How to make boiled apple juice?

How to make boiled apple juice? Apple juice is a refreshing, healthy and hydrating fruit drink full of vitamins and minerals. Typically, fresh apples or water is used to make it. But you can make boiled honey juice, not only to drink it warm as an alternative to mulled wine, but also because it keeps much better if you do that.

How to make boiled apple juice?
How to make boiled apple juice?


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  2. Boiled apple juice recipe
  3. How many calories does it have?
  4. Is apple juice healthy?
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About the boiled apple juice

Apple juice helps you enjoy all the benefits of apples without having to eat a large amount of fruit, which can make you bloated or upset your stomach. Plus, you often don't have time to eat a fruit or two, so juice was the quick alternative that you can consume on the go or at the office.

Apple juice is a straightforward, hydrating fruit beverage. It is usually prepared with fresh apples, fruit juice or water. The juice can be prepared by boiling the apples or mixing them with a liquid base in a blender.

You can make apple juice using a blender. To make this juice, a juicer can also be used. Even though eating fresh apples offers potential health benefits, enjoying them as a drink also has some advantages.

Pure, unsweetened apple juice keeps you hydrated and also helps reduce some health risks. You can also customize and flavor the drink according to your and your family's taste preferences.

However, be careful not to consume more than one cup of this juice. It contains a lot of calories and fructose, so it is not exactly indicated to be consumed instead of water. However, a cup or two a day is the ideal snack.

Boiled apple juice recipe

The ingredients you will need to prepare this boiled apple juice are quite simple. It's just two ingredients.

You need apples. Fresh yellow or red apples have a naturally sweet taste and are less sour than very green ones. But you can use any varieties of apples you want.

You can put freshly squeezed orange juice that does not contain artificial sweeteners. But you can also use filtered water to make a simple and pure apple juice with fewer calories.

You need a blender.

Wash the apples and cut them in half, then remove the seeds.

Cut the apples into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Add the chopped apples and orange juice to the blender jar. You can also use water or other juices of your choice.

Close the lid and mix until everything becomes homogeneous. Open the lid and filter the juice using a sieve. Always make sure to stir with a spoon to extract the juice.

Pour the filtered juice into a saucepan or kettle. Bring to a boil before letting it cool. After, put in a glass and serve.

How many calories does it have?

This apple juice contains 150 calories per 200 ml serving and is an estimate of the nutrition calculator. The number of calories can change if you change any of the ingredients.

Is boiled apple juice healthy?

Boiled apple juice has a lot of health benefits and is packed with lots of minerals and vitamins.

Including apples in your diet helps reduce the risk of cancer, reduce cardiovascular disease and supports brain function as you age.

It also protects cells from inflammation and keeps you hydrated. However, juice also has some disadvantages, such as weight gain, tooth decay, if the drink is loaded with sugar and preservatives.


Remove the peel. If you don't like the skin of apples and think it's too hard or you just don't like the taste, remove it.

If you want to keep the skin, make sure you clean the fruit with vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice to remove the wax from the skin. Afterwards, wash the apples well in water.


You can keep this drink for up to two days in the refrigerator, in a closed pitcher or jar. However, it is good to consume it as quickly as possible, to be fresh and enjoy all the benefits.

You can also make desserts with boiled apple juice. Put it in pancakes with some mineral water, syrup cake tops with it or use it to make a jelly frosting. There are lots of uses for boiled honey juice besides enjoying it in a pretty Christmas mug with a cinnamon stick inside.

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