Drowsiness Medication | how to stop sleepiness while driving

Drowsiness can have side effects if not properly handled by long-distance drivers who have been driving for hours. What are the causes that can cause drowsiness and how can it be prevented.

How to stop sleeping while driving?

How to stop sleeping while driving?
How to stop sleeping while driving?


  1. What is driver drowsiness
  2. What is the drowsiness causes while driving?
  3. Drowsiness treatment while driving

What is driver drowsiness

Drowsiness or excessive sleepiness causes it is the inability of a person to stay awake amid fatigue and causes periods of involuntary drowsiness or even episodes of sleep.

When this state of drowsiness lasts for more than three consecutive months, then we are talking about extreme drowsiness.

Drowsiness is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or banned substances. Like them, drowsiness drastically decreases both reaction times and the level of concentration and awareness of certain traffic situations decreases dramatically.

Experts say that the alertness of a drowsy driver decreases rapidly after a maximum of four hours of driving.

If a driver has not slept for 24 hours, his condition is similar to that of an intoxicated individual. After 48 hours, the drowsiness becomes similar to that of a man in an alcoholic coma.

What are the causes of drowsiness while driving?

While driving, various signs of drowsiness may appear at any time, at which time you should look for the nearest safe place to stop and rest.

Here are the most common symptoms of drowsiness while driving:

  1. You listen frequently and your eyes water.
  2. You blink more and more often.
  3. You can hardly keep your eyes open.
  4. You feel an acute need to close your eyes.
  5. The sight becomes blurred.
  6. Decreases concentration level.
  7. Reaction times decrease.
  8. There are difficulties in maintaining the trajectory.
  9. Stop seeing road signs.
  10. You don't remember the last few miles.

How to prevent drowsiness while driving?

How to stop sleeping while driving?
How to stop sleeping while driving?

Experts advise drivers never to get behind the wheel if they are tired. You can apply some prevention methods while traveling, while others "work" to build your lifestyle for a healthy sleep.

Drowsiness treatment while driving:

  1. Sleep for 6 to 8 hours before leaving.
  2. Never drive when you're tired.
  3. Do not drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Avoid driving as soon as you wake up.
  4. If you feel heavy eyes and fatigue has already set in, stop urgently. When you have a long way to go, it is recommended to take 15-minute breaks every two hours
  5. When you feel tired, stop in a safe place and try to sleep for at least half an hour.
  6. Have conversations with the other passengers in the car.
  7. Open the window or listen to louder music.
  8. If a very long road is waiting for you, go with an attendant so that you can change the driver.
  9. Do not drink energy drinks or coffee to stay awake. These can have the opposite effect.
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