When Will Pandemic End

When will the pandemic end, for anybody expecting to see light toward the finish of the Covid-19 passage over the course of the following three to a half year, researchers have some terrible news: Brace for a greater amount of what we've as of now experienced.

When Will Pandemic End

When Will Pandemic End


On November 5, 2020, the UK went into lockdown, it tried to control the increase in covid19 cases, and if you look at the cases chart it seems to work, but although done by the same locking means infections in Kent in an area outside London were still in early December the overall drop in cases led the country to let go.

Restrictions anyway and then it only happened around this time the researchers realized that somewhere in Kent the virus itself changed, it was a new version that is more contagious it spread until scientists gave it a name that spread to most of south east England two months later it was in 30 other countries five years later For months this has been the most common form of the virus found in the United States in more and more recent versions. 

Arise in different places around the world so why do they appear now and what does pandemic viruses mean are very simple, they are basically just a protein envelope binding some genetic material in DNA or RNA whose genetic material consists of molecules that can be represented as a series of letters as each part of this code contains instructions for the preparation of one specific protein that allows the virus to function in the virus.

One goal is to do more of itself, but because it's so simple, it cannot do it on its own so it uses you whenever a virus infects a person it uses their cells to make copies of itself that replicates this complex code over and over again but in the end It is wrong sometimes it deletes or adds a letter sometimes it throws them an error is called a mutation and it slightly changes the instructions for making the virus that a virus that has changed slightly is a version because viruses are constantly going through this copying process it is normal that they will change over time.

For example, world chart shows some of the mutations that the SARS Cov2 virus has performed since December 2019. Most often these mutations do not harm or even weaken the virus and they disappear quietly without making any noticeable difference, but other times a series of mutations occur that give the virus a slight advantage over us. Speaking of SARS Cov2 back in September 2020.

You see specific mutations that allow the virus to better bind human receptors and enter better interaction cells Coronaviruses are covered with spike proteins that are used to bind to human cells and infect them, the thing is that binding is not completely appropriate. , But the b117 version that scientists later named the alpha version, has multiple mutations in the prickly protein mutations that make it easier for the virus to bind to cells that could help spread the virus that led to it becoming a dominant strain in many places around the world, but Sakco V2 mutated throughout.

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The time why versions today like this alpha version suddenly look so much worse than that it is important to remember that a virus does not make active decisions it is not as if it creates a strategy within your cells and mutations are that Random tides, but the longer the virus is present and the more people it infects it will change more and more these changes accumulate as the virus has a chance to develop into something more dangerous in these four variations that are considered world health concern all have mutations on the spreading protein.

The latest addition to this list has been dubbed a dual mutation. Because although it has many different mutations it has two significant ones that we saw before that mutation seems to make the virus more transmitted, and this version found in two other versions makes it easier for the virus to re-infect people who were already covid-19.

These two mutations may have evolved from the natural immune response Fortunately the immune response we get from vaccines is much stronger than our body's natural immune response, so we may see versions that make our vaccines less effective, most experts think it is unlikely that one will completely escape our vaccines, but that does not mean That it cannot happen if you give the virus enough time.

This replication cycles will demonstrate a very large evolutionary space and find a solution to the problem we have presented which is vaccine and extensive immunity but even if cov2 stars do not reach this state as long as the epidemic continues and as long as the virus continues to spread it will continue to make copies of itself Need to stop the virus.

The virus has evolved but it has not become something unrecognizable Vaccines that have yet to protect against all variants The problem is that we do not get the vaccines around the world fast enough, which only gives the virus more time to change and destroy regions in the world still waiting for the increase. A reminder that the plague is not over even if it feels like for some of us, we need to stop it. We do not want a version that affects immunity and therefore involves stopping replication wherever you are...

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