Mental age, what is my mental age ? today I have simple mental age test, after this you'll know you mental age. Rules are simple answer the question picking the first thing that comes to your mind to know your mental age.

Discover Your Mental Age

Mental Age Drawing Test?

There is one thing you can't change with anti-aging cream or plastic surgery a fake ID that did a great job when you needed access to certain places won't help you either. We are talking about your mental age for millions of people around the world their biological and their emotional age are two completely different things you might be one of them want to check it out here's an easy but very accurate test that will determine your mental age the rules are simple answer the question picking the first thing that comes to your mind seriously do not overthink if you get 9 as your mental age it does not mean your IQ is low it only shows your perception of the world is young and bright if you get 60 while you're 22 it's not too bad either it just means you are really wise for each answer you pick.

Rules: Add a certain number of points you get one point for each time you choose number one option you get two points for option number two and so on there will be four options for each question let's get it started in here starting.

My Mental Age: Number 10 

Pick a color the first question is as easy as convicted all we want you to do is choose one of these beautiful color palettes really whichever you like most when you just saw all the options go for it.

Mental Age Test

My Mental Age Test: Number 9

Pick a meal if you're hungry we're sorry for this one but it is an important part of the test Plus that food looks so good if you could pick any of these meals which one would you eat right now one hamburger two soup three Pizza for seafood a juicy steak crispy bread straight from the oven will you pick the hamburger but then again your mom always told you how important it is to have enough soup nutritious and warming up or will you go for the pizza it needs no introduction fancy enough to choose seafood it's up to you.

Mental Age Test

Mental Age Drawing Test: Number 8

Online preferences which part of the internet do you visit most one Instagram Facebook snapchat to news sources motivational and time management websites three celebrity gossip and showbiz news funny cat blogs for I'm not sure how the internet works but I check my email sometimes if Instagram means the world to you pick option one you care a lot about getting more efficient and not wasting a second of life and you must be in the know when it comes to world news then go with the two hey who cares about politics nuclear disarmament give me some celebrity gossip you get it if you pick three options for speaks for itself.

Mental Age Test

Discover your Mental Age Test: Number 7

Your spirit animal could be your second self so pick wisely is it going to be number one unicorn magical wild and free who number two sloth need I say more number three shark determined and dangerous or for who needs a spirit animal question.

Mental Age Test

My Mental Age Test: Number 6

Pick a movie It's movie night and you get to choose which one to watch what'll it be one a cartoon or a family movie two action fantasy or horror three a good old comedy for drama romantic drama or a documentary now if frozen makes your heart melt breaking every common-sense rule or if you're still laughing at the adventures of home alone guy go for option one for those who like to be terrified or thrilled with action number two is waiting for you in case you are a hangover type of person we mean when it comes to the movies there is option three right there crying over the notebook go for option four and do you have a tissue.

Mental Age Test

My Mental Age: Number 5

Skills to learn imagine you can pick a skill to learn with no effort like right now with skill would it be one foreign language to some sports three management skills or for painting yeah this is kind of unfair all the options are so good but still one must be better for you than the others think of all the traveling you can do when you learn to Sprecher Deutsch or hate dog like in New York it's a language or how fit your body will get and how much cooler you will become when you master basketball or maybe alpine skiing or shall it be option three the one that will give you perfect time management skills not those everyone mentions in their CV but you know like really good ones and make you a financial guru and then there is painting if you wouldn't mind waking up to your inner Picasso go for option four.

Mental Age Test

Mental Age Drawing Test: Number 4

Dream vacation do you want to go on vacation like right about now yeah at the magical like button it should get you there are you still there okay it'll work next time trust me anyway pick your dream destination and vacation routine number one Disneyworld number two your road trip number three big city life number four relax take it easy imagine all the rides at Disney World are you screaming with excitement then number one is your best bet but then again exploring Europe you're with your friends including its bars and nightlife sounds like a bunch of fun hitchhiking from romantic Paris to fairy tallish Germany and then to Italy Oh dreamy if you're a big city life type of person you can choose to discover New York or any other megalopolis sites arts and good food everywhere number four is an option to escape from the world in all its hustle and bustle a tropical island or a cottage in the woods you name it.

Mental Age Test

Discover your Mental Age: Number 3

Big money and how to spend it imagine you have won the lottery the money is really good and you have four options as to how to spend it will you choose to one party it up travel the world and buy that Chanel bag you've always wanted number two spend some of it to buy gifts for my loved ones do a house renovation 3 use it to pay off the bills and that student loan oh yeah and 4 save it all for my offspring.

Mental Age Test

Mental Age Drawing Test: Number 2

Taking responsibility now be honest with this one when you make a mess what do you do about it one leave it someone else will take care of it to offer to clean it hoping to hear a no three silently clean it it's my fault after all for silently clean it because who else will do it?

Mental Age Test

My Mental AgeNumber 1

The meaning of life so what's the meaning of life and that's a philosophical one we know but what did you expect the grand finale to pick an option that seems to be the right one at the moment number one to be happy number two it is the stairway to success number three ask me another number four to struggle that is the meaning of life.

Mental Age Test

According  to your drawing your mental age is:

We are done with the test ready to find out the results then do your math and find out what is your real mental age is 10 to 19 points 9 years old if you got 10 to 19 points you are a 9-year-old a cute little child at heart you're energetic interested in everything and open-hearted you react emotionally to every event in your life you need people to share it all with and a fluffy unicorn to cuddle with 20 to 29 points 15 to 19 years old hello there teenage soul you are seeking new options you want to riot conquer the world and explore yourself and the people around you this is the period when you want to find your place in the world 30 to 33 points 20 to 29 years old it's a great age when your true personality is formed you always know what to do but you also perfectly remember how to have fun which is no less important right 34 to 37 points 29 to 55 years old Your mind level is middle-aged you know that we are responsible for what we do and you don't allow your emotions to rule your mind it's a great age for intellectual activity and self-realization career family life or both this is your time to shine  38 to 40 points 55 and older the age of stability.

When you don't have to prove anything to anyone and know how to live for yourself, you wear no mask and always stay yourself such a philosophical attitude keeps you away from unwanted thoughts and complexes the golden days now are you happy with your results do you find them accurate now are you happy with your results do you find them accurate we have a whole comment section to discuss the test feel free to do it  finally, remember this nugget of wisdom that has served me well all these many years you're only young once but you can be immature forever hey like this blog, if you agree your mental age matters just like your biological one read our blogs to find out how to keep both your body and mind in a perfect shape yeah both kind of round and lumpy anyway Tata for now.

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