. If they are judges, they are probably jealous. So do anything that will make you happy and excited. Believe me, all these schools and loneliness do not help us. You will feel so much better and do not worry, everything will turn out fine.

Step 5: Get Active.

The closure can cause a lot of stress, anxiety and depression. Stay active to help you stay more relaxed while maintaining your health during this time. It does not have to be intense. Maybe go for a walk in the park or run. Dance, do light workouts, or try to skip. Sometimes, you may feel unmotivated, tired or just plain lazy for training. I do not feel like exercising right now. I'm just so lazy. Come on Dem, just keep pushing and get the body of your dreams, the health of your dream. If you have those days, do not be afraid. Wear a cute hairstyle, it can boost your motivation because when you look good you feel good and confident which makes you enjoy while training. Or wear cute clothes, listen to BOMB music while training. It will work a lot. Believe me, you may fail sometimes, and fail and fail again. Yes, it is frustrating, hard and painful but do not give up, keep pushing, keep going and you will succeed. Have fun, dance around, celebrate because you did it and I am very proud of you.

Step 6: Food.

My relationship with food is never good. I was eating, and eating, and eating and I could not stop. I just feel like eating today. Sometimes I still do. Try replacing them with healthier food, but believe me, I ended up eating more. I will try my best to help you and guide you in your radiance. Now let's deceive your mind first. By using a smaller plate, your mind will think you are eating more, that's how big the differences are and don 't worry I ate more than that and make sure you ate enough. Second, drink one glass of water 30 minutes before a meal to help digestion.

And it will also make you feel fuller. You can also drink green tea to increase metabolism or mint tea to improve digestion. Third, eat more slowly. By eating slowly, you will have better digestion and feel fuller faster. Always make sure to eat a balanced diet. No, not just vegetables, chicken breast and more vegetables. If you want the Starbucks drink or the hamburger (RAMLY). take it! Enjoy, it's okay to eat it. Satisfy your heart and balance it with vegetables, fruits and healthy food to satisfy your body. It's okay to eat what you crave and it's okay and you're my favorite! The last and most important step, take a break. If you feel tired, stressed, just rest. It's okay to be unproductive because rest is also productive. You rest for yourself mental and physical health.

It's so lovely, like, to stay positive and enjoy every moment. Spend time with your family, you will need it. If you feel down, talk to your friends. If you cannot meet them because Covid19 called them, tell them how you feel. The real ones will always be there for you no matter the circumstances. It is normal to have swelling. Nice to have acne and it's okay to cry. Lift yourself up and remember to enjoy every success. Believe in yourself and remember that everything takes time to grow. Especially the beautiful ones. please don't forget to hide the like button and subscribe button this really motivates me to produce more blogs like this to remove your stress and make your life better. and don't forget to check my other blogs on health motivation and much more

Cheers have a good time

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