Best position to sleep with COVID cough?

What is the best position to sleep I  have already written a detail article about the best position to sleep but today the scenario is different what is the best position to sleep when you are suffering from COVID. Today I will tell in detail which is the best position to sleep when you are suffering from Covid.

Best position to sleep with COVID cough?

Best position to sleep with COVID cough?

Can we say that prove is the best position to sleep when you are suffering from COVID. Yes in some cases prone position can be the best position to sleep, But not necessarily the prone position could be the best position to sleep.

Prone position to sleep is best when you've Covid and you have cough. your cough can be dry and sometimes with a lot of  mucus. when you sleep in prove position doctors believe and research has proven that your lungs expand. along with this it becomes east to cough mucus from throat instead of getting it back in lungs. 

There is another point that is of great concern that if you are not sleeping then you should sleep on your right side instead of lying on your back.

Prone position is best for patients with cough in COVID but however we have different types of COVID as well. so prone position wont always be best in some COVID cases when you've no cough but only fever then sleeping of your right side is the best position to sleep.

Sleeping is very important for your health in any case whether you're suffering form Covid or not but incase of COVID sleeping is very important. because maximum recovery from COVID is done when you've a good sleep. sleeplessness can cause many other diseases as your body is already is very sensitive and you can many other diseases.

Covid-19 drains all the energy from the body, and it takes a lot to recover from the disease. You may experience signs or episodes of a dry cough during the recovery process. This is because of the range of symptoms, the multiple variants of the Covid-19 cough are dominant.

The situation in some cases worsens to the point where the cough prevents sleep. This can cause another set of problems and trigger problems that adversely affect the body. Some sleeping positions that not only help you sleep but also give relief from the cough while you are at it.

Prone positions enter the first discussion when talking about sleeping positions that relieve coughing. According to research published in the National Library of Medicine, sleeping in the supine position (sleeping on your stomach) helps the lungs expand better. This expansion can help remove fluid that accumulates in the lungs.

The supine position serves as the basis for different versions of sleeping positions that can help you recover from the persistent post-Covid cough. These variations include lying on your stomach with your hands under your chest, lying on your stomach with an extra pillow under your pelvis or stomach for support, among others.

It is also recommended that when in bed and not sleeping, you should lie on your side and avoid lying on your back. It is believed that lying on your back causes phlegm to accumulate in the throat area.

Dry cough can also be treated using other decomposing medicines such as honey, ginger and Tulsi leaves which are very helpful for wet cough. You should try to avoid these medicines in case you suffer from a dry cough.

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