10 simple and healthy juices for health

The 10 best healthy and simple juices fresh juices for your health as a fan of healthy juices, you have probably already experienced it yourself. After enjoying these fresh drinks, you will feel more energetic and more concentrated.

10 best simple and healthy juices

10 best simple and healthy juices
10 best simple and healthy juices

If you may have had a headache or felt weak and feverish, the juice made you feel healthier and stronger. In the following, we will introduce you to the 10 best juices in our opinion and explain why!


  • Green juices
  • Spinach juice
  • Apple juice
  • Orange juice
  • Cucumber juice
  • Carrot juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Kale juice
  • Coconut juice
  • Avocado juice
  • Extra: pomegranate juice

Nature in the glass:

For more Freshness and Taste: With self-squeezed juices with a centrifuge juicer, a juicer or a slow juicer, you know exactly what is inside. You only drink the pure ingredients in the form of fruit, vegetables or green leaves - free of industrial sugar or other harmful additives. They are not even necessary, because naturalness is the key with home-made juice. In addition, thanks to its natural freshness, the juice offers the best taste and most of the nutrients. You can also keep your freshly squeezed juice in the refrigerator for around two days. Please do this in well-sealed glass containers - then most of the valuable items will be preserved.

You can also mix the varieties presented at the same time with one another or add ingredients of your choice to the respective juices. You can get suggestions for flavor enhancement in our FAQs. So now let's take a look at the best freshly squeezed juices for your health.

Simple and healthy: green leaves juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

Among other things, green leaves convince with chlorophyll, which makes a valuable contribution to cleansing the blood. The numerous minerals contained in it ensure a functioning metabolism, strengthen the immune system, bring the acid-base balance into balance and regulate our movements. Antioxidants fight harmful free radicals, which are responsible for many diseases and accelerate the aging process. The bitter substances in the green juices strengthen healthy digestion and support the liver in its detoxification work. For a milder taste, you can add some orange and / or other sweet fruit to the juice. Gently working slow juicers are ideal for the preparation of green juices.

Simple and healthy: spinach juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

Spinach contains large amounts of vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as folic acid. It is also rich in calcium and iron. Its consumption provides a quick energy boost and makes you "strong like Popeye". This is due to the nitrate present in the spinach. It supports muscle growth and optimizes the transport of oxygen in the blood. The phytonutrients in spinach have an antioxidant effect, so that they prevent many diseases and premature aging. The ingredients in spinach also nourish your body cells and help you lose weight. Spinach has a mild taste and goes well with almost all tastes in the juice - whether sweet, fruity or spicy.

Simple and healthy: apple juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

The popular classic among juices has a lot to offer for your health. In addition to various vitamins and minerals, it contains the antioxidant active ingredient quercetin. This destroys free radicals and inhibits inflammation. The ingredients in apples help your body detoxify, manage weight and strengthen the immune system. In addition, the apple is one of the most helpful fruits for diarrhea and intestinal inflammation. This is ensured by the contained tannins with their anti-inflammatory effects and the fruit acids, which inhibit the growth of putrefactive bacteria in the intestine. Apples are ideal and varied ingredients for a juice. Depending on the variety, they taste fruity and sour or deliciously sweet. In a separate post I explain everything you need to juice apples and how it works well.

Simple and healthy: orange juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

Oranges impress with their high vitamin C content. It is THE classic cold vitamin and also a very powerful antioxidant. As such, it can prevent rapid aging, the development of cancer and many other diseases. It also ensures beautiful skin, accelerates fat breakdown and promotes iron absorption from plant-based foods. The terpenes contained in numerous oranges activate an important detoxification enzyme in the liver. The flavonoids in orange support the body's absorption of vitamin C, strengthen the cardiovascular system and balance the cholesterol level. Oranges enrich each of your juices with fruity sweetness and can be combined with many ingredients. Ideally, you use an orange squeezer for this.

Simple and healthy: cucumber juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

Vitamins B, C and E are contained in cucumbers. They are also rich in minerals fabrics. In this way, a lot of electrolytes, which are essential for the smooth running of many body functions, get into your body with the cucumber liquid. With cucumber you also support the detoxification of the organism, fight constipation, alleviate kidney and bladder problems and strengthen the immune system. The cucumber has a high-water content and is therefore very productive when juicing. In terms of taste, it goes well with many other fruits. Since many of its valuable ingredients are in the peel, you shouldn't peel an organic cucumber before juicing.

Simple and healthy: carrot juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

When it comes to carrots, everyone thinks first of beta-carotene and how it improves eyesight. It is also known from studies that people who eat a lot of carotenoids have a significantly lower risk of cancer. This is due to the antioxidant effect of beta-carotene. Carrots also provide a lot of iron, which is important for your blood formation. Other valuable ingredients are zinc, potassium, calcium, vitamins C and K and folic acid. Folates are involved in many growth processes such as cell formation and division. The sweet taste of the carrot is perfectly complemented in the juice, for example, with the spiciness of a small piece of ginger.

Simple and healthy: cranberry juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

Cranberries or cranberries are traditionally used for bladder problems. Science has now also confirmed that they support the healthy function of the bladder and urinary tract, have an antibacterial effect on urinary tract infections and can also prevent them. The cranberries also strengthen your general immune system. The valuable ingredients of cranberries include vitamin C, bitter substances, pectin, flavonoids, potassium and sodium. In addition, the berries have special phytochemicals, the tannins. These have an effective antioxidant mechanism of action.

Put fresh cranberries in your berry press, because they enrich your berry juice with their sour, fruity and slightly tart note. Raw takes a bit of getting used to, they are extremely tasty when dried.

Simple and healthy: kale juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

We consider kale to be one of the healthiest domestic vegetables because it is a real bomb of vital substances. For example, there are numerous A, B and C vitamins in the green leaves. Just one cup of kale covers more than 100% of the daily vitamin C requirement. The omega-3 fatty acids it contains have anti-inflammatory properties and the high calcium content strengthens teeth and bones. Kale is also a very good source of vegetable protein. Proteins are important for the structure of cells, tissues, organs and muscles and they have protective and defense functions. If the taste of the kale is too "strong" for you, add some sweet fruit to the juicer. When choosing your juicer, make sure it can handle kale. Horizontal juicers are best.

Simple and healthy: coconut juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

The coconut contains valuable medium-chain fatty acids. In contrast to other fats, these even help you lose weight. They also fight harmful viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi. They are also helpful for cardiovascular diseases and for lowering high cholesterol levels. In addition, the coconut is one of the most selenium-rich foods. The trace element selenium detoxifies heavy metals, strengthens the immune system and stimulates blood flow in the smallest blood vessels. The coconut is also rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin E and essential amino acids. The exotic taste enriches every juice - together with pineapple it becomes particularly delicious.

Simple and healthy: avocado juice:

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

Because avocados are rich in healthy fat, they are considered a good source of energy. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which, for example, improve memory, mood and concentration. The avocado also contains essential amino acids, which are important for a healthy nervous system and restful sleep, among other things. In addition to valuable vitamins, it also has a very high iron content. This trace element strengthens your immune system and prevents exhaustion. Depending on the variety, the avocado has a mildly neutral or delicately nutty taste. Since it is not very liquid, you will need additional ingredients for the juice - how about something spicy made from tomatoes, celery and some rock salt?

Simple and healthy: pomegranate juice

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

The pomegranate is also called the "fruit of the Gods". Its juice was mentioned in the Bible and pomegranates were already worshiped in ancient times and in pagan cultures. The fruit is a symbol of love and fertility.

The plant belongs to the loosestrife family. There are now numerous different varieties, which, however, are hardly differentiated in this country. The pomegranate is widespread in West and Central Asia but has also been grown in the Mediterranean and Middle East for thousands of years. Even in some areas of Central Europe, where the climate is milder, some varieties of this fruit grow.

Most of the pomegranates are harvested from September to October, which is the high season. Only the berry-like kernels covered with pulp are processed - hundreds of them sit in small chambers inside the fruit. Their juice content is around 40%. The fruit walls of the pomegranate contain a lot of bitter substances and are therefore rather inedible.

The kernels, however, taste tart-sweet, very fruity and result in a refreshing taste experience when they burst in the mouth. They can be used in a variety of ways and are the icing on the cake for numerous dishes - for example, they refine vegetable, poultry, fish and game dishes, fruit salads, mueslis, yoghurt, quark or desserts. Of course, you can also put the pomegranate seeds in a smoothie or eat them put.

The juice of the fruit is coveted and popular in many countries of the world, for the production of which certain juicers and so-called pomegranate presses are suitable. The juice can be enjoyed pure and is a delicious refreshment. Pomegranate juice is also very popular when diluted, as well as pomegranate wine and grenadine syrup, which is part of various cocktails. In a separate article on pomegranate juice and pomegranate presses, I explain what is important when pressing pomegranates and which equipment is particularly suitable.

How to make pomegranate juice?

10 best healthy and simple juices
10 best healthy and simple juices

More fitness and wellbeing, as you now know, freshly squeezed juices contain a concentrated load of valuable ingredients. Because larger amounts of nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables are used for a juice, the more compacted vital substances get into your body. In addition, your organism can process this particularly easily and quickly, as no fiber slows down digestion. The fibers also have many health benefits, but they can stay outside in the juice, especially since you do not eat juices without exception.

It is clear that with healthy juices and self-made juices you support a healthy and conscious diet and can positively influence your well-being, your physical fitness and your mental performance in many ways.

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