Pubg mobile ban

PUBG ban, news is like a fire in a jungle, but what's the real news PUBG game banned, in today's blog I tell will the real story of PUBG ban news, what PUBG mobile has done to the players who were using illegal means in PUBG mobile in a race to win...

PUBG Mobile Ban

Almost Four Million Players in a Single Week.

Today online playing and online games is a wide trend and everybody loves to play online now days however to win the game is the dream of every player to win a game they use all means to achieve their goal and in this, they use illegal means like hacking servers and other different types of hacks As hackers are active similarly the game developers are always active and discourage such means, I talk about the news PUBG mobile banned.

We have seen a huge development in this regard one of the most famous games and trending game PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Mobile ban a Number of Players from Exploiting and Using Illegal Means to Win and they said in a TWEET!

PUBG Mobile Will Keep Strict Checks and Balances in Future as Well:

PUBG Mobile Ban

It’s a nice little gesture from PUBG Mobile to let players know that they’re at least trying to keep the playing field level the same. Yet PUBG Mobile’s latest ban has laid breaking news by doing so and encourages players who are playing as per the rules and standards set by PUBG mobile.

As the Tweet says, the main reasons for bans revolved around cheating, and included players.

  1. Modifying Their Character Models,
  2. Speed Hacks,
  3.  X-Ray Vision and “Other Hacks”.

So many other players were also banned due to other hacks as well but the major hacks as the % show are mentioned above however some other reasons for banning are listed below just to add some more knowledge to PUBG Mobile players.

Pubg mobile ban "Auto-Aim Hacks" and “Modification of Area Damage.”

The fact a game can ban almost four million players in a single week is just staggering to me. But not in the ways I think PUBG Corp and Tencent were probably hoping for.

Releases like this, like I said above, are so companies can point to them and tell frustrated player-bases and prospective/lapsed players, “Look at this, we’re actively policing this game.

Don't worry about cheaters and hackers PUBG Mobile is always there to help you and they will keep this practice to encourage real players.”

But this is having the opposite effect. For a game to say, “Hey we banned 3.8 million cheating players in a week and those are just the ones we caught!” and this is just the real beginning to snub and stop cheaters not to spoil the fun and entertainment of others for sure they do suggest that this game still has a lot of cheating going on.

Pubg Mobile ban Blocking 3.8 million players in a single week is just mind-blowing and the graph is soothing high to block this huge number of players in a row. For a game to have that many cheaters in it at once is just mind-boggling. 

When you look keenly and closely you will observe one thing that PUBG Mobile has a huge number of players like almost 20-30 million active users.

What does this mean the games you've played in all games at least there was one hacker or cheater in your game as we can see the number of players banned is pretty damn high.

So, this was the real threat to the real players and discourages the real players to be a part of the game.

However, after this they can expect that at least the number has reduced but still the real plays expect more good news to play safe and have more fun.

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