Healthy drink from fenugreek seeds and black cumin

Healthy drink from fenugreek seeds and black cumin? It is believed that there is a cure for every disease except death in this black cumin, (Nigella sativa), also called black seed, black caraway, Roman coriander, kalonji, or fennel flower.

How to make healthy drink from black cumin and fenugreek seeds?

How to make healthy drink from black cumin and fenugreek seeds
How to make healthy drink from black cumin and fenugreek seeds?

Take equal quantity of Kalonji and fenugreek seeds and boil them in one and half liter (boil till a glass of water is left) water after boiling soak them in clay pot (the water in which they were boiled) for overnight now in the morning stain this and add some lemon juice, half teaspoon olive oil and honey as per your taste (diabetics patients can avoid) and drink one big table spoon daily.

Benefits of drink from black cumin and fenugreek seeds?

Boosts your immune system:

This healthy drink will boost your immune system your immune system is the main function of your body which God has created, due to this system you are able to fight against any kind of disease, if your immune system is strong diseases won't be able to generate in your body if your Immune system is strong than you will be healthy, strong and free from diseases.

Diabetics treatment:

Diabetics is also a kind of hormonal imbalance disease what happens in diabetics your pancreas produces Harmon which is known as insulin and when this Harmon (Insulin) is produced in low quantity you have this disease diabetic. This fenugreek seeds and black cumin drink has 100% benefits for those who have Diabetics.

Imbalance Harmons:

It is equally beneficial for all hormonal imbalances issues in females this is one of the best drinks and there is no better medicine than this drink for your all imbalance Harmon problems.

What other benefits can I have from black cumin and fenugreek seeds?

So many people ask how to use this black seed (Kalonji) when I ask them how they are using black cumin they simply reply that they eat 7 seeds daily I am always thinking why they eat 7 seeds daily.

Wise words: What I advise you is not to use only black cumin alone but use fenugreek seeds with Kalonji you will never find in any of my lectures nor in my blogs to use Black Cumin (Kalonji) alone. 

Research works: Surprisingly, there are more than two hundred thousand of research papers on black cumin (Kalonji and fenugreek seeds alone.

For this purpose, special research center has been established in Saudi Arabia and doctors are called from all over the world for research and this research center is doing research only on black cumin (Kalonji) and fenugreek seeds. 

During research different patients were given both Kalonji and fenugreek seeds for different diseases it was of great surprise that on whatever disease these 2 were given they were effective on all of them, doctors are surprised and were unable to believe the results from both of them (black cumin and fenugreek seeds).

As a health adviser I have advised so many persons to use these both (black cumin and fenugreek seeds). and now most of my followers all over the world, are using black cumin and fenugreek seeds. and almost all of them are very much satisfied after using both of them.

Islamic point of view: (Black Cumin and Fenugreek Seeds): There is a sahih Hadis of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) which says that "it cures every disease except death" it is also written in Islamic Books about fenugreek seeds.

If you come to know the benefits of fenugreek seeds you will give equal amount gold against fenugreek seeds.

From this you can imagine the health benefits of fenugreek seeds it has so many health benefits that you won't believe me simply we can say it has uncountable health benefits.

Our Lever is designed in such a way that we cannot digest dry foods easily, you must have observed that during winter season you eat dry fruits like peanuts, walnuts, cashew, almonds, pistachios etc.,

You must have observed that after eating when you pass stool, they passed in stool these dry fruits are undigested and almost 90% are passed in stool undigested.

To avoid this, I advise you to eat in limited quantity and when you eat dry fruits chew them properly i.e. For 32 times before throwing them into your stomach but for Black Cumin and fenugreek seeds the case is different because they both have hot effect.

I am sure after knowing the benefits of these both Black Cumin and fenugreek seeds you will use them in your daily life to be healthier and stronger. Don't forget to comment after using this healthy drink.

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