What are 15 ways to be more creative?


What are 15 ways to be more creative?

Creativity is the ability to come up with or identify problem-solving ideas, communicate with others, or do things in a more fun and effective way. Today I will share 15 effective ways to be more creative.

How to be more creative in 15 simple steps?

15 ways to be more creative
15 ways to be more creative


  • Take your time
  • Gain expertise
  • Encourages curiosity
  • Take risks
  • Builds trust
  • Overcome the negative attitude
  • Fights fear of failure
  • Explore new ideas
  • Explore more solutions
  • Keep a creative diary
  • Uses mind maps and diagrams
  • Always challenge yourself to create new opportunities
  • Use the six hats technique
  • Look for inspiration and consider alternative scenarios
  • Use the snowball technique

Take your time

The first step to increasing your creativity is to develop your creative skills. Everything in life requires effort, and the development of creativity is no exception. Set your creativity goals, get help, if necessary, get inspired and dedicate time each day to this process. For example, if you are passionate about painting, choose a model, look for information and practice everyday techniques to develop in this field.

Get expertise

One of the best ways to develop creativity is to become an expert in the field. With a broad understanding of the subject, you will be better able to find new or innovative solutions to problems. The first step will be to read the newspapers in the field or follow experts in this field.

Encourages curiosity

A common obstacle to the development of creativity is the preconceived notion that being curious is wrong or useless. Give yourself the opportunity and time to explore new topics. Sometimes the real reward of creativity is the process itself, not the product.

Take risks

In the creative field, but not only, you need to be willing to take risks to develop your skills. While your efforts may not lead to success every time, you will increase your creative talents and build skills that will help you in the future.

For example, reading your article in a creative writing course may scare you at first, but the opinions of your peers, including critics, will help you develop.

Building trust

Lack of confidence in your abilities can suppress creativity, which is why it is important to build trust. Watch your progress, congratulate yourself on it, and always try to reward your creativity.

Overcome the negative attitude

Negative thoughts and self-criticism are the ones that most block any creative process. So, get to know the obstacles you set for yourself and act to overcome them.

Fighting fear of failure

Fear that you may make a mistake or fail may paralyze progress. Whenever you have such feelings, remember that mistakes are part of the process. Although you may encounter obstacles on your way to creativity, you will eventually achieve your goals.

Explore new ideas

Brainstorming is a common technique in both academic and professional settings, but it can also be a powerful tool for increasing creativity.

The first step is to give up judgment and self-criticism. Then start writing related ideas and possible solutions. The goal is to produce as many ideas as possible in the shortest possible time. Then focus on clarifying and refining your ideas to make the best choice possible.

Explore more solutions

Instead of just going with the first idea you have, take the time to think of other ways to approach the situation. This simple activity is a great way to develop both problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

Keep a creative diary

Keep a diary to keep track of the creative process and ideas you have. The diary helps you think about your accomplishments and find new solutions. In addition, the ideas in the journal can serve as a source of inspiration for future projects.

Uses mind maps and diagrams

A mind map is a way to put together ideas and look for innovative answers to questions. Create a mind map by writing a topic or key word.

Then connect related terms or ideas around the key word. Although similar to brainstorming, this technique allows for branching of ideas and provides a very visual way to see how ideas are linked.

As you start a new project, create a diagram to track the project from start to finish. Look for different paths or sequences of events that could take place. The flow helps to visualize the final product, eliminate problems and find solutions.

Always challenge yourself to create new opportunities

Once you have developed some basic creative skills, it is important to continually challenge yourself to further develop your skills.

Look for more difficult approaches, try new things, and avoid approaching solutions you used in the past.

It's also a good idea to create your own creative opportunities. This could involve approaching a new project or developing current projects with new tools.

Use the technique of the six hats

The "six hat" technique involves analyzing a problem from six different perspectives. By doing this, you can generate more ideas than if you only looked at the situation from one or two points of view.

Black hat: Use a negative perspective. What elements of the solution will not work?

Blue hat: Think big. What is the best global solution?

Green hat: Think creatively. What are some alternative ideas?

Red hat: Look at the situation emotionally. What do your feelings tell you about this situation?

White hat: Look at the situation objectively. What are the facts?

Yellow hat: Use a positive outlook. What elements of the solution will work?

Look for inspiration and consider alternative scenarios

Creativity doesn't just happen. There is a constant need for inspiration to provide fresh ideas and generate unique answers to questions. Read a book, visit a museum, listen to your favorite music, or challenge a friend to a discussion of ideas.

Use any strategy or technique that suits you. Do you like video games? Research indicates that video games can stimulate creativity.

When addressing an issue, ask “what if” questions to consider each possible scenario. If you take a specific approach, what will be the result?

By looking at these alternatives in advance, you will be better able to develop creative solutions to problems.

Use the snowball technique

Usually, one great idea often leads to another. If an idea is not appropriate at the time, set it aside to implement it in a future project, because it could generate other ideas.

Anyone can challenge and develop their creativity. It's just a matter of taking the time to devote some time to this goal. Extra creativity helps in all areas, from professional life to relationships and family life.

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