Which Netflix series well worth your time

Netflix's 10 Best TV Shows in 2021 so far, ranked. You'll find out which Netflix new original comedies, dramas and documentary series are well worth your time.

which Netflix series well worth your time
which Netflix series well worth your time

For almost a decade Netflix has released new TV shows called Netflix originals, some of which are better than others, I will tell you the ten best original series you can watch right now these will be our favorites based on the shows we enjoy best we all know Netflix uses the word original in a Loose so we made some changes to the criteria to fit the series must be a real source with at least one of its dorms created specifically for the service not aired elsewhere First also the series must be up to date with new episodes coming out since last year's video or be active development with a new season let's start Getting Started.

Number 10: Dead to Me

which Netflix series well worth your time
Dead to me

Dead to Me is the dark comedy drama that preceded its first season in May 2019. It stars Christina Applegate as Jen a real estate agent who was recently widowed in Laguna Beach California whose husband was a hit victim and ran away in a support group Jen meets Judy 'Enough played by Linda Cardini who is dealing with her own tragic loss. when the two women are related to Judy carries a shocking secret that could ruin her life because she knows it's dead to me there are twists in the plot that you will not see from Yaima with fantastic appearances from both Applegate and Catellini has two seasons to watch on Netflix right now and it has been renewed for a third and final season instead.

Number 9: After Life

which Netflix series well worth your time
After Life

Is the British comedy drama After Life in March 2019 The series was written and directed by Ricky Gervais. In the local newspaper that his life is turned upside down after his wife's death, followed by his nice personal man changing and making life a hell of a lot for those around him saying and doing whatever he likes it's one of those shows that get better every episode goes by with a masterpiece show two seasons available and the third was not yet announced Release date.

Number 8: Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Place Is occupied by Stranger Things is more foreign stuff science fiction created by the Duper brothers first introduced in July 2016. The show was introduced in the 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins Indiana during three seasons the series follows a group of friends whose parents and local authorities are looking for answers to supernatural events in the area. Need a dose of nostalgia of the 80s and you enjoyed Spielberg movies from that period stranger things are the show You renewed for a fourth season but with delays in production it will be a long wait until it becomes available at entry.

Number 7: The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit is the period drama based on the novel of the same name released in October 2020. The seven episodes of a mini-series deals with the life of the harmony played by some Taylor Joy. He is an orphaned chess prodigy who rose to the ranks of the world chess. World in the fifties and sixties while struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The story is cleverly written and well worth it because the Queen's Gambit is a mini-series. There are no plans for the second season.

Number 6: The Last Kingdom

The Kast Kingdom

The Kast Kingdom is a British drama which was premiered in October 2015. It is based on Saxon stories by Bernard Cornwall, and takes place in the late 9th century, when England was divided into seven separate kingdoms. The story follows someone who was born Saxon but grew up by Vikings seeking to claim the primacy of his ancestors and help create a new people. It features great action scenes along with amazing footage that the first two seasons were originally produced for the BBC but starting in season three the last kingdom has become a real Netflix. Original and only available on their platform all four seasons are currently on Netflix and renewed for a fifth with no hint this date has been announced.

Number 5: Dark


DARK is in the top half of the countdown rises with his premieres in December 2017, this German science fiction thriller takes place in the German fictional town spanning several Generations. It follows relationships between four families as they uncover a vicious plot for time travel just like west world and other shows like the plot for Dark Complex so she demands full attention if she manages to do so you will gain an experience that many consider a masterpiece in all three seasons of darkness now available when her third is Its last season that will come to bring the story to an end.

Number 4: Cobra Kai

Kobra Kai

Fourth place goes to Martial arts drama Kobra Kai launches its first season on YouTube in 2018 with the second following in 2019 Netflix acquired the series for its third season premiered in January 2021 the story takes place more than three decades after the events of the All-Valley Karate Tournament in 1984-star Bo Ralph Macchio and William Zappa re-enacting as Daniel Larrosa and Johnny Lawrence. The plot begins with Johnny seeking redemption and reopening the infamous Cobra Kai Karate Dojo his rivalry with Daniel on the surface one might think the show's nostalgic fluff and not Worth to be in our top ten here is the truth that it is well written fun and wildly fun all three seasons of Cobra Kai High are on Netflix and have already been renewed for a fourth season four unexpected by 2022.

Bonus Picks: The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Before we reach our top three Here are some other sources of Netflix that can be worth your time See the supernatural Gothic Horror The Haunting of Bly Manor which is a sequel to the Pursuit of the HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE The Fantastic Action Adventure The Witcher, based on the series of books of the same name in the historical period of South Korea The Kingdom of Horror Thriller and those of you who enjoy it Similar to what you would find on the hallmark channel, there is Bridgeton's romance drama.

Number 3: The Crown

The Crown

Reaching on third place is the historical drama that premieres The Crown in November 2016 she documents the life and time of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s and will eventually end in modern times the series begins following her 25th birthday following the death of her father King George 'VI’ The Crown has excellent production values ​​and a team of first-rate actors in four seasons available to watch now and renewed for a fifth and sixth season that will close the series An unexpected fifth season until 2022.

Number 2: Narcos Mexico

Narcos Mexico

In second place which enters second place is the biographical crime drama Narcos Mexico premieres in November 2018 it's a tour of the original Narcos Illegal drug trafficking in Colombia Norco Mexico that took place in the 1980s examines the origins of the modern war on drugs at a time when Mexican traders were a disorganized confederation of cannabis growers and dealers, just a very addictive Narcos Mexico warning, some may call it a show. Those two seasons are available and renewed for a third. Not yet announced a departure date

Number 1: Ozark


In first place is the Crime Drama Thriller OZARK which premiered in July 2017 in the series starring Jason Bateman is Marty started a financial advisor living in the Chicago area who had to move his family to a summer resort. The community in the Ozarks when the money laundering program goes bad in the season of the Mexican drug cartel, season three in high class with high tension and intelligent riding and really makes her one of the greatest while the batsman and Laura Linney who plays his wife Bird Wendy both in outstanding performances and steals a real scene in the series. She plays Ruth Langmore who is from a local criminal family and the son is sturdy to Marty. There are three seasons of these bows now Netflix and renewed to the fourth which will be the last as in most productions nowadays filming has been delayed and at this point no release date has been set Thanks for watching if this blog is useful for you give it a thumbs up and share with others what’s your favorite source Netflix series.

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