How to get rid of bad habits in days?


How to get rid of bad habits in days?

Habits are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The good behaviors we do on a daily basis, on a regular basis, become automatic and remain in our minds.

How do you get rid of a bad habit?

How to get rid of bad habits in days?
How to get rid of bad habits in days?

Although we know this, and do not always like to admit it, we all have bad habits, which can range from annoying things like red nails to health hazards, like smoking or regular alcohol consumption.


  • Steps to get rid of harmful habits.

  1. Find traces.
  2. Identify the award.

So, the natural question arises how can we give up a harmful habit to ensure a long-term healthy life?

How do you get rid of a bad habit?

According to experts, there is no right answer to this question or just one answer, because not everyone responds to the same stimulus.

However, for almost everyone, awareness of negative attitudes is the first step to change.

Habits develop with repetition and understanding the mechanism that supports a bad habit can help us shorten the loop.

Some of the main characteristics of all unwanted behaviors are:

  • They are triggered by external factors, which are called traces.
  • It becomes a routine.
  • They encourage external rewards.

It is easy to see that you can start with habits like brushing teeth before bed (movements), then self-brushing (routine) and finally rewards (mouth cleans and tastes fresh).

Even negative attitudes are rewarding. Sometimes it can relieve anxiety, like smoking. Sometimes, alcohol helps to relax and unwind in social relationships after a hard day at the office.

This type of behavior offers immediate and easy rewards, so if we do not know what is behind them, we maintain this loop and repeat the bad habit indefinitely.

According to experts, the only way to shorten a standard template is to identify the signal, routine and display it.

Because the habit (routine) may be clearer than the behavior you are trying to eliminate, an effective solution may be to separate the gesture from the reward.

Steps to get rid of harmful habits.

There are a number of strategies that can help us break the cycle of negative behavior.

Find traces: Try to associate the presence of automatic behavior with at least five moments or events so that the signal can be displayed, i.e., the element that pushes you to engage in harmful behavior.

Indicate whether there is a particular time of day, a particular place, the environment, what you are feeling, what is happening before the need for this behavior arises. After a few days of self-awareness, the signal should appear.

Identify the reward: This can be more difficult and may require less training. Try changing your routine to get a different reward.

This reward gives you extra energy or real benefit, or it's just a distraction. Be curious and open to any discovery, write down your impression or feelings as soon as the routine ends. After several attempts, you can easily identify the prize.

Small changes bring about big changes: Sometimes a simple change can interfere with a habit. For example, a team of psychologists studied a group of people who ate popcorn in a movie theater.

The setting of the cinema was a symbol of context. Subjects ate popcorn, no matter if they were hungry or when they were not tasty.

When they were told to use the non-dominant hand (e.g., the man with the right hand was forced to eat with the left hand), the food stopped unconscious.

This study shows that disrupting automatic consumption patterns can overcome harmful habits. When change occurs, the habit of unconscious eating disappears, and subjects become more aware of what they are doing.

Planning is needed to stop bad habits. Harmful habits should be replaced with healthier or more positive attitudes. Maybe it will help if someone helps in the process.

For example, instead of going out for a drink with a friend after work, choose another relaxing activity that energizes you and does not become a harmful habit.

Although it is difficult to change habits one can do with a lot of awareness and especially perseverance, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of reaching a more balanced life.

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