Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches

Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches. This blog deals with smartphones coming in June /July 2021. We are researching our best to tell you the phones that will be launched during this period.

Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone
Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone 

We haven’t seen many phones launched in May, but June may brighten up some hot launches of some really good smartphones

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Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone

The Asus 8Z & 8Z Flip scheduled to launch in May is now being launched in June in India.

Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone

It will probably be launched in the second week of June. Both the 8Z and 8Z Flip are likely to arrive in India soon in June.


Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone 

Phones have appeared on the BIS website, but one phone that will arrive in June is the iQOO Z3. It will be a medium-term phone at around Rs. 25000 prices. iQOO now also reaches the intermediate segment.

And the iQOO Z3 will be the first mid-range phone from this brand. It is expected to launch somewhere in June. (No specific timeline to run yet)

But it has been confirmed that the iQOO Z3 is coming to India in June. Maybe when I am writing this blog it may have been launched.

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Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone

OnePlus is also expected to launch its upcoming Nord series smartphones. It could be Nord 2 or Nord CE 5G - we do not know exactly …

But it is said to be equipped with the Dimensity 1200 and this will be the first OnePlus phone to come with the Dimensity SoC because all OnePlus phones usually have Qualcomm SOC. Let's wait for it. One thing is for sure phone is coming in June. that's for sure.


Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone

We are not one hundred percent sure of these phone launches, but one M series phone comes that is approved It could be a Galaxy M31. Along with the M series, Samsung may also bring a smartphone from the series namely the Galaxy A22.

But like I said, I only know about the upcoming M Series smartphone.

The Galaxy A 22 or Galaxy F 52 may be planned for the upcoming launch, but it has not been confirmed yet. The certificate I received only deals with the M series.


Let's talk about vivo. They recently launched the vivo V21 but the Lite version or its SE version may be launched. It's called vivo V21e worldwide but

In India it may be Vivo V21 SE or V21e. It will have an SD 720G SoC and will have a camera-focused phone but a small version of the V21.

We will have the details as soon as it is activated. But it definitely comes to India in June.


Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phone

The one phone I am most excited about is the Realme X7 Max. Realme can also bring Realme GT which comes with SD888 SoC

And it runs on Android 12 out of the box according to the latest teaser. So, 2 phones from Realme arrive - Realme X7 Max and Realme GT which is their flagship phone.


There is one other phone that has been approved which is POCO M3 Pro 5G. It has 700 SoC in depth and costs about 15K worldwide and it will be a 5G phone First 5G phone from POCO. Yes, the POCO M3 Pro 5G will arrive in June.


The upcoming OPPO device was scheduled to launch in late May, but it did not happen because of the ongoing situation

OPPO Reno Series 6. It will most likely be launched around the end of June or the first week of July. Again, this is a camera focused phone.

It launches in China on May 26th. If you are looking at the design of this phone, it looks like the iPhone 12 design with flat edges so let's wait for it

Like I said, the Reno 6 series will arrive in late June or week 1sr in July.


Finally let's talk about Redmi. I was told that next May 2021, the Redmi 10 series - Redmi's budget may launch soon

We are not 100% sure. The launch did not take place in May and even in June we did not receive the confirmation regarding its launch

But there are strong chances. The strong odds also suggest that the Redmi Note 10 5G series may launch around June.

Both of these phones - the Redmi 10 series and the Redmi Note 10 5G series may launch in June, but we are not sure about its timeline.

But one thing that comes to mind is what happened to Lava & Micromax? I thought Micromax would bring in at least one smartphone every month

It did not happen. We're still waiting for it. I do not know where Micromax & Lava went

So, tell us which phone you are most looking forward to launching in June

Like I said. I'm waiting for the Realme GT, the Realme X7 Max and also the OPPO Reno 6 series. So, lots of phone to watch.

Also, many boxing blogs come in July so wait for that.

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