If you have read any of my previous diet blogs or even tried to doubt yourself, you are probably aware that at the end of the day weight loss is calories versus calories as long as you eat a calorie deficit and ideally enough protein, so lose weight successfully and disperse no matter why and when you Eat now, whereas it is scientifically correct and this is the basic law of thermodynamics. This simplistic model fails to explain how the various foods you put into your body go through and affect these two variables because research has shown that while at the end of the day calories are the most important if you really want to lose fat. As efficiently and quickly as possible.

You should go beyond just calories and instead pay attention to the types of foods that make up the calories you consume daily, as well as how to adjust them because that makes little difference and this blog will go through three changes you want to make in your diet that consider these variables. Lose fat faster then I will provide you with the sample.


A meal plan that makes it all up for you The first walk you want to do with your diet is to place them mostly in minimally processed foods such as foods like oats and multi-grain breads compared to their refined counterparts such as breakfast cereals White has been deprived of most of its important nutrients and fiber now only that less processed foods are helpful in diving in the sense that they usually provide more nutrients and keep us full longer, but they also have another unique benefit to do with something called the thermal effect of food.

Which is the amount of calories A body burns for metabolism and actually uses the foods we swallow and one of the unique benefits of reducing fat over processed foods is that in most cases our bodies burn significantly more calories when digesting unprocessed foods Than compared to their counterparts for example, for example one study compared the calorie burn required for digestion and metabolism of two minimally processed sandwiches consisting of whole meal bread. And real cheddar cheese compared to two highly processed sandwiches and instead consisted of white bread and processed cheese although the two meals consisted of almost the same amount of total calories and protein, so the more processed sound had a 50% lower thermal effect resulting in the body burning less Calories significantly and digesting it.

Than in similar whole grain sandwiches, in a randomized six-week controlled trial was dependent on a diet consisting of whole processed foods like brown rice and oats and whole grain bread versus calories. And diet compares macronutrients consisting of grants for frying more in such a place real white rice and white bread what they found is that the group stuck in whole foods burns on average about 100 calories a day just from digestion and metabolism of their food 100 calories to run a mile. You basically do the equivalent of running an extra mile a day just by choosing to incorporate less whole grain foods, compared to more processed foods in most of your meals and if you reduce the numbers for three months. This simple change will theoretically allow you to burn two to five pounds more fat just by making the substitution so since while calories are most important and although you will definitely burn fat despite eating processed foods as long as you are still in calorie deficit you can further affect calories out of the equation and may Accelerate the fat loss process by simply replacing this food instead, eat less whole grains and let them do the work for you. Let’s dive into how you are going to divide your meals throughout the day because in the meantime again the total daily calorie intake

Is the most important for fat loss, it turns out that how these calories are distributed throughout the day seems more important than we were previously led to believe this illustrates is a recent article from 2021 and another paper designed similar to 2015, which compared the effects of using a stronger liver distribution approach by allocating more Calories for Breakfast vs. Heavy Back Access by Allocating More to Dinner Instead.

Front Heavy Calorie Distribution
vs Back Heavy Calorie Distribution

What the researchers found is that subjects who use the heavy frontal approach not only experience significantly less hunger and less significant cravings for sweets throughout the day, but they also experience higher overall energy levels, i.e. they Managed to stick to a diet more easily, and they probably burn more calories during the day from chatter on the go and are simply more pleasant in general because of their increased energy levels and in fact this protocol was repeated in a perpetual long-term weight loss study that found subjects using heavy weight to lose more weight Reduce their waist circumference to a greater extent and report greater hunger control for 12 weeks compared to a group that used a heavy back approach simply by switching breakfast and dinner calories. 

There seem to be indirect benefits of losing fat by allocating more calories to your meals early in the day and this is something I have personally noticed in the past as well I was someone who would save a lot of calories for my dinners. Because I knew that was exactly when my passion would really hit but when I instead tried to burn more and more calories too early in the day and I was out of breakfast I discovered that not only did my energy levels throughout the day and my gym improve significantly, but it just did not crave things so much Lots of night because I just was not hungry now it is clear that this varies for the individual and may depend on when your workout takes place, but regardless I highly recommend even if your intermittent fasting, for example, try at least transferring more and more of your calories to your first meals of the day.That it has some unique benefits in terms of allowing you to control your desire to burn more calories and may produce greater results in the long run as a result of a recent replacement it is something I reviewed in my past blogs and it is not only choose unprocessed foods to include in your diet Are very proven to do the best job of suppressing your appetite, as this will allow you to better meet your diet and minimize any excess snacks you make during the day which sabotages your calorie deficit. 

And based on the findings from the satiety index that examined the facts of 38 different common foods. I Hungry Levels We can clearly see that on calorie comparison calories some options are simply better than others when it comes to controlling your appetite, for example even with calories comparing to just replacing oatmeal instead it will provide a 25% greater effect on suppressing your hunger and a similar replacement of Brown rice for whole grains. Instead, cooked pasta or potatoes will provide a 30 percent or 60 percent boost and satiety respectively, so what I would suggest is to look over the index and experimentally replace some of these satisfied foods with your diet and just see how your body and appetite react and to put it all together for you let's go through a plan Sample meals, which not only combines the various tips for you but also delicious. I will use about 2,100 calories for this meal plan, but keep in mind that you want to adjust the portion size based on what it takes to be calorie deficient it will change for everyone so to start,

We will allocate most of the calories for breakfast with pancake protein made entirely from minimally processed foods.

Very for these, first mix the oatmeal to make oatmeal flour then you will want to add the rest of the ingredients to the mixture and then just cook them on a pan with sugar free peanut butter syrup stir-fried apples or whatever you prefer for lunch, we will burn the calories a bit , But still stuck with unprocessed foods with boiled potatoes of baked salmon and a side of sautéed asparagus and then to continue this.

Until dinner you can get an orange I can even plant in a protein shake, and depending on your work date then for dinner continue to weaken the calories slightly with chicken breast Baked and side of roasted vegetables in olive oil then after dinner to help. To satisfy all the sweet cravings that pop up, we will make a simple protein-rich Greek yogurt parfait consisting of zero percent fat plain Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon and stevia for sweet Then with frozen mixed berries and a tablespoon of chia seeds it is very easy to make it very satisfying, so I hope the meal plan gives you a little more insight into how you can start planning your meals based on what I went through while keeping everything tasty and satisfying and just consider Although some of the substitutions I mentioned here can definitely speed up the fat loss process just know that at the end of the day sticking to a calorie deficit is what matters most so try your diet stick to what you find most suitable for you and your lifestyle and step by step plan Your for you, but also shows you how to build and define your diet with the right foods in the right amounts you can burn fat as efficiently and easily as possible with science and just move on to built with science and take the analysis quiz to find out which program is best you and where your body is in Case guys this day, thanks a lot for reading hoping you all get along, please do not forget to show your support by liking the blog leave me a comment below I would love to know where you want to see me in my next blog and what should I cover in that blog. subscribe me and send comments alerts as well it all really helps me to motivate me now see you next time in another blog