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future phone everybody is curious to know what future cell phones be like as we know technology changes with great pace what is the future phone this is what I will share what mi future phones should be like...

Futuristic Smartphone

What I Want in My New Smart Phone
What I Want in My New Smart Phone

Hello everybody how is everyone, today's blog is going to be very interesting and i really would like everybody to comment about this. so, let’s start we all know that day by day mobile phone are coming with so many features like if talk about current features in mobile there will be a huge list of functions in today’s mobile phones but still there is no single phone which can meet all the requirements of an individual.

To compromise on features like if anybody wants to have a is something else but to really have all the features you want in your mobile phone is a dream for instance if talk about what do you want in your mobile phone our instant replay will be somewhat like this.

  1. A long-lasting battery.
  2. Warp-speed processing.
  3. Crystal-clear display.
  4. A great camera.
  5. NFC.
  6. Multiple windows.
  7. Plenty of storage space.
  8. Infrared remote control.

What I Want in My New Smart Phone:

1) Future Phone: Camera

What I Want in My New Smart Phone
What I Want in My New Smart Phone

Oh, camera you must be thinking every mobile has a camera but what I want is! I don't want to have a normal camera in my mobile I want to have an x-ray camera or an ultrasound cam in my mobile which I can use for medical purposes for instance I am gone for hiking or some jogging at gym or anything like and if I have some pain or there is some emergency to anybody.

Like it can be anything you've muscle problem or some minor fracture whatever, but you don't want to go doctor instantly due to any reason like you’re in a far-flung area there you can use your X-ray camera and fix your problems. similarly for pregnant women I can use camera. This sounds so amazing and fascinating to have such a camera in your mobile.

I believe in one thing what you can dream you can and in future you'll have such mobiles with these functions. maybe like 2 cameras one for your x-ray purpose and the other one for simple pics but normal cam must have zoom like binoculars. so, I don't have to use extra accessories for the great zooming purpose.

2) Future Phone: Projector

What I Want in My New Smart Phone
What I Want in My New Smart Phone

No single mobile is coming with a real projector like function to watch movies. we have virtual boxes now a days but they only serve one person and the other are just looking while the one who is having virtual box is enjoying secondly they have some vision issues i don't want to go in these details but what i want is to have a real projector in my mobile I just place my mobile and it starts projecting movie on the wall and gives a real cinematic looks while at home you're are having a cinema scope sounds interesting I guess and you'll have al of where ever you are and who so ever is with you like family or friends.

3) Future Phone: Immediate Voice Recognition:

What I Want in My New Smart Phone
What I Want in My New Smart Phone

This is a very unique kind a thing while you start reading, you’ll say so many mobiles are coming with this feature but let me explain how I would like to have this feature in my future mobile. Supposing I am using my mobile some friend snatches my mobile for fun sake…... but the program or applications I am using I don’t want my friend to see what I was doing but that won’t be possible as he has snatched my mobile and he is my close friend but on the other hand I don’t want him to know what I was doing but I am helpless. This unique feature will play a key role I just say in my voice lock the mobile or whatever and my mobile is intently locked after recognizing my voice. This kind of feature is still not available, but I am sure in near future this will be available we will be able to use this very soon.

4) Future Phone: Super Battery:

What I Want in My New Smart Phone
What I Want in My New Smart Phone

I want my mobile to have super battery like the one we have in atomic plants wow its really a crazy wish for the mobile to have such a battery, but one thing is for sure this kind of batter will never ask you to charge. And there will be no symbol of low battery. Rather I will be able to use this energy for other purposes as well sounds crazy I can feel about this wish, but I am sure in future the mobile companies will come up such batteries which will last for at least 6 months or at least couple of months and this dream wish will be fulfilled.

5) Future Phone: Holograms Technology:

What I Want in My New Smart Phone
What I Want in My New Smart Phone

I want to have holographic projections in my mobile when I do a video call or while I watch a movie on my mobile phone. If you are not familiar with this technology let me, explain you in simple words and for sure I will share a pic, so you are clearer with futuristic technology.

You must have seen a video clip now a days it's very popular in which shark comes out of the wooden floor with water and after some time it goes back into the floor and the people sitting around were so scared it’s almost like a real you can search this clip-on YouTube. This will be the real amazing thing you’ll ever see in your upcoming smart phones.

Thanks for reading please don’t forget to subscribe and leave comments what kind of features do you want to have in your new smart phones, stay blessed and have a good time.


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