PUBG Players Unknown Battleground is a multi-platform battle game. This battle game that you can play on PS4. PUBG, this game has contributed a lot to the genre. You can download Pubg PlayStation 4 and play process is explained...


how to play PUBG on ps4
how to play PUBG on ps4

PUBG Mobile is a free video game to play, which can be downloaded from any of the game stores. In some cases, you've to download and pay for the game to play while on other platforms, you don't have to pay, and they are free. PC players can use money to buy the game gadgets like player dresses', skins of vehicles etc.


  • A step-by-step simple guide for PUBG to play on PS4.
  • How to monitor your PUBG download on PS4, on PS4.

how to play PUBG on ps4
how to play PUBG on ps4

There are 2 ways which can be used to play PUBG Mobile on your play station 4, you can say you've 2 options for PS4 to play PUBG.

Option # 1: To Play PUBG on PS4

From multiple options option number is quite easy to have a PUBG CD from amazon or any other your trustworthy online store you can simply buy the cd and start playing.

For consoles like Sony's PlayStation four or Microsoft's Xbox One, there are 2 choices. One is to induce the physical copy of the PUBG and the other one is to induce the digital version. The physical and digital version of PUBG comes in several bundles. These packages include cosmetics and weapon skins in conjunction with other rewards.

Option II: To Play PUBG on PS4

To play the game on PS4 we recommend that you use the PlayStation Store. Follow the steps below to download PUBG to PS4.

How to download PUBG on PS4

Log in to your PlayStation 4. Open the PlayStation Store and in the top left corner, you will find a search field Buy. Look for PUBG in the given field. The search results will bring you every package, seasons, cosmetics packages and everything related to PUBG. Look for the standard edition of the game if you want to save some pennies. Click the PUBG Standard Edition. This will lead you to the game window. There you will find the buy button. Buy the game. (This will require you to use your credit card) After purchasing the game you will see a download button instead of BUY. Click Download.

PUBG PS4: The game will be added to your library from where you can track the progress of your game download.

PUBG on PS4: Offers various cosmetic packages and goes through a season. You can explore everything after downloading the base game. If you like the game, you can get skins and other added value. PUBG on PS4 may not be the most adapted game. However, we highly recommend trying the game at least once.

how to play PUBG on ps4
how to play PUBG on ps4

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