what is an evil eye? What does it mean you are under an evil shadow?

The 'evil shadow' is the dark side of your personality that contains all the evil parts of yourself that you are not ready to consider for having. It is at first an unconscious side. It is only through efforts to become self-aware that we recognize our shadow. Although many infer the shadow is 'negative',

What is an evil eye? What does it mean you are under an evil shadow?

what is an evil eye? What does it mean you are under an evil shadow?
what is an evil eye? What does it mean you are under an evil shadow?

The evil looks are the cause of death in many cases most people dont believe in this but in fact it’s the most undeniable truth that evil looks are the causes of death number of reasons can be attached once you get sick.

How mental health disorders are related with an evil shadow and evil eye?

Today science has proved that depression, sadness. panic attacks low mental health, stress, anxiety and much more an estimated 19 million American adults are living with major depression.

This is just depression and other mental health diseases have similar large numbers. i dont need to mention in detail about the depression and other mental disorders web is full of all such kind of mental health disorders you can find in detail about everything you want to know.

The main point is about evil eye and evil shadow. and once you are under such attack what are the steps to be taken to get rid of them and how you get back to normal live stay stick and continuer reading.

How mental health problems converts to major health problem due to an evil shadow an eye?

For any major health problem if you go in details, you will find some mental health issue for example if i talk about heart problem you will find most of the time there is some sudden bad incident or anything like is attached to your heart disease similarly cancer is also caused by lot of stress and anxiety in most of the cases.

Exceptions are always there eating disorder and huge number of diseases attached just because of eating disorder again if you study the reasons for eating disorders, you'll find similar psychological reasons behind this. let’s come back to the point and I will try my best to make you understand the phenomena behind this evil eye and evil shadow.

Most of the time you’ve observed that not everybody is happy with your success, and they are jealous and are always ready to harm you in any way and sometime their behavior is reflected from their actions, and you take necessary actions to prevent yourself from such things.

What will happen if you are unaware of the person who is constantly jealous and is waiting for the point to harm you but he or she has not enough sources or is just afraid to come in front of you and directly harm you.

You must be thinking that there are so many rich persons all around us and nothing is harming them, and they are enjoying a very successful life

If you study them deeply, they are always taking serious measures to prevent themselves from such evil things because they are fully aware of such forces and normal people dont consider them and they see them as a myth and nothing more.

They are always living an average life or below average life, so nobody wants to harm them or is jealous of them and they are safe

You have seen many Hollywood personalities they had a great carrier and were among very famous but suddenly you see them that they became psycho and are gone under pathetic conditions just for an example i will mention about Britney spears there is huge list again you can search on internet just search of Hollywood psycho stars or anything like that and you will see a huge list.

What is the concept of evil eye and an evil shadow in different religions?

I have studied and discussed with my Muslim fellows they have a very Muslim strong belief in this, and they say that it is mentioned in our authentic religious books that in every 100 death 99 deaths are due to evil eyes and sinful sight.

Similarly, Christians who study religion they believe it very strongly about this concept.

For Jews I dont need to mention their beliefs are similar to Muslims regarding evil eye and every Jew is always taking measures to keep them sage from evil eye. if anyone from readers has a real close Jew friend you can ask him, how does he protect himself from evil eye and evil sight they practice according to their own religions and keep them self-safe from these evil eyes.

Similarly, Muslims also have books and readable stuffs to keep them self-safe from these evil sights and they have religious scholars as well who guide people when they are under the attack of such evil things.

For today’s blog I will just conclude here and tell you how an evil eye works.

Whenever a person who is jealous of your success, he sees you and starts thinking about the process to harm you whenever are under the attack of evil eye, evil forces are helping to harm you in an unknowingly way.

This process increases the strength that whatever work you are doing either it goes wrong, or the results are not up to your standard this is the time to cure yourself from such thing this is just the beginning and after this your depression will start and the list goes on and on.

It’s the right time to cure yourself before the things are gone uncontrollable. Another thing this is not always necessary that the person is jealous from your work some time he is happy, and he has no such intensions but when he shares your success maybe that person will be reason even you dont know that person.

In next article I will tell you how to stay safe from such persons and what are the steps required if you are the one who is under such attack.

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Stay blessed and be positive until I gave you a right solution for such evils.

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