How do we choose right soap? | choose right soap for little ones | specially designed soap


How do we choose right soap? | choose right soap for little ones | specially designed soap

choose right soap for your skin! how to choose right? because skin varies from person to person, as we know  little ones have very sensitive skin. do we use specially designed for them? today I will tell you how to choose right. 

How do we choose the right soap

Choose Right Soap:

Specialists recommend the use of products with natural ingredients. Every time you go shopping for soap, you spend minutes in front of the tacit shelves, wondering which of the dozens of types on the market is better?

After consulting, with reputed dermatologist, what do they tell us about soaps this is what I will share with you that which cleansers are best to use.

Our skin has a coating whose pH is slightly acidic and repels harmful microorganisms, thus protecting us from infections, irritation, allergic reactions and dehydration.

Beware of skin aggressors

Therefore, we must do everything possible to prevent this coating from being attacked and to wash only with products that have a pH between 4.5 and 6. For example, a soap with a pH of 7 or 8 is different from that of our skin and promotes dehydration and the penetration of bacteria.

Choose right soap

"Washing the body with soap, solid or liquid, is not indicated more than once or twice a day, especially for people with skin conditions, as this destroys its ability to protect itself from microorganisms." Advised by the dermatologists.

Specially Designed

"Instead of soap, cleansing products of the Sindet type (synthetic - synthetic, DET - detergent) are indicated, which are specially designed not to aggress the skin and which are found in pharmacies", added by the specialist.

However, if you prefer soaps, it is good to choose those with a pH between 4.5 and 6, which contain vitamins (especially E) and ingredients from natural sources (glycerin, volatile oils, honey, vanilla, marigold, olive oil). , avocado, carrot oil, etc.).

Little ones skin is very sensitive

The skin of the little ones has the same pH as that of the adults, but it is much more sensitive to the action of external factors (including harmful microorganisms), because it dehydrates very easily. In addition, in children the sebaceous glands are not well developed and, by washing with inappropriate products that attack the skin, some imbalances can be reached (dehydration and skin infections). Therefore, in their case it is even more important to use Sindet products or those specially designed for the little ones.

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