Why do we get vaccinated? common vaccination questions?

My friends keep saying Which vaccine should I choose what they are the real differences between the two Vaccines Actually there is not much difference The effectiveness of both vaccines is about him That's about 95 Fisa vaccine is two Packages 21 days apart the modern vaccine also requires two Doses 28 days apart.

Why do we get vaccinated? common questions before vaccination?

Why do we get vaccinated? common questions before vaccination?
Why do we get vaccinated? common questions before vaccination?

The main difference is that the dose of The two vaccines are so different Pfizer is a modernist 30 microgram One hundred micrograms So I took the modern vaccine doing it Says it is yes Three times stronger than the Pfizer Vaccine No Yes It's not The difference in dosage is huge practical A problem that they had to do Guess where the sweet spot is Because the dose of the vaccine goes Being a Pfizer reduced it to 30 more than It Reduced to a century I think in The reality is this Somewhere in between then what explains The gap between Pfizer and Modena 21 days and 28 Days And whether it matters does not matter By and large the rule of thumb is

About a month apart this is about true If you stretch it a little more it Can actually be even better because You give to the immune system It's time to study the problem People tend to forget to come back if You stretch it What about side effects and then doing it Mean that if it's a higher dose you Going to get More side effects it looks like this At least in the phase 3 experiment data where Especially in the second-dose dose To Side effects like fatigue thermal And anything that seems more common In the modern vaccine Compared to the physical vaccine but we Can't be sure it's entirely because those What causes side effects in the first place This is our immune response Vaccine side effects are found Somehow A good sign that your immune system is Respond to the right of the vaccine But for those who have not experienced anything Side Effects The data shows you still are Gets a good immune response Why we still see people accepting infected After they are vaccinated now.

what We see that they are actually mutations The mutations are quite different from the original strand in fact it's like the curriculum there is Changed So now that I used to score 95 scores with this standard syllabus exams, I'm worse because I totally am different Mutation is a completely different program but even if we went back to the original current The efficiency was only 95 i.e. While the 100 people there Five of them will still finish with Illness, but we understand that it will be so moderate What I hear a lot is people around I say you see you see you get Vaccinated you can still be infected that way

What’s the point of getting vaccinated? Varies with severe mouth disease Illness and mild illness no Asymmetric disease then our responsibility It's not just about not getting sick Corvette 19 But it also prevents the hard ones Forms that require oxygen Or requires intensive care because In the end You do not want to destroy your hospital And your health care system How long my defense will last in total About 30 of us will have a very long time Continuous antibodies that will compete and The remaining 70 percent There will not be enough antibodies to have Fall over time or they never will Mount properly and in these cases all More You need to remind the immune system by Going for an accelerator vaccine When you see their 30 percent Immunity or protection may last a lot of time What kind of time frame are we looking at When we talk about years At least in the end I suspect we are Everyone will have to have a blood test Antibody levels when the antibody Levels fall to a certain low level We probably need to get vaccinated Again how exactly do booster shots do Working amplifier shots work by shaking Memory From the antibody levels of the immune system fall But when you do a booster shot you shoot

The levels Very high in fact Superman is tall When that happens you can Fight the virus Even if it was a mutant they are the accelerator Shots Meaning to replace if I start With modern I can Take a Pfizer amplifier if you think about it Vaccine size You have to be okay because you are Stimulates the same thing Protein again the same one spike protein A good possible outcome is that we can be Able Find good matches for different vaccines It will even exceed what we will be getting All together with the two traditional dishes From those vaccines Prof. I think many of us are looking Forward towards That we should not be social in the distance we can meet as many friends as possible as we are Want and we should not wear masks it may happen It’s like looking at the crystal ball, So we are not really sure But personally I do not see it Happens in the next three to four At least years To get 80 vaccines of population The surrounding countries.

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