V. Puri arrested on suspicion of raping

Pearl V. Puri arrested on suspicion of raping

Mumbai: In the third season of India's popular drama Nagan the actor, who showed up in the NAGAN drama, was arrested on alleged charge of raping a minor girl but was later released on bail by a local court.

Pearl V. Puri arrested on suspicion of raping
Pearl V. Puri

According to the details, the police in the Mlad area in Mumbai have registered a case of rape against six people, including the actor and initiated legal proceedings. The girl also blamed five other people besides actor Pearl V. Puri for her sexual assault. The victim told police she was first raped in the car and then by the defendants involved in the case. He was abused again and again. Police took all the defendants into custody and began an investigation.

Actor Pearl V. Puri was arrested Friday night after a complaint was filed by the victim girl and her family. However, she was released on bail this morning by a local court. Leading director Acta Kapoor also appeared on the arrest of actor Pearl V Puri and issued a statement saying the actor was involved in false accusations.

"I worked with Pearl. A fellow actress who worked with Pearl accused her husband of sexually abusing her 11-year-old daughter," she said.

Pearl Rape: Hina Khan, Eli Goni, Nia Sharma, Krishma Tana and others support the actor

Hours after the arrest of Pearl V Puri in an alleged rape case, many celebs supported the actor. These include, among others, Henna Khan, Nia Sharma, Eli Goni.

Hours after TV actor Pearl V Puri was arrested by Mumbai police on charges of raping a minor girl, many celebs came out in support of the actor. The celebs include Henna Khan, Nia Sharma, Eli Goni, Krishma Tana, Sorby Giotti, Soyash Rai, Raki Swant.

A case was filed against him under section 376 of the IPC Act and POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses) Act 4, 8, 12, 19 and 21. The actor was held in police custody in a case registered with the Walib police by the police. The father of the minor girl allegedly raped, added the ANI news agency.

Many celebs have responded to the news on social media platforms. Actress Nia Sharma wrote on Instagram, "Rape is no joke, no excuse, no means to come up with someone to satisfy a bruised ego. Rape and abuse stories are scary and far beyond the imagination in India. The real victims die, their stories go unheard, their families wait for justice all their lives. Do not underestimate. Do not make fun of it. Rape allegations cannot be used as they please. It cannot. It should not be used in future as well.

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