What is raw food? What is raw vegan?


What is raw food? What is raw vegan?

What is raw food, what is raw vegan If we make the conscious choice to celebrate our lives and our lives by eliminating ourselves from foods and lifestyles that do not support us, I believe we can live in harmony and enjoy Long, healthy, happy, fruitful life and it looks good to do it.

What is raw food? What are benefits of eating raw foods?

What is raw food
What is raw food?

If you prepare food for yourself, your family, or a home full of friends, raw food will put a smile on surprised faces. There is nothing like fresh and juicy raw food to make you feel sexy and alive.

Preparing raw food is an art, but it can be as easy as you like. Once you decide to eat healthier, you will learn to prepare the most delicious dishes you have ever tasted. Live Raw is full of fantastic recipes. You may not recognize some of the at first tools and ingredients, but soon, like me, you will feel like you have known them forever.

"Eat healthy food for a healthy lifestyle." What I will share with you in my blog will hopefully be a hope for you to be started in the right direction towards a healthier and happier life regardless of age.

Wrong perception:

What is raw food
What is raw food?

Many people seem to think that drugs are the only way to cure diseases. Many simple sighs and willingly accept the perception in Heredity plays the biggest part in determining their health. Many try drastic surgeries and beauty treatments to cling to them Their appearance. Not so! I believe we can heal ourselves and stay healthy even in our later years with good nutrition, exercise, Positive attitude, love and compassion.

Try my suggestions and recipes, and I think you will be quite surprised at how quickly your health will improve and how much Energy you will have. You will naturally control your body weight without even thinking about it. You'll jump out of bed No aches or pains. You will love what you see in the mirror and will feel differently emotionally and physically Almost like you did as a child.

Raw vegetables to Eat:

I chose to eat raw organic vegan food because of my compassion for animals and its health benefits. I had no idea at the same time the way of eating raw food will include all my favorite foods! Eating organic, live, plant-based foods is known to have more nutrition than normally grown food. It has fewer chemicals and carcinogens than packaged foods or animal products.

I like to see a seedling pushing its way above the ground, hearing the snap as it catches a cold Crispy watermelon, or inhaling the citrus scent after peeling an orange. I'm fascinated by options just to look at in food in the raw material.

Eating abandoned, uncooked and unprocessed fruits and raw vegetables to eat in their natural state is the best choice in food Do for our health. Although I could tell you to eat a whole apple, a handful of nuts or chopped cucumber and leave That way, I think it's much more exciting to create satisfying delicious meals from the same ingredients. In my book, I will do it Show you how delicious and incredibly healthy raw food can be with a little coax.

I consider myself a gourmet foodie. Honestly, I could live on delicious salads and green drinks, but I also want to Create amazing and healthy meals for my family, friends and myself. There are times in my kitchen that I want Tossed caution to the wind and tossed around some herbs and spices while listening to salsa music on my iPod. Raw food Preparation is an art, and when I'm in my kitchen I feel like an artist.

Some of you may already be familiar with the joys of eating a plant-based raw food diet, but for those who are not, once you start Eat more raw food, you will quickly see the health, appearance and change of attitude for the better. Needless to say, you will Fall in love. . . with yourself.

It is time for you to start improving your health and have fun doing it. It's time to stop taking food for granted and having a better relationship with him. It's time to fall in love with your body and let it know you care. Romance in the air, and it's yours to take.

A person who is very busy taking care of his health is like a mechanic who is very busy taking care of his car. Make time for Eliminate everything in your kitchen that doesn't work well for your health. Empty your closet and refrigerate and replenish them with foods that are supposed to bring you nutrition.

If you've ever tasted raw food, decide to try green juice or a hammock, you'll see it as a first date. If Smoothie makes you feel good, give it a try. Raw food can be an experience of love at first sight and for others There may be some relationship. If you are fully committed to this experience, it will be a rewarding journey of self-awareness Especially good health.

You can change one meal at a time. Replace one cooked meal with one raw meal. Find a recipe in a book that mentions You are a veteran kind and try my raw version. Take your time or go to the end - it's up to you. However, once you are Based on self-love, better self-care just comes naturally. When you learn to prepare some raw food Dishes, many mysteries of raw food preparation will be discovered and the whole process will seem pretty easy.

Once you fell in love with raw food, be kind to others who did not make the leap. Allow them their opinions but not Let it affect how you feel or what you do for yourself. People learn not by what you say, but by examples they see. When friends and family notice that you have more energy, you have lost unwanted pounds, get rid of drugs, and to look younger, they will be more interested in what you do.

Educate yourself by reading and meeting others who enjoy exceptional health and feel young every day Eating raw foods. Conflicts can arise, so do not expect that you will never agree, get confused or have a not so raw Moments.

This is not a bad thing; Sometimes we learn more from what does not work than from what we do. Falling in love with healthy eating habits is rare. For those of us who have a wonderful situation to be in when you find out the "only way" to eat a healthy and satisfying weight, you will not want. You will be strengthened; you will Exercise more often and walk around with a smile on your face - like when you are in love. Changes your health Will inspire others. Show your body love by eating the right food, and it will take care of you in your old age.

What is raw food?

What is raw food
What is raw food?

Raw food is not "rabbit food". We eat more carrots and celery. Raw foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, Sprouts, grains, seaweed, spices, herbs, oils and sweeteners, among the combinations that irritate the palate. It's raw food Unripe, unprocessed and organic. It can be dried, fermented, germinated, and dehydrated. Types of flavors, the textures and colors are endless. Raw food is not always eaten cold. A dryer can be used to heat the pot and it is possible Heat your Vita Mix Blender as well, but I think it's easy to get hot this way. Sometimes I heat the soup in a double boiler Oven, but enough to heat it up a bit so as not to destroy the yeast.

Benefits of raw food:

What is raw food
What is raw food?

Eating raw improves health. Normalizes weight, increases energy, brightens skin and improves digestion. You will feel and look young, be happy and appreciate life. Many processed foods have no nutritional value! They Loaded with fat, sugar, sodium, preservatives and chemicals. Almost any food that is in a box, box or bag Contains some preservatives with high salt content. Read labels on everything you buy Only labels on fresh produce should read "Organic" or "General Growth".

When you cook food above 118 degrees Celsius, heat can actually "cook" important vitamins and minerals, especially enzymes. Which are important to help the body absorb nutrients. Among the enzymes of nutrition, Dr. Edward Howell, the first researcher to perform Recognizing the importance of enzymes in food for human nutrition, he said, "Whenever food is heated, the enzymes are depleted. And uncooked plant foods are full of enzymes, which are essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. "

Enzymes help break down food particles faster so the body can process them. Cooked food passes on the other side Slowly through the digestive system, fermentation and toxins remain in the body. Can carry toxins in the body Hormonal disturbances, fatigue, arthritis, intestinal problems, skin rashes, headaches and many other problems. much more. Fruits and vegetables are full of enzymes and the main reason is that raw food works so well on the system.

If you are trying to lose weight, it is best not to use too much oil or nuts. However, use your best judgment. It's better Compared to a piece of raw cheesecake for a handful of almonds every day. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Salad with vegetables, and occasionally "special" heavy foods. 

When I started eating raw, I wanted more Crackers, bread, desserts and nut dishes, but after a while I wanted to eat light food. This "special" raw food Here are some tips to help you get started: Without them, it will be easy to use cooked or processed foods to satisfy your cravings.

Eating raw foods:

What is raw food
What is raw food?

You can still eat, walk and enjoy delicious food. You can choose to be raw high, that means you will get it Most of your calories come from raw foods (75% or more come from raw foods), with a small number of cooked grains or lightly steamed vegetables.

It may take some time to get into the pace of raw food preparation, but it will be time invested. Do not give up everything if you do not have time to do everything. Do not be difficult with yourself.

You break some rules. Smoothies, juices, salads and fruits are my mainstay. It is easier to know what your body is asking for after eating raw I can eat for a while. I remember when I started eating raw food I craved chocolate on a daily basis, but now I only eat it Once in a while, and when I do, I only need a small amount to be satisfied. Organizing is important both in the kitchen and when shopping weekly. 

When I use a grinder, I try to prepare Bread and crackers at the same time. The ingredients used on a daily basis are at my fingertips, and the blender, my juicer, and a food processor are on my counter. I know many women and men who want to adopt a raw food diet, but their spouses are not interested in it.

Lots of raw food Amateurs have tackled and overcome the same issues, and so have you. Get ahead of your health and everything will fall into place. Be patient with yourself and others around you. Make your kitchen a fun place. I know that at first it can be learning at work to prepare something new. 

By taking it Slowly, in a short time you can expect to prepare food that nourishes you and your family. Changing the way, you eat will completely change the way you feel and look. It happened to me and thousands of others

Who have incorporated a plant-based diet into their lives. It can happen to you once you decide to adopt healthy Eating style and desire to feel energetic and happy. I feel that healthy eating is the best way to show yourself some love.

Like many of us, I went in and out of "diets" for much of my life, even while I was on a vegetarian diet for the better part of Forty years. It was very easy for me to eat a vegetarian diet and still gain weight. Pastas, desserts, starches, and Processed food was part of my daily eating plan.

when I discovered raw, vegan, vegetarian food, stuff Has changed drastically for me in every way. I do not particularly like the word "diet" because it has always held a negative connotation. It makes me feel like I will be

I miss things I enjoyed eating and would be denied gastronomic pleasures, which would make me pretty awful. Sidon does not really like to call raw food a diet. To me this is a way of life, a holistic lifestyle that blends in with compassion for me Animals, positive thinking and concerns for our environment. To me this is the fountain of youth, a miracle. 

After eating a Raw diet for only a short time, I started to look younger than my years and felt the happiness and enthusiasm that I enjoyed my youth. In a short time, experiments in beautiful organic produce, seeds, nuts and spices allowed me Create a healthy raw version of any food I wanted. Even better, the raw food diet eliminated my age-related symptoms. Many raw food lovers have also reported.

More benefits of raw foods:

  • Stubborn weight loss and does not return.
  • Depression is gone.
  • Soft skin and light complexion can be noticed within weeks.\
  • The need for over-the-counter medications for headaches is eliminated.
  • A happy attitude is achieved.
  • The energy is increased.
  • Digestion improves.
  • The brain thinks more clearly, and the focus improves.
  • One becomes better suited to the needs of the body.
  • Risk of disease, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure and cholesterol reduced.

One of the first steps in adopting a more plant-based lifestyle is the desire to be healthier, feel better and looks better. I have heard many people say, “I want to change, but I do not have time to take care of myself. 

I'm busy coming Work, family or school. "What good is the money you make if later in life you are sick and spend it all on doctors and drugs? The safety rules on the plane state: "Put on your oxygen mask before you help others." See where you can apply This analogy to your situation.

You have to be smart. Hurry around, skip breakfast or lunch, grab a bite at a fast-food restaurant, eat Great lunch. . . All this is unhealthy. Take the time to plan your lunch and eat properly, and you will not be left wondering

Why you gain weight, feel exhausted and diet constantly. Grab a coffee in the morning may give you Immediate level, but in the long run, it depletes your food bodies and adds nothing to your health and overall well-being.

It is a momentary and unhealthy fix. What to do? A green drink with all the life-giving nutrients and vitamins will start you off A Day off on the right note. Find out more about green drinks, including recipes for juices, smoothies and detox.

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