How to use Smartphones to strengthen relationships | instead of ruining it - Smashing Health Guide


How to use Smartphones to strengthen relationships | instead of ruining it - Smashing Health Guide

Use Smartphones to Strengthen Relationships

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, but recent research shows how they are negative impacting our daily life. Well, your spouse can be very jealous of your smartphone similarly your other family member. And why not? After all, this little device has stolen all your attention from family Constant alerts, conversations, social media and in-app messaging, are always bothering you.

Even though you want to spend more time with your loved one but with your smart phone you find this quite difficult and things can get worse to worst. So before your wife goes crazy over you and throws away your precious smart phone in a water or in a junk yard well you can take these simple steps to strengthen your relationship and make your partner happy. Start practicing them today its never late.

Recharge your spouse smartphone before sleep

If you notice that your spouse's phone is charging less before bed, plug it into a nearby charging socket overnight. It will be really happy when your partner wakes up

Share your phone with your spouse's phone

In case her phone is out of order or mobile battery is discharging. Well, it's time you can share your phone with him. This is just another very simple gesture you can do to strengthen your relationships.

How to show importance you have for your family

If you spend time together after a hard day's work? And if, your phone is ringing a lot maybe someone is calling you. Now it's time to set the mobile in airplane mode or just turn off the mobile phone and focus on your partner. this will prove how important they are for you.

Questions may raise

maybe someone is calling you in emergency or there is something very important matter which you must be informed immediately, just stop here for a while you have turned off your phone not your spouse phone so if there will be anything like above you will be informed on your spouse phone so you don't need to worry.

Why not! some crazy selfies!

The selfie craze is on the rise. And if your partner is as crazy as these other girls. So when you are together take some selfies together! You do not have to look pretty, just look cool. Go crazy and capture the memories.

Share your password with spouse

password code is one of the pillars of a healthy relationship. Sharing your password / pattern code with your spouse is a really healthy habit. This will not only build trust but also help them feel confident about you.

Answer or call back even when you're busy

When you are busy with office works it seems really difficult to attend the call but I assure you that this will play a very important role in strengthening relationship .

Thanks to the technology set by the mobile developers your smartphone can tell if its your boss or it's your partner. Answer the call, thing of your partner, she will feel better.

If you are unable to attend then call her back immediately as soon you are free from that work.

Share your smartphone with your partner and kids

Every woman loves to see her husband take care of her children. So take full advantage of YouTube and share your unique choices with each other on a single smart phone. The key point is using a single phone it can be your partners phone or your phone.

Research has shown that  even when individuals are in groups they are busy in using mobile phone individually instead of talking to each other everybody is busy in his own phone.

This practice has really weakened the relationships. However to overcome this problem what to do is to use a single phone in a group to engage everybody on one point so everybody can express and share his views on that particular point when everybody will be engaged and point of discussion is one point this will bring the group persons closer to each other and will enhance in bonding the relationships. for larger groups you can further divide groups but again single mobile will be used in smaller groups as well.

In our case ask your partner his favorite song and play after his choice play a song of your choice and this goes on to kids keep repeat this process daily maybe for hours or whenever free time is available to you but make this practice a daily routine. you'll feel the same love and power as it was in old days.

This is one of the main use of smartphone you can do to get close and strengthen your relationships not only with your spouse but among other family members as well.

You must have observed that now a days everybody is using his own smart phone even though they are sitting together. once you adopt this practice you will feel that your relationship will strengthen.

Assist your partner with e-shopping

E-Shopping has changed the way people shop. you and your partner are shopping with your e-numbers. So instead of going out (on the streets), you can now easily sit at home with your partner and choose clothes you can give her suggestions of your choice on Instagram, amazon or what ever App you are using.

am sure if you adopt the above practices you will feel more love and bonding in relationship in couple of weeks.

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