Prepare herbal liqueurs correctly | natural treasures from chopped plants and cold water


Prepare herbal liqueurs correctly | natural treasures from chopped plants and cold water

Prepare herbal liqueurs correctly

Correct Ways to Prepare

Herbal Liqueurs

True treasures of nature, medicinal plants are used to cure many ailments, no matter how serious. Their healing powers are undeniable today and most specialists recommend supplementing the drug with natural products. Today's blog will teaches you how to properly prepare your plant liqueurs without losing any of their miraculous properties.


It is the most common way to make tea. Whether it is fruit or leaves - dried or fresh - pour 250 ml of boiling water over two teaspoons. Cover and leave for 3 to 10 minutes. Some plants, such as Chamomile, Linden flowers, Mint leaves or Roinita, are prepared only by infusion, as their active ingredient can disappear by boiling.


The plants are mixed with cold water, then the decoction is boiled. In the case of leaves, flowers or the whole plant, the mixture is boiled for 10-15 minutes, and in the case of peels and roots, 30-40 minutes. After boiling, strain the decoction. This process prepares plants whose consistency is woody.


It is used in the preparation of aqueous extracts, wines, tinctures and medicinal vinegars, where the plants must stay longer in the solvent. Some plants, such as mallow root or flaxseed, are prepared only by soaking in cold water. The preparation is kept cold in dark bottles.


It is prepared by treating chopped plants with alcohol of different concentrations. Strong alcohol and dried herbs or herbs are needed to prepare the tinctures. It is not recommended to use freshly picked plants, as the concentration of the active substance is much lower.


It is a preparation of soft consistency, which is obtained from the ground plant, mixed with water, until a paste is formed. Poultices can be made with cold water or hot water.

Plant Oil:

plant oil

Most herbal oils usually use olive oil, but also sunflower or saffron oil. The necessary plants must be thoroughly washed and then dried completely, otherwise there is a risk that they will mold or the oil will rancid. Over the chopped plants (4-5 stems) add a liter of oil at room temperature. The plants should be in oil for 3 to 6 weeks. After that, it is strained and stored in dark bottles for about a year.

Lime Plant:

Lime Plant

The tall tree is easily recognizable by its round, pointed leaves at the top, but especially by its yellow and fragrant flowers, attached to a scaly leaf called bracts. Lime flowers are harvested when they are fully flowered and dried in airy rooms. Linden flowers are used in infusions, for insomnia, to alleviate cold symptoms or to eliminate bronchial secretions. The preparation stimulates perspiration, treating fever. In cosmetic treatments, compresses with lime flower infusions reduce dark circles, soothe and soften the skin. In tonsillitis, gargle with warm linden tea, and for states of agitation, irritability or anxiety, prepare slightly concentrated teas from the flowers of this wonder tree.

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