video games and mental health


video games and mental health

Our brain is a very unique organ of the body even we ourselves cannot imagine how much brain has power and what it can. to cut short and make it simple I share some knowledge with you about your brain...

Myth About Brain:

Referring to normal and average humans surprisingly they are only using 9 % to 10% off brain as per science research the rest of your brain is sleeping your all works are done you are doing 2 to 3 works at a time quite normally and without any hesitation or problems.

According to science and history the person who used his brain most was 13% and you must be all familiar with that person Einstein.

Although we are using this much brain and you can all the developments all around us from planning of settling and making mars a planet like earth for living flying cars flying man, hologram technology and the list so huge that it is not possible to mention all and still, we are heading towards a more and more development.

It’s a special organ the more you use the more it will grow can you imagine what can we expect from our brain if we start using it like 50% WOW! I bet that if you are the one who is using brain 50 % then you’re 500 years ahead to me or may be more.

Strange Facts About Brain:

Brain is unique and its marvelous have you ever noticed when someone Is starring at you even you can’t see that person, but you start feeling that some is starring at you. I am just trying to elaborate and make it clear how smart brain is.

Its not just that but it has many other unique features. Sometime while discussing any matter in a group, you just say …… I was just thinking the same way. brain generates pulses and other brain reads the pulses unenticingly.

Oh, by the way that was just a very common brief functions of Brain, to be honest it is not possible to cover the brain functions it works even when you are sleeping but your brain is not sleeping. Another strange thing about brain I would love to share is this your body dies but your brain dies after 8 minutes of your death off course not talking about brain tumors or anything like that just talking about a normal death.

Brain Training:

Now the people who know how to play with the brain and they want to train next generation just the way they want to so they can make more money and more money off course not everybody there are so many industries that are training and tuning your brain to think in a particular way among these industries like music industry, movies industry etc.., the list is huge I will cover this list in some other blog my journey to spread knowledge and awareness will not stop.


Our Brain and Online Gaming:

It is assessed that 164 million Americans — a big part of our populace — play computer games, otherwise called gaming. In spite of mainstream thinking, it isn't simply teenagers who mess around. As per a recent study just 21% of gamers were under 18 years of age. While gaming can be a pleasant interruption or leisure activity (and is in any event, turning into a cutthroat game on numerous school grounds), there are wellbeing chances that come from a lot gaming. What are these damages, and what should be possible with regards to them? 

The World Health Organization not really settled that Internet gaming issues (IGD) are incorporated as psychological wellness problems. Among teenagers, extreme internet-based play has turned into a lifestyle and is related with mental indications (psychopathological manifestations and life fulfillment), social wellbeing (social cooperation's) and actual wellbeing (general wellbeing and weight file). IGD has now turned into an issue everywhere. 

Today especially the subject which I will examine is about the psychological well-being and internet game and I will attempt to address the accompanying inquiries and will attempt to make them as straightforward as could really be expected.

What are Healthy Games 

The latest examinations showed that this all relies upon the game which you are messing around which are viewed as great are games with

  • The Color Game. … 
  • The Shortest Short Story. … 
  • Non-prevailing Hand Day. … 
  • Track down a Hidden Object. … 
  • Test Your Memory. … 
  • Make a Story. … 
  • Count Backwards.

Illustration of some solid game like cross words, numbering game like 2048, track down the secret words or some other methodology games then it will expand your psychological well-being and hones your brain as you might suspect and focus more on a positive side,

Unhealthy Games (Negative Energy)

Again, in case you are playing a game savagery game it will build the pressure and tension level. 

Rather than having a constructive outcome it will bring savagery and tension up in you, you will be irritability and more forceful and if this proceeded for a long interaction it is very conceivable you become deranged. As we have seen a few nations have prohibited shooting matchups like PUBG Mobile and other battling games.

Adverse Effects of Unhealthy Games:

The rundown of adverse consequences begins when the player becomes dependent on a specific game. we can show them down in 10 classes.

  • Dopamine enslavement 
  • Lessening inspiration 
  • Alevism and enthusiastic persecution 
  • Intermittent pressure wounds and other wellbeing chances 
  • Poor psychological wellness 
  • Relationship issues 
  • Social detachment 
  • Openness to poisonous gaming conditions 
  • Helpless scholastic or expert execution 
  • Idealism and stalling out throughout everyday life

Effects of Gaming on Mental Health:

The consequences of studies all throughout the planet, show, dependence on PC games influences different components of wellbeing and increments actual issues, nervousness and melancholy, while diminishes social working issue.

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After we have successfully understood the problems related with online games to be a good writer and a contributive responsible citizen its out duty to come up with the solution to the problems, in my next blog I will come in details about the solution to these problems but in the mean while I would love to know the comments and ideas you have in your mind about this problem. 

Have a nice time.

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