How often we should change our bedding? What is the right time to change beddings?

How often we should change our Bedding? What is right time to replace bedsheets? myths about beddings! do we need to replace bedding after every four months. I will answer all these question from an experts view...

How often we should change our bedding
How often we should change our bedding

Some may consider it a topic that shouldn't be discussed in public, but it's one that affects each and every one of us: how often should you change and wash your bedding?, asks the BBC .


  • Why do we need to change our bed linens?
  • Does the time of year matter?

Research has shown that the public can't agree on the answer, and a new survey of 2,250 UK adults shows another divide.

Almost half of single men said they don't wash their bed sheets for up to four months straight, and 12% admitted to washing them when they remember - which could mean even longer.

"This is not a good plan," Dr. Lindsay Browning, chartered psychologist, neuroscientist and sleep expert, told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Single women change them more often, with 62% of them cleaning their sheets every two weeks, and couples saying they do it every three weeks, according to data from a bedding company.

Why do we need to change our bed linens?

Dr. Browning says we ought to change our bedding one time each week or probably like clockwork.

Cleanliness is a significant element and one reason is sweating. If you've ever tried to sleep through the heat, you know how difficult it can be.

"Perspiration gets into the sheets, making them smell disgusting."

The expert says we need air to feel cool when we sleep - because that's when we sleep best.

But we don't only have to think about sweat, but also about the dead cells of our skin, which we get rid of during sleep.

"On the off chance that you don't wash your sheets frequently enough, dead skin cells will develop in those sheets."

Does that sound horrendous? It gets even worse. This build-up means that tiny creatures known as mites can feed on these cells, causing discomfort and rashes."

You won't just be sleeping in the filth of sweat and dead skin cells, you'll also be covered in dust mites."

Does the time of year matter?

Somehow. "We can be a bit more lenient in the winter months," says Dr. Browning, but changing beddings once a week "would be best and is considered ideal."

If you change them more than once every two weeks you're "entering not-so-great territory."

Even though we sweat less in the winter, you're still shedding dead skin cells, she says.

"And you still go to bed with slightly dirty hands, with the same breath coming out of your mouth."

In the survey, 18% of respondents said that showering at night, so that the sheets do not get dirty, was a reason why they did not change the bed linen more often.

Dr. Browning says summer brings with it the problem of hay fever and pollen.

"It's truly critical to wash your sheets consistently in light of the fact that you will have those allergens in the bed, which will cause that clog."

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