Health Assessment Questionnaire HAQ

After answering all 13 questions you will find that how much you are concerned about your health and how much you should be concerned about your health.

Health Assessment Questionnaire HAQ

Health Assessment Questionnaire
Health Assessment Questionnaire


At breakfast which of the following foods has the most calories?

A. A cup of yogurt

B. A ham sandwich

C. A slice of jam

D. A currant cake.

2. Your well-being is primarily due to?

A. Balanced lifestyle

B. The two liters of water drunk daily

C. The fact that you are always active

D. Exercise.

3. You do sports for?

A. You stay healthy

B. You lose weight

C. Get rid of stress

D. You look good.

4. How many glasses of water should you drink daily?

A. Between 8 and 10

B. 7 are sufficient

C. At least 5

D. 12 or more.

5. What is most important to you?

A. Eat right and maintain your weight

B. Spend as much time with your family as possible

C. Complete your work assignments on time

D. Enjoy life.

6. Which snack would you most likely choose?

A. Some milk cereals

B. A natural fruit juice

C. An energizing stick

D. A hot chocolate.

7. What kind of oil is better for health?

A. Olives

B. Sunflower

C. Of palm leaves

D. Of corn.

8. Do you like vegetables?

A. Fresh

B. Boiled

C. In salads

D. Grilled.

9. How many hours do you usually sleep at night?

A. Approximately 8-9

B. More than 10

C. 7 or less

D. Often sleep only 2-3 hours.

10. When you are stressed, your antidote is?

A. A short walk

B. A break to do something to relax

C. A hot bath

D. A chocolate bar.

11. How many times a year do you have medical tests?

A. Once every six months

B. Once a year

C. You don't even do them every year

D. Only when you feel that something is wrong.

12. How do you monitor your cholesterol levels?

A. Eating a healthy diet

B. Controlling your weight

C. Taking medication

D. Burning calories at the gym.

13. Do you feel healthier?

A. When you eat right and don't waste your nights

B. When you have a somewhat balanced life

C. When you have no family problems or problems at work

D. When you lose a few pounds.

Analysis of your answers with majority:

(A, B, C OR D)

MAJORITY A: Health is very important to you. Your body is a temple! You care a lot about your body, so take care of it and feed it with what is best for it. You eat whole grains, you have five meals a day, you get plenty of hydration, you sleep at least 8 hours, and every six months you do your complete medical tests. There is no healthier life! If you can enjoy this lifestyle for a long time, congratulations!

MAJORITY B: Pay close attention to your health. Living a balanced life is not easy. But a smart woman like you knows that this is essential to your well-being. Try as much as possible to be careful what you put on the plate and not to overdo it. A realistic person like you knows that depriving yourself of a cake or a portion of French fries has no chance of long-term success, and life is too short to enjoy these little pleasures at least from time to time.

MAJORITY C: Health is important but not very important to you. Our lifestyle can be extremely stressful, which affects our body and mind. Your only health problem so far is stress and mental balance. You have a bad habit of sacrificing your breakfast or lunch to solve business problems. You would like to see a doctor more often, but time does not allow. The important thing is that you are aware that you need to change your lifestyle.

MAJORITY D: You don't care about your health at all. Health is the last thing that worries you. You eat what you feel like, you drink what you like, you only do sports on vacation, you only go to the doctor when something hurts… In short, you have a slightly unconscious lifestyle. If your doctor tells you not to smoke or to eat fat, the answer is, "Then what are the pleasures of life?" You need to know that if you take more care of your health, you will live life to the fullest.

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