Facts About Health || How to Live Healthy


Facts About Health || How to Live Healthy

How to live healthy everybody wants to live healthy but how to start a healthy lifestyle and what are the facts about health. We often take care of fitness, and we assume we take care of the body well there is a big difference between health and fitness.

How to Start Living Healthy

How to Start Living Healthy
How to Start Living Healthy

Revolutionary Documentary About Health:

One of the major concerns that has rapidly increased around the world lately is physical health everyone has suddenly woken up to the cruel reality of life that physical health is the most basic need and you cannot afford to ignore anymore your body is the physical world you represent once you enter the room people can tell a lot about habits Your as well as what you think of yourself just by looking at your body one can look at your body and say if you are abusing.

Your body or taking care of yourself here are a simple truth without enjoying much health energy and vitality. All the wealth in the world cannot enjoy the sad thing in human nature is that people want to pay attention to health only after they realize they have symptoms of a degenerative disease like diabetes or when they suffer a first mild heart attack, our human body is considered the holiest temple in the world, even though we know intellectually That we do not refer to this temple very well. Take care of it how we care often we take care of fitness and we assume we take care of the body nowadays the vast majority of people talk about fitness and they think they really talk about health well there is a big difference between health and fitness is the physical ability to perform health sports activities but defined as any system Nervous body circulatory in neural hormones hormonal nerves etc. work optimally if you look in a dictionary you can do it open a dictionary he says there in a medical dictionary.

The definition of health is not just the absence of symptoms, but actually the 100% functioning of all the cells, all the organs and all the nerves in the body that work perfectly, but a function of your emotional and physical-chemical well-being. The health we enjoy stems from the flow of energy we experience every day when there is a disruption to the flow of energy, we begin to lose ease with our body and beat the disease bottom line is that health quality is built at the cellular level energy comes from the cells are the building blocks of every living creature health and death begins and ends In the cells the cellular level are the building blocks of our physical body.

All the physical parts of our body are made of different cells and cells need oxygen and nutrients to produce energy cells must contain oxygen anything that reduces the level of oxygen in the body cells is disease.

Blood production provides nutrients and oxygen to the cells Our bloodstream serves as an environment to support cell health. All healthy cells have the ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients and they also have the ability to eliminate waste in order to stay. Healthy This means that everything we put into our body should be assimilated or get rid of the body A healthy cell produces energy in a healthy environment ie healthy fluid in the bloodstream so the environment has a direct effect on the cell A healthy environment maintains balance and when this balance is lost harmful let me give you Example We all know that manure attracts rats Dirt dumps attract cockroaches to kill rats and cockroaches will not solve the problem in the long run as long as it is a dirty environment they will keep coming back it is the condition that attracts bacteria and diseases to our body suppose you had a garden and garden or weeds and garbage and in addition you Drink it in sewage water it is clear that your garden will not grow well and in addition you will have a whole ton of creatures that appear to feed on the garbage and crush your garden. 

I mean environment is key to the question of whether something can grow and thrive right, that is, you would rather be a fish in a nice clean wire or one in a standing pool, well it is no different in your body your inner environment will really dictate whether the fluids in your body one hundred and fifty trillion cells in your body are. Thrive and whether or not they throw away, imagine you keep a goldfish long enough in a bowl of water without changing the water you have a tank that has fish in it they eat and then they form nitrogen waste they also breathe and when they breathe they form co2 it accumulates the pH drops co2 is Acid even if you do not adjust the pH not only you will get a rash of algae but you will bring a bunch of sick fish now most people will tell you if you have a sick fish the first thing you want to change is the water around the pH but our usual medical practice is the opposite.

That we take the sick fish to the doctor who is treated, and we return the fish to the same polluted environment we treat most of the symptoms and we continue to let ourselves live in a polluted environment to learn that we need to learn the healthy environment because everything about health happens at the cellular level. Micro-molecular whole cell Sea needs electromagnetic charges to function as healthy cells.

Our whole human body works on electromagnetism and what makes electricity happen to a healthy cell is the delicate balance of our body's biochemistry. Our body maintains biochemistry at the cellular level with positive and negative chemistry that allows the environment for electricity to be there and everything that disrupts the electrical balance.

It disrupts the body cells that confuse your organs and confuse your health The smallest building blocks of life atoms and molecules are micro-magnets with a plus-minus pole similar to the Earth's poles or similar to a battery cell. What determines the biochemistry and balance of a healthy cell is the acidic alkaline balance in the alkaline environment red blood cells swim faster and are less prone to clotting, which means they can absorb and emit more oxygen and nutrients however at a higher rate in an acidic environment.

The blood cells will lose their electrical charges and start sticking to each other when the blood cells stick to each other they lose the flow unless we are supplied with oxygen gradually the cells weaken, and they die when they die, they shed more acids into our system gets even more polluted. To make matters worse now the acidity is rising and high acidity in our system is a big problem why the cause is high acidity causing all kinds of diseases and above all creating acid in our system breaks down our biochemistry the blood is a living liquid organ which is our life.

Our health is a direct link to blood health because all our organs and tissues and glands are made of our blood and because the main focal blood of this blood production is formed in the small intestinal crypts, what I affectionately call our body root system when that part of our body is healthy and strong we build healthy blood and from there we Build healthy body cells to build the organs and tissues and glands that our body needs a healthy balance of acid and alkaline to maintain our own electromagnetism now you may have heard that the pH of your blood is the most important fluid in your body the pH of it does not change much and it is true but some people will go far More and say well then the pH of your body does not change and that is not true.

The pH of your blood should be adjusted between 7.3 and 7.4. If it was out of range, it would not live well the only way your body can deal with xx acid is to store it to keep it away from the bloodstream like anything else. Other waste acids should be neutralized and then discarded through your bloodstream to eventually be carried through your colon or kidneys so you eliminate waste well if you have so much acid that you cannot excrete it and you cannot neutralize it and get rid of it properly you Cannot just throw these acids into the blood that must be precisely controlled so your body has a mechanism to deal with it is called storing it will start in the liquid it will store it in the tissues and adipose tissue it will start wherever it can to keep the blood pH in place It should be extremely optimal. The health problems or diseases we experience are a result of our smart physical work to maintain the alkaline balance to save your life Matty is a biochemical imbalance and death itself.

Our body needs to maintain an alkaline balance in the bloodstream at 7.36 otherwise you will die C acid is very toxic and the body needs to go through it need to eliminate these acids through the elimination channels from which the same breath we breathe acid we take in life saving oxygen gives life what others also urinate you Need to pee your way to help if you want to be healthy if you do not pee regularly in eliminating your waste products then the acids that go to connect tissues and adipose tissue to a woman which means breast cancer for a man does that mean prostate cancer?

How to Start Living Healthy
How to Start Living Healthy

You do not want acids to enter the connective tissue and the organs and glands, so urine is very important and therefore we test the urine. The third elimination organ is the intestine. You should cancel the vote at least three to five times a day. If you eat three to five times a day, you should get three to three times Five times the eliminations that most people especially children do not cancel regularly in fact they will go for days without eliminating the gut it is a stage of acid accumulation that can lead to an epidemic which is now called type 1 diabetes, the fourth elimination organ is our pores. We have 3,500 pores per square inch, and these pores open our openings that allow gases that we smell in the form of body odor or liquid debris that are coming from the lymphatic system from our tissues to accumulate through the sweat glands.

We remove waste products that make exercise so important when the blood cells lose electrical charges in an acidic environment, they start to cling to each other as the cells stick to each other the red blood cell flow is reduced, i.e., less or no oxygen. For other cells where there is less or no oxygen available for the cells they start to die or change when they die it again pollutes the environment.

Which means more acid is formed in the system when a state of advanced oxygen depletion, some cells are disorganized and mutant themselves to survive in this unhealthy environment, cells try to adapt to the new acidic environment, and they become bacteria to this mutation of healthy cell to bacteria. Taken on video and researched by some modern biologists this is what happens not what it is but what happens to this rod bacterium which is significant because it goes into what I photographed and then I photographed for the first time I know and showed it at the University of Vienna.

I showed it at the University of Chinoa I showed it at the University of Oxford and now we show it at Harvard University that has never seen a biological transformation of bacteria into red blood cells and then bacteria from the red blood cell that is reversible to this phenomenon is called pleiomorphic and is scientifically shocked by a microbiologist.

This biological transformation occurs when healthy blood cells change and become bacteria in an acidic environment and are replaced as a healthy cell in an alkaline environment, an environment well balanced with alkaline and acid is the key to the bottom line of the immune system. It is a river of life for all the cells of your body or a river of diseases.

I believe it's time for another medical discovery to stay with me on this issue, we will listen very carefully in this case let's imagine a scenario let's assume you would have accidentally consumed poison how your body will react to the toxin in your system how your body works against this poison in container what will be your body's smart response. The cases when the poison is consumed your body will try to get rid of the poison as a result you will experience severe symptoms like vomiting diarrhea dizziness or blisters convulsions mucus spasms from joint pain fatigue and sweating etc.

You also catch a fever because your body heats up to speed up the detox removal process that requires too much on the body.

The body also wants to sweat the poison will get a headache symptom because the oxygen levels in the brain are also interrupted in the bottom line you can add as many symptoms depending on body type. The truth is that they are nothing but symptoms when the body is infected with systemic poisoning.

Now tell me about any disease in the world that has none of these symptoms in fact these are the symptoms of most diseases in the world any doctor can attest to the fact that this all means that the symptoms and so-called diseases are, but the functions of a smart mechanism called the human body trying to get rid of the toxin. The greatest medical revelation is in fact the healing symptoms of a disease are a healing process of how the body tries to get rid of its toxins and all the symptoms are nothing but various means to get rid of poison or toxicity in the body.

The cause of the disease or the symptoms are not the real problem The real problem is the source is the environment What attracts bacteria to flourish in our body is the environment The accumulation of toxins in our system causes diseases The paradigm of treating symptoms is an old paradigm Now it's time to change modern medicine, now supports all diseases are related For the lifestyle If you lead a lifestyle that feeds your system now you will attract diseases and if you lead a healthy lifestyle you will be pretty disease free pretty simple we do not 'catch diseases we cause we create them the way we live we are not sick with colds or flu.

We actually gain this by cultivating toxic waste conditions in our body as a result of our lifestyles. We have a company that plots monumentally against the pursuit of health that we have wave after wave of work saving technology that says never use your muscles anything along with messages that you need to be more physically active.

Every year we are introduced to hundreds if not thousands of highly processed new foods, most of which are grown in the dark at the same time. We tell people to eat food closer to nature and we have crazy hectic routines where everyone is out if we make all the physical efforts that will really benefit them, we have schools where we teach children to sit quietly all day so they can grow up and not get off couches with poles.

So, there are very many in our society who stand in contradiction to the basic message of not smoking being active eating a healthy diet and by the way controlling stress and falling asleep enough, we are not easing these things that we would ideally alleviate. Health lies in the way of the least resistance, but if I if not the way of the least resistance there at least should be a way so that you do not have to go wild on your way to the foundation of health is healthy blood.

Flow the system that delivers oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body if you have a healthy circulatory system you are going to live a long time and lead a healthy life the environment is the bloodstream then what is the control button for this system we breathe we all do it but we do not really do it well Based in California named Dr. Jack Shields has found that deep diaphragmatic breathing can speed up the body's detoxification process by up to 15 times as it puts cameras into people's bodies to see what's stimulating.

To cleanse the lymphatic system, he found that deep diaphragm ink breathing is the most effective way to achieve this. It creates something like a vacuum that sucks lymph through the bloodstream and doubles the rate at which the body eliminates toxins in fact deep breathing and exercise can accelerate this process up to 15 times.

Most importantly we want to make sure our chest is open we stand upright or sit straight we want to make sure our chest is open so our lungs are open, and we can get the full oxygen we breathe in. We are going to breathe for three seconds through our nose and feel if you breathe into your stomach into the diaphragm Then you're going to hold for three seconds and then you're going to blow your mouth for four seconds.

So it will pass like three seconds through the nose, breathe another diaphragm into the abdomen and hold it for three seconds and breathe from the mouth for four seconds, your body is made up of 70 to 80 percent water, so after putting oxygen are the most important nutrient a dehydrated cell is a dead cell Or unhealthy under a microscope The difference between a healthy dehydrated cell and an unhealthy dehydrated cell is best described by the difference between grapes and raisin health experts. Your diet must consist of 70% food rich in water. A water-rich diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, or their juices squeezed with food that comes out of the ground at a glance.

What it looks like when eaten is whether it is processed or packaged or has trans fats, all of these increase shelf life, but they shorten a person's life 30 minutes a day you do not have to do it at the end of the day you can make it part of what you do every day Love to use the stairs instead of the elevator, but another thirty minutes’ walk you usually do every day exercise every day Doctors with longevity tell us that all the increased blood flow is good for the brain and also lifts the mood.

Exercise leads to sweating which is another way to get rid of toxins from your exercise makes you feel different and gives you more energy High energy performance resulting from exercises Exercise is the best method available to reduce stress and strain that takes away mental energy from you. The quickest way to get out of stress is to exercise regularly and it will definitely help if it can increase oxygen and hemoglobin livers, while providing happy endorphin hormones to neutralize.

Some more toxic hormones are the decisions that determine the quality of our health The lifestyle decisions we make every day determine our health and illness in the near future. The real improvement in our health is less likely to be driven by advances in medical science than by our improved decisions in dietary changes and our healthy lifestyle.

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