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The best sleeping poses for improving your health

Most of us spend 6 to 8 hours sleeping each night, so it makes sense that the situation in which we lie during this period can have a major impact on our health. So which is better to sleep in, and which ones to avoid?

The best sleeping poses for improving your health

On your stomach

You wont believe it, but this is the most worst position to sleep in normal routine. Lying down like this night after night can cause pain because your spine is not in a natural position, so pressure is applied to the joints and muscles. On the more cosmetic side, sleeping on the front can cause the breasts to sag thanks to gravity pulling, and also not good for potential wrinkles thanks to the fact that the fabric of your pillow is against your face all night. The only redeeming factor for sleeping on your stomach is that it can reduce snoring!

Sleeping on the side is overall a pretty good position in terms of health. It keeps your spine in a natural state and is great for preventing neck and back pain, and can also reduce acid reflux. This position is recommended for pregnant women because it increases blood flow to the uterus, especially if you are lying on your left side. However, the cosmetic factors mentioned in the first position apply here as well - it will not do good for aging skin or breasts!

Fetal position

Sleeping with your knees folded all night can adversely affect your joints - especially if you already have arthritis or a bad back. This sleeping position is also bad and health specialists do not recommend as it stops and hurdles in deep breathing. This is another one that can make your breasts go south and wrinkles appear a little faster than you would like! However, this is a good position for potential snorers

On your back

This is so far the most best position for almost all people to sleep in. It allows you to keep your head, neck and spine in a more natural position, which reduces potential joint pain to muscle aches. It can also reduce acid reflux and helps keep breasts more disgusting because their weight is fully supported. Wrinkles are not a concern in this position because your face is not squeezed into your pillow all night, although as anyone who has ever slept near snoring probably already knows, it is definitely the most likely to cause loud snoring and heavy breathing!

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