Fashion tips, todays article is very special and I will guide you about simple fashion tips, which can be adopted and not to mention these are fashion tips for women, which they can adopt in day to day fashion.

💄💄Fashion Tips for Women💄💄



Today I just wanted to jump in here and show you my 10 to 11. I think I added a quick tip at the end of 10 or 11 tips to always look a little more trendy-forward a little more stylish you know before I did blogging I worked in the fashion industry and did visual merchandise so I so want to add those special touches to make you know the dolls or The shelves just look a little higher so it's something I'm very interested in oh oh oh I hate telling people what to wear and what not to wear so these are really the kind of 10 or 11 tips I personally like to follow and if you trust me if you trust my style then Maybe you can follow them as well.

I'll show you my tips on how to always look a little more stylish a little more fashionable and a little more elevated We'll start with which type leads to rule number two but I thought it's big enough to need its own role so...


Fashion Tips: Number 1

Always adds a belt to the blazer And it's so big for me I whenever I've in doubt and I do not know what to wear is known and I told you this before I snatched a blazer and put a belt over it it's like a system without failure it works every time we just add a belt in general to be honest as if you just do in 'Jeans and T-shirt I mean it's such a casual outfit.

I think it's really simple to never go out of fashion depending on how you design it I mean there are a number of ways you can design jeans and t-shirts, but just adding a belt can make such a difference that it breaks down your bottom and top. It adds accessory it adds some hardware I even have some big ones like sweater dresses I intentionally buy big just knowing I will feel them so button sweaters just felt everything you know and I like to buy big things but sometimes I do not always like to wear big things ever.

I just love the option so if I can ever add a belt if I need more of a sleek look and something not so messy and confused as I would like to look for a long time but well I just added.


Fashion Tips: Number 2

Belt rule it's very clear and it will always show a stylish list That you can ever upload, but it's add an accessory but that's why I said that included beads for two because the belt is an accessory add an accessory even just jeans and a t-shirt add a hat it's totally shrimp makes all your outfit you can add.

I always wear like a vintage pendant so just create your own signature jewelry look with necklaces bracelets so just doing things like that can really make you look more fashionable and I'm just a little more equipped.

Instead of making a regular wallet I always like to play with my back so I'll make a fanny pack Like a cross-body like a belt bag but a cross-body outfit so it's a kind of high seating or even a bag I've seen a lot lately. The repairs do not have to be designers, each type of unique bag in my opinion is such a cool element to add to outfit up to date.


Fashion Tips: Number 3

I personally when it comes to my wardrobe. I would like to keep things minimal I do not buy too many fashionable clothing items but you can always keep up with trends in other ways and it can just mean that something so small is adding some bobby pins you know like you saw everywhere some other things I have bows in my hair I'm just wearing a super basic outfit but I just feel like something's missing. I think these complicated questions are not as easy to style as you have to wear the right thing or else you will look like you are 7 years old and going to church on Easter Sunday.


Fashion Tips: Number 4

Make sure your proportions are right so what do I mean by that and again this is the place I hate to tell people like how much skin to show or not because honestly you show as much as you want as it does not make any difference to me but when I show skin If I do like a tank top I'll make sure I fit like bags or high jeans so I'll never do like a low skinny with a tiny cut that it's just not my style again if it's your style you go for it all you or if I do like a skirt Shorter I will do as a knee boot or laser to cover the top. Make sure I do not show cleavage so I kind of like to balance those proportions.

What I mean by that too is just make sure your items fit well so there are such things as items that are too big and you know to buy a coat in a particularly large size because you want to wear it when I think of something like that I think like a pair of pants you should take it at the waist Loose and waist and they should fit a little tighter so you just want to make sure things like you fit your body unless you just want them to be too big to shape it in a certain way

Fashion Tips: Number 5

My next tip is not to be afraid to combine your colors and you know I am such a completely black person My favorite way to wear it close it's just black all the time but it's crazy how good your outfit can show when you wear like a monochrome look and it shouldn't 't be saying exactly a color like me it's considered a color it's an oyster

That it's just such a great color combination with like dark brown or even black are just two basic items you can wear pretty much with anything so simple then if you want to do everything and do color I love something like this especially for spring so you know like really rich salmon shorts with a leg Wide with almost beige blazer so I think you get the idea to mix colors I even think your graves can work as well just depending on the colors you already have in your closet I'm sure you can find something before you go shopping and like try to like the whole monochromatic look Goddess in your closet I'm sure you have something the next tip is to wear vintage I can always tell when I see vintage on someone.


I think vintage and new mixing is just a great way to design an outfit, so I grabbed this vintage money that I pretty much wear with everything, so one of my favorites I just rubbed it all the time to buy vintage does not always necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars This vintage for $ 80 on Poshmark and it's really loved like the face is completely messy but I liked it so I grabbed it and actually negotiated that she wants 120 for it but I downloaded it I also grabbed this vintage Ralph Lauren from Poshmark.

I want to say these were 20-20 or 30 but I wear them all the time and get so many compliments on them and I think they just complement any outfit I wear especially something like this when you just eat like pop of my favorite brown is vintage jewelry I love Jewelry has large rings and also coats. I think you can find some really great jackets on eBay or even your local vintage stores, so my next tip is to always wear one unique piece and I know impossible for any outfit every day, but I try to do it at least like three to four times A week because I do not have so many unique pieces.


I only have so many clothes but I will show you an example, so for example instead of wearing a basic tank top I have this shoulder pad vest from a Frankie store that I wear instead and it really just adds a kind of extra element of style to my outfit or instead of a basic white button there I have a button down and a puffy sleeve that is oversized that serves the same purpose but it's just like a unique feature I have something like this like this vest was $ 12 and I can just put it on almost any white button any t-shirt any sweater and it just adds like a small layer.

I mean it weighs pretty much almost nothing but it's crazy what something like that can add to your outfit and then even outerwear so you know even though it's not a super unique piece it's the best size as big as the sleeves look no doubt sometimes you need like a big coat and nothing That you can do about it, but when I can I can catch something like that.


Fashion Tips: Number 6

Wear something printed and it could be a mix of prints or just wearing one printed item and basic jeans, but when I mix prints I always like to mix a type of prints that I would not necessarily think would go together Example I thought this outfit is a can like.

It's just a kind of style rule in general as sometimes people just can not agree with what you wear, but as long as you are comfortable and you are happy with it and you express yourself it's really all that matters but it's the type of printing I like to mix just another print I Also like blue stripe because the stripes are so small, so if you have bigger printed items, you can pair as a small stripe to talk to I just see these tests. Maybe not the next step I have very clear and I feel stupid even to tell you.


Fashion Tips: Number 7

Self care I think it's a huge part of a fashionable look and uplifting in fashion forward for example my nails currently need to paint them even though it's not so bad in my eyes it drives me crazy even small things like your makeup So I always know you try to put on make-up for me during the day during night makeup during the night for me I will not feel comfortable wearing like fake false eyelashes during the day it just is not my style again if that's what you like you know I know someone told me one day I have Too much makeup and I almost blew up my top I was like who you tell me.

I think you know what I mean I mean like smoky eyes big lashes like light lipstick I just feel meant for the weekend and like at night and not so for work like that means it seems clear right I do not 'know maybe I'm stepping, I'm so sorry If I then I think there are things like knowing how to style your hair, then if I have the know like a huge wild sleeve, try not to let me wipe hair over it because then it just seems like a lot happens then when I wear or if I try to look sophisticated And I try to look polished and you know I love a date.

I will always be pulling my hair back. I think pulling your hair back you know maybe even like putting a few pieces just like showing off in the garment you are wearing it looks like the hair from your face because no one wants to be like meeting with a squeegee inside always alone when I am in a meeting and my hair down I always find myself playing With my hair pushing it from my face.

I think it's distracting and a bit unprofessional so I always try to be aware of where I'm going and how I wear what my hair looks like at the moment and try to like to twist it there and if in doubt go back to bobby pins if you need to pin something back that always helps.


Fashion Tips: Number 8

Staying right in your shoe game and I understand you know not everyone including me can just go out and buy tons of new shoes all the time this season so it's as hard as you know I do not want to tell guys like to go out buy more shoes but when I go update something in my closet.

I start with shoes because it can really make such a difference for example recently instead of wearing my black boots as always I wear this white boot and it makes me love my outfit even more I have a unique piece on oh sorry my camera overheated And I do not even know where I was shoes so instead of doing as flat or as even sneakers I think something like this I had very much meant I had these probably six years so you know it should not be something fashionable.


It could be something you rewire every season, just kind of laying basic flats or basic sneakers, and instead of doing that you know a basic boot over the knee or like a riding boot or something update it to something with laces so maybe something laced up the front like that to make it For a little more interesting again you can still wear these with skirts and denim dresses anything, so it's really kind of grab the spot if you want to go very crazy you can get a red boot in yellow boots some kind of color maybe just try to replace with it And see how you like it but I know Mango yellow boots has really cute looks I now.

I keep an eye on I think they are perfect for spring and really add like something huge to your outfit like a completely simple yellow boot makes the whole thing so my last rule I added at the last minute I think is add texture so I always love the skin so these are two of my favorite creations It's just a basic pencil skirt but I think the color it looks a bit camouflage is actually similar to full faux skin in a rich brown color.

It can really make such a huge difference when it comes to your outfit and these are one of my favorite pants right now. I know it's really just like beige you just throw it in instead of a pair of jeans when I used to work in fashion people would always ask how I wear as cool as leather pants and like runners and cool pants and I always tell them it's so simple just swap.

thanks for reading I hope you like my tips, they are simple and budgeted.