What is the best way to build leg muscle at home

How do you build leg muscles at home? Going to the gym is not always possible, commitments at work, family life, weather, we all happen occasionally these days. But there are some good leg exercises at home that you can easily try in your room. But don't forget to warm up first!


  • How to build leg muscles at home
  • Squats
  • Lunge
  • One-leg lifts
  • Kneeling on one leg
  • Kneeling with jumps
  • Knees to the chest
  • Standing with his back to the wall lift
  • Lateral lifts with the return of the torso Walk

How do you build leg muscles at home?

How to build leg muscles at home


This is the basic stretch to really activate your hips and buttocks. Kneeling can be difficult at first, because sometimes you tend to bend your knees and that's it. If you are sitting on a chair, lean forward, lift slightly and remove the chair so that the weight is on your heel.


If you do exercises at home, squats are an excellent leg workout. Take a big step forward with one leg and lower the other leg. It is important to keep the front calf upright and the hind leg stretched behind you. Successful fusion will work the hips, calves, quadriceps and buttocks.

Lifting one leg

Even standing on tiptoe can be a great way to stretch. Stand with your legs spread and your hands on your hips, lift your left knee to hip height, then stand on tiptoe on your right foot. It's much harder on one leg.

But it is a great leg workout at home to create a muscular leg. Swap legs and repeat the exercise.

Kneeling on one leg

A little harder than normal knee flexion, but if you master regular flexion, then try them. Instead of getting down on one leg, get down on one leg and hold the other on the right. Therefore, while you are usually descending on one leg, lift the other to hip height. It's more complicated, but it will work your hips and legs.

Kneeling with jumps

A natural progression from a standard knee flexion is the t-jump. When you're in the middle of a knee bend, jump! In the air, as high as you can, and when you land, go straight for another knee bend. This is a more complicated knee bend and a very effective workout for building leg muscles at home.

Knee to chest

One of the benefits of doing leg training at home is that you do not have to find fitness equipment. If you have a hard chair, a low and stable table or maybe a small wall if you do it in the garden, you can use them in your home workout to jump with your knees to your chest.

Place your hands on your hips and toe on the chair, or anything else you use, then switch legs and kick with your right foot on the chair, changing parts quickly or at a comfortable speed.

This will definitely make your heart beat faster and your legs will move.

Standing with his back to the wall

A real test of endurance and strength for the feet. However, this is one of the easiest leg exercises you can do at home.

Find a wall, lean your back and slide it until your feet form a right angle. When your hips are parallel to the ground, you will feel! Your legs will work hard to keep you standing, but do not overdo it, you need these muscles to get up again!


Leg lifts are some of the best home leg exercises you can do. The best leg lifts you can try while exercising at home are the side and inner thigh exercises.

Need some space to lie down, so find a vacancy in the house, lie down and start lifting. For lateral lifting of the legs, lie on one side, with the legs straight, one on top of the other.

Use your arm to support your upper body so that your upper body does not lie on the floor, and use your thigh muscles to lift your upper leg toward the ceiling.

For a bigger challenge, instead of lifting your upper leg toward the ceiling, cross it over your lower leg so that your foot is in front of the other knee and your foot is pointing in the same direction that your upper body is facing.

Now lift your lower leg toward the ceiling. It will not be higher and it will feel harder, but some of these exercises will really increase your flexibility as these muscles grow.

Lateral lifts with the return of the torso

Maybe you are familiar with this foot training at home. Start on your arms and knees and with your spine straight, making sure your upper body is completely straight and level.

Then lift one leg so that the heel is facing the ceiling, but keep it straight and without bending the knee. This will provide a strong tightening of the buttocks and cause blood circulation.


If you can, go for a short walk - alone or with your family. Walking is highly valued as an exercise, and frequent walks will improve your health, burn calories and develop endurance.

In addition, remember the famous saying: "Walking makes your foot beautiful."

Whether you can not get to the gym or just prefer to work out at home, there are many leg exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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